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3 Benefits of School Asset Tracking Software

The recent challenge faced by schools almost all over the world is how to integrate technology into the learning processes by assuring the safety of the students, teachers, and school assets.

For many years, schools have operated the same way, with textbooks, pens, and paper. Perhaps the most common and advanced technology is the scientific calculator. However, the increasing use of smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, and social media forces schools to adapt to it.

We can see generally many schools have shifted towards the use of laptops, tablets, and other sophisticated gadgets in class. These gadgets, eventually, require schools to take good care of them. It’s their new responsibility: to ensure these gadgets are in the hands of responsible people.


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The Importance of a Good School Asset Management

The gadgets in school are fixed assets. In business, fixed assets are the property that companies utilize in the production process to gain revenue. In the case of education institutions, what we call “revenue” is the success of creating an effective learning process and delivering the knowledge to the students.

Manual asset management is no longer relevant. Other assets such as tables, chairs, and boards will require different maintenance and management processes from these gadgets. It will be difficult if the schools keep using paper-based asset management.

The staff will be overwhelmed with the data. Therefore, it’s better if schools use automated asset management software to manage and store the asset’s data. We’re giving you three advantages if schools use asset management software.

1. School Asset Management helps to demand students’ accountability

The asset management system will require students to be responsible for the gadgets that the school lends. It works in a simple way. The staff or teacher can do the check-in and check-out process at the beginning and the end of the semester to record who is responsible for the asset. It also applies to daily projects or courses.

The integration with the Barcode system allows better asset management. Teachers or students can immediately scan the code in the assets and the system will record the data automatically.

So, it provides clear data that consists of one particular gadget and the student’s name who uses the gadget. If the gadget is broken when it is returned, the school can easily identify the person responsible for it.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

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2. School Asset Management helps to allow transparency

Not only does it give the students a sense of responsibility, but the system also gives the teachers and staff security. They know where the assets go. The software allows them to track it from anywhere from various devices.

They can check it through the school’s computer when they are in class or through the smartphone when they’re away from school. If there are any updates, the cloud-based system will inform the user in real-time. So, schools don’t need to open offline documents to input the changes.

3. Calculate asset depreciation

The value of an asset, a computer, for example, will be different from the first time it came from the store. The old computers will look dirtier and work slower. This is why the value decreases over time and we know it as asset depreciation.

Schools should pay attention to the importance of asset insurance and when they should replace the devices. An asset management system is able to calculate the depreciation automatically with various metrics to give you an in-depth insight into the assets. It also allows school staff to schedule maintenance to maximize the devices’ lifetime.

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The use of technology in education requires a new type of school asset which is computerized devices. However, to implement it in the learning process, the schools should manage the assets well and efficiently.

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