The Best School Management System for You

School Management System

What Does Best School Management System for you Look Like? A good school management system aims at digitalization the scholastic institutions to help the institution excel in academics and management so it can survive in this world of the internet.

A Clear Break Down of Features that Make School Management System worth Investing In

The system helps in reinventing your school’s learning platform. The system allows you to deliver rich content to the students. It helps to record attendance, monitor performance by taking assessments and reporting results. It is a top-notch solution for both teachers and students to help collaborate and grow effectively.  Hence HashMicro provides a wide range of tailored and localized systems which are customized, user-friendly and packed with innovative features.

Features of HashMicro Singapore’s school management system

  • It acts as a great platform to bring students and teachers together at a centralized source of learning for an extraordinary learning experience.
  • It is a great source for the teachers and students to make a quick comparison and analysis of the results by using inbuilt tools for tracking reports.
  • The feature of Pre-course evaluation of the students it helps students to take a course to ensure their learning abilities and adjust the learning method to escalate the learning power before.
  • It helps in easily managing school student’s registrations, resources, invoices, billings and managing another status as well. It allows the institute to easily customize admission form according to the class to which the admission re taking place. Each of the admission forms generates an application ID. You can use the application to track each applicant, keep track of their past status, credentials, and their qualifications.
  • It helps in integrating with the card readers and simplifies the student attendance with our user-friendly school management system.
  • It also supports in managing students and parents effectively. The system allows parents to keep a track of their student school activities, assessment results and overall performance.
  • School management system helps in setting examination papers online.
  • The marking of student’s attendance and generating student cards can be easily done via this tool.
  • It helps teachers in assigning assignments and checking homework online. For students, they can submit the assignments directly from the assignment submission tab.
  • School Management software allows Access to Library & other Media Centers. It comes with a sleek and intuitive dashboard that allows the librarian to keep a track of all the changes that takes place in the institute. It also helps in keeping a track of the due book of the day, the due book of the month and other aspects of the library management system.
  • This software is an effective way in managing Hostel, Canteen, Transportation and tracking.
  • It also an effective tool in managing various Forum, Polls and helps in Survey Creation.

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