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Tips and Trick to Choose the Best POS System for Restaurant

There are so many considerations that you need to think of as you decide to buy the best POS System for restaurant. Therefore it sometimes feels confusing as you’re trying to choose the best one. But, it doesn’t mean you cannot find the perfect software easily. Here’s the tips and trick to choose the best POS system for restaurant:


Know and list what your needs

Tips and Trick to Choose the Best POS System for Restaurant 1

We know that sometimes comparing many POS systems for restaurants out there leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. There are a lot of features and benefits that they offer and you might end up choosing what you think is the best one – without considering what you really need. That is the reason why, you need to understand you requirements before you buy one.

While looking for this system, you may need to consider about the features that your restaurant needs. For example, check if you need real-time updates to inventory and accounting system through your POS System, track your sales history through its integration with Sales Management Software, suspend sale, return sale, product lookup, or are you even considering the beautiful interface?

Think about what your POS system for restaurant should do

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After you list your needs and requirements, consider about the capability of the POS system for restaurant you need. Try to find out if it is easy to use as you want this system simplify your daily operations, not creating new nightmare in your Restaurant, right? Make sure that the product you want provide the simple, straightforward and transparent pricing.

Then you might want to have a software that can be used remotely. Therefore if the one in hand doesn’t allow you to do that, remove it for your list. Another thing you need to think is if it is easily integrated with other areas of your business. Of course, when we talked about the F&B industry, you may want to complete it with Accounting System, Inventory System, CRM Loyalty Management, Central Kitchen, etc.

Eliminate and list of the best POS system for restaurant

Once you find out what you think of best POS system for restaurant is, you can remove some options that you think you can’t fit your requirements. However you still need to pay attention to other important things.

Not all very expensive stuff are great, but most of the good stuff cost you a fortune. However you better think if the stuff you buy is really worth it.  Check if they offer limited or unlimited license, free services, and so on. Then, collect the review to see other people’s experience about the product.

After you eliminate some companies, it’s time for you to evaluate your finalists. First, you can call and speak with their representative to gain more information and find out how they interact with you.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Schedule a demo and find the best POS system for restaurant


If you find out that the company make you feel you’re valued potential partner, you can request a free trial or demo. Tell them what you need and see how capable they are to implement your needs. If you run into trouble, make a note of it. Ask them and then see how they solve the problem. During the process you may also need to ask few minor things. Generally, the company will offer you free or paid demo.

Make your final decision

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First thing that you can do when you need to make a final decision is note pros and cons as you try them during the demo or trial period. You may need to write down questions that come up as you do it. Make sure you can solve any problems or get all the answers of all your questions. And viola! You will find the best POS system for restaurant according to your needs.

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Managing a restaurant requires a POS system to facilitate restaurant management. ERP Software from HashMicro can help you store restaurant data so that it is more secure, can be customized according to what you want, and can also access it anytime and anywhere. You can start HashMicro’s POS Restaurant Software demo for free now.


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