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5 Benefits of ERP for Home Based-Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic

Home-based learning policy had run for several weeks since the Covid-19 outbreak emerged. It applied to all levels of education and the informal institution as well. Although schools are now reopening after the March holidays with extra caution, we still need to think of the possibility of school closing if the situation worsens: how to make the educational program more effective? For that, you can use the best e-learning system that has been provided by HashMicro. E-learning is a concept or technique of learning that uses digital technologies. Experts in education define e-learning as a technology-enhanced remote learning approach.

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During March’s home-based learning, there were several methods in carrying out the learning process. Some would share information by Whatsapp, via video call through Zoom, or by subscribing to online learning platforms, like e-learning platforms. Is it enough? There is a software known as ERP specifically designed for schools and can help schools manage the operation and learning process when students and teachers can not be in the same room. It functions as a communication platform that enhances information and data sharing in real-time.  You also can download ERP software pricing scheme calculations to apply to your business. Here are some of its benefits:

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Effective learning material sharing

Through the e-Learning System, teachers can share the learning material in the virtual classes. They can upload various types of documents, e-books, videos, or others and they can set the time when those documents can be accessed. You can use learning management system from HashMicro makes the learning process between teacher and students a lot more fun with online class.

Therefore, the learning process can be more effective. Once the students and teachers are on the same platform, they can immediately work on the materials and instructions. This feature minimizes miscommunication because the documents shared can always be accessed at any time. You can download learning management system’s software pricing scheme calculations here for descriptions before using the system for your company.

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Monitored students’ activity

During home-based learning, students will only need to log in to their enrolled class. Once they are in the virtual class, the system will mark the log-in time as their attendance. Therefore, it also helps teachers review students’ discipline rates. 

All students’ activities in their virtual class are well-recorded as well. For example, when the learning process begins and the teachers instruct them to read certain documents, the system will note whether they open the documents as per the instruction. 

The same thing goes for task submission. Teachers can monitor if the students complete the task in a timely manner or not. In general, all activities log are observed, even better than in physical class. You can also use the best education system from HashMicro to help you create a healthy learning environment for students, maximize teacher performance, and engage parents. You also can download education software pricing scheme calculations to apply to your business.

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Effective learning evaluation

Through the same system, teachers can assess the learning process through various types of tests such as quizzes, chapter tests, or final exams. Moreover, the tests can also take many forms. It is quite flexible in fact. Teachers can opt for multiple choices, fill in the blank, true/false, image matching, sequences, or more. They can also attach other media such as images, videos, or voice recordings. 

To make sure that the test is effective, that they are not cheating, you can use other software that can monitor students’ devices. So, during the test teachers can find out whether they open other tabs to search for the answer for the test. However, this feature is also available in ERP with special customization. 

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Holistic students’ performance reporting

After completing the learning process and test, the system can automatically generate reports of the students’ development. It encompasses many aspects such as their punctuality, presence, task completion and quality, and test results. 

The system can also generate insightful reports for the teachers. It includes the data of students who are above the average, below the average, and who can barely make it. It will show certain patterns from each student. Then, the teacher can conclude whether the learning process is effective or not. 

Involving parents’ role

There is a concern that revolves around home-based learning from the parents. What if both parents are working, unable to work from home, how can they monitor their children who are supposed to study at home?

The School Management System provides a portal for parents that can be accessed from anywhere. It is multifunctional. Not only can they have invoices and notifications for parents’ meetings, but also they can review their children’s performance with additional notes from the teachers. Therefore, both teachers and parents can cooperate to provide their children with the most effective learning process at home.

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The Covid-19 outbreak makes us realize that no matter where the learning process takes place, schools should be ready to make the most of it. Investing in technology such as the ERP system for schools is very crucial. However, the functionality of the system is not limited to this period only. Automation benefits for school would extend for a longer period.

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