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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Functions and Benefits

ERP has changed the way organizations manage their business operations. ERP provides the platform for managements to oversee the functions of the organization. Though modules such as CRM are independent of ERP, they still ‘communicate’ with ERP software for better appreciation of facts.

In a business environment, the requirements of ERP vary according the organization. Thus, the ERP requirements of manufacturing industry are different from that of service industry. Similarly, companies involved in Wholesale, Retail, Education and F&B industries have their own customized ERP software. Schools and educational institutions can also have their own ERP system to keep track of their activities.

Every organization wants to grow and schools are no exception. The number of staff increases over time, leading to creation of divisions such as Teaching Staff, Non-teaching staff and ancillary staff. The admission process gets complex and facilities like transport, library and laboratory are setup.

Activities such as HR Management, Attendance Management, Examination Management and Payroll Management take place. To have total control over multiple activities, schools require special software to ensure smooth operation of the school system.

HashMicro, one of Singapore’s leading ERP solutions provider, has a range of products such as Inventory System, CRM, Accounting System, POS, Manufacturing System, HRM, School System, Restaurant System and many more. The Learning Management Solutions of HashMicro are cost effective, customizable and backed by excellent support.

The system enables delivery of rich content to students with the ability to record and monitor performance. All the activities pertaining to the institution such as student registration, invoice and billing, attendance management, parent interaction and management, exam management, homework management, Hostel, Cafeteria and Transportation Management are all part of the Learning Management Systems.

The advantages of ERP in schools are many. The school ERP system provides a remarkable learning experience for students. With inbuilt tools for report tracking and analysis, it is a great resource for teachers too. Prior evaluation of students enables giving the right course, right teaching method and right material to students.

Student registration, invoice, billing and other activities are easily managed. Card reader based attendance system simplifies the attendance process. Our world class school ERP system has helped many schools in Singapore in the management of their activities. Visit HashMicro website for more details.

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