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      15 Best POS Software for Business in Singapore (2024)

      Singapore’s vibrant scene attracts tourists and entrepreneurs alike, with various industries, including F&B, retail, and wholesale, relying heavily on Point of Sale (POS) systems.

      These POS machines are a blend of hardware and software that go beyond transaction recording, offering features for precise sales tracking and business evaluation in the digital landscape.

      For business owners in Singapore, integrating POS software is crucial, given its widespread availability and diverse options from different companies. If you’re starting a business or looking for the best POS software, this article provides key insights and a curated list of the top 15 POS software in Singapore.

      It serves as a valuable resource to guide your choice based on your specific business requirements, emphasizing the significance of a POS machine in streamlining tasks and improving overall operations.

      Key Takeaways

      • Point of Sale systems are essential across Singapore’s F&B, retail, wholesale, and online sectors, providing precise sales tracking beyond transaction records.
      • With numerous companies offering POS software in Singapore, choosing the right one is crucial.
      • Each POS software caters to sectors like retail, F&B, or services, offering unique features tailored to those industries.
      • Consider scalability, hardware, payment diversity, costs, grants, usability, support, and future growth when choosing a POS system.

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      Table of Content:

        What is POS Software?

        Contemporary POS software serves as versatile digital multitools for both retail and hospitality sectors, offering an array of features to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

        These systems not only process transactions but also take care of daily managerial tasks such as generating receipts and overseeing inventory, in addition to gathering crucial sales information for strategic business planning.

        Furthermore, these advanced POS solutions are hosted on the cloud, ensuring that any updates are instantly reflected across all connected devices. This feature enables business owners to oversee their operations remotely via a mobile device or to swiftly access inventory and sales data directly from their POS terminal.

        How POS Software Enhances Your Business Operations

        A POS (Point of Sale) system streamlines your sales process, making transactions smooth and efficient for both your business and your customers. Here’s how it revolutionizes your operations:

        1. Facilitate Payments Anytime, Anywhere: The agility of modern POS systems allows for transactions to be conducted seamlessly, regardless of location. With mobile-compatible POS applications, your smartphone or tablet transforms into a dynamic sales terminal, enabling sales transactions in various settings.
        2. Simplify Daily Business Activities: Whether it’s a bustling restaurant or a thriving retail store, POS software is engineered to expedite the checkout process by automatically calculating prices, taxes, discounts, and additional fees. Integration with peripheral devices, like receipt printers, further streamlines the transaction process, allowing for the instant printing of receipts and efficient customer data management.
        3. Automate Routine Operations: POS software reduces the manual effort involved in critical yet repetitive tasks such as accounting and inventory management. Through seamless integration with accounting software, POS systems facilitate the automatic reconciliation of sales and payment data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
        4. Drive Strategic Business Insights: By aggregating and analyzing sales data, POS systems offer valuable insights into your business’s performance. This data helps identify best-selling products, understand seasonal demand fluctuations, and uncover potential areas for expansion, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your business’s growth.

        15 Best POS Software in Singapore

        To gain the best result, you need to find the right POS system. So, here are the 15 best POS software in Singapore recommendation:

        1. HashMicro POS Software

        HashMicro POS System

        HashMicro offers the best POS software tailored for diverse industries in Singapore, integrating the latest tech advancements. With an impressive track record serving over 1750 clients, HashMicro serves businesses across F&B, entertainment, retail, healthcare, wholesale, travel agencies, and more in Southeast Asia.

        Its web-based interface allows both online and offline transaction access, featuring straightforward software and hardware installation. The system accommodates multiple users simultaneously.

        Categorized into POS-General, POS-Retail, and POS-Restaurant, each HashMicro’s tailored solution caters to specific needs, establishing itself among Singapore’s top-tier POS solutions.

        This dynamic retail, restaurant, and F&B POS software in Singapore presents numerous benefits, such as its versatility, catering to diverse industries, and adapting to varied business requirements. It also enhances efficiency by automating updates and transaction recording, streamlining operations.

        Additionally, it facilitates easy customization, enabling seamless management of pricing and promotional strategies. However, it also faces limitations such as potential complexity in utilizing its diverse features. Hence, it might not align well with the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises with less complex requirements.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Product variant search engine: Simplifies finding different product variants and prices and saves time by eliminating manual search efforts.
        • Stock availability update: Automatically updates stock levels during transactions and facilitates easy monitoring of item quantities and sales.
        • Prices and promotions flexibility: Allows easy management and adjustment of prices or discounts and simplifies implementing promotions or price changes.
        • Employee and customer history: Automatically records transaction details including time and date and enables detailed tracking of transaction history for improved performance.
        • Real-time and automatic reporting: Records and updates all transactions automatically in real-time and provides accurate and comprehensive transaction summaries.
        • Customer-centric features: Enhances customer experience through loyalty programs and more.
        • Seamless integration: Integration options with other systems like CRM and inventory are available.
        Pros Cons
        Versatile solution

        Efficiency increased

        Integration and customization options

        Unlimited user

        Friendly user interface

        Dedicated sales and customer service team

        Partnership with Singapore government grants (EDG and NTUC CTC Grant)

        × Potential learning curve

        × Long queue for free demo registration

        To delve deeper into the HashMicro Singapore POS machine system, you can request a free demo here.

        2. Revel Systems

        Revel Systems offers Point of Sale systems for business categories like retail and F&B. Their primary focus lies in simplifying business expansion and enhancing customer service. These systems POS in Singapore can handle various tasks, from managing deliveries to processing online orders.

        Revel Systems aims to enhance customer service, financial management, and employee performance. While providing software and hardware for system access, they directly handle hardware installation to ensure customer convenience.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Enhanced customer service: Improves customer experience.
        • Financial management tools: Streamlines financial processes.
        • Employee performance enhancement: Boosts staff productivity and efficiency.
        Pros Cons
        Adaptable to multiple business categories

        Enhanced customer service

        ✓ Hardware installation service

        × Potential dependency for hardware installation

        × Specific business focus

        × Compatibility concerns with other third-party software

        3. Lightspeed VendPOS

        VendPOS by Lightspeed is a POS software that caters to the needs of larger retail businesses operating across multiple locations. It comes equipped with inventory management features and multi-location support, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses with diverse retail operations.

        However, it is important to note that VendPOS lacks a free plan and may pose cost challenges for smaller businesses with limited budgets. Its pricing structure can become expensive, especially for businesses expanding to additional locations. The entry-level plan also has limitations, excluding support for local payment methods.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Inventory Management: Includes inventory management features, allowing businesses to efficiently track and manage their stock across multiple locations.
        • Multi-Location Support: Supports businesses with operations spread across different locations, providing a centralized solution for managing diverse retail outlets.
        • Offline Functionality: Can work offline, ensuring continuous POS operations even in the absence of an internet connection.
        • Shopify and WooCommerce Integrations: Offers seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, streamlining online and offline sales channels.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Offline functionality

        ✓ E-commerce platform integrations

        × Costs rise exponentially

        × Entry-level plan limitations

        4. POS Square

        POS Squere

        POS Square is a Point of Sale (POS) system founded in 2002, aiming to deliver top-notch services and products. This system encompasses software, hardware, and after-sales support, offering an efficient and user-friendly POS experience.

        It boasts ease of use, requiring minimal time for users to grasp its functionalities. Moreover, POS Square has forged partnerships with multiple reputable companies, earning trust within the market.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Software and hardware integration: Seamless integration of software and hardware components.
        • User-friendly interface: Intuitive design for easy comprehension and swift operation.
        • After-sales support: Robust customer service and assistance post-purchase.
        • Trustworthy partnerships: Collaborations with established companies, enhancing reliability.
        Pros Cons
        Comprehensive solution



        × Cost considerations

        × Potential regular updates and maintenance

        5. Waffle POS

        Waffle POS is a Point-of-Sale (POS) system designed to cater specifically to offline-only Food and Beverage (F&B) operators. This system stands out with its emphasis on customizability, offering features like adaptable sales reports and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

        Waffle POS is particularly beneficial for F&B businesses with seasonal menus and a variety of add-ons. While it integrates seamlessly with local payment methods and food delivery platforms in Singapore, its limitations become evident when considering international expansion or the desire for easy POS and online sales integration.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Customizable Sales Reports and CRM: Provides customizability in sales reports and integrates a CRM feature, allowing businesses to analyze sales data and implement customer loyalty programs.
        • Adaptable Menu Options: For F&B establishments with seasonal menus and diverse add-ons, offering flexibility in presenting menu options.
        • Local Payment Methods and Food Delivery Platforms Integration: Integrates with local payment methods in Singapore, along with food delivery platforms.
        • Offline Mode: Minimizes disruptions, ensuring continued functionality even in the absence of a stable internet connection.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Offline mode

        ✓ CRM feature for customer loyalty

        × Limited to Singapore

        × Lack of e-commerce integration

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        6. Shopify

        shopifyShopify is a retail POS software in Singapore utilized by online retail shop owners. This software primarily facilitates generating comprehensive reports for both online and offline sales, as well as efficient inventory management. It emphasizes swift transactions for crucial operations, enabling users to streamline processes and save time.

        Shopify, like many POS systems, offers several advantages. Its key benefits include its ability to streamline sales reporting, manage inventory effectively, and expedite transactions. However, potential drawbacks may involve certain limitations in customization and a learning curve for users unfamiliar with its interface.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Sales report: Generates reports for online and Offline sales Transactions
        • Inventory management capabilities
        • Swift transaction processing
        • Accessibility: Able to access across multiple devices
        Pros Cons


        Enhanced customer experience

        × Potential learning curve for new users

        × Customization options may be limited

        7. EPOS

        epos POS system

        EPOS, a Point of Sale (POS) provider since 2009, offers businesses a platform to elevate sales and efficiency. The system specializes in generating data-driven insights via auto-generated graphs derived from sales data. EPOS facilitates inventory management, real-time data accessibility, and comprehensive business administration.

        EPOS presents numerous advantages by leveraging data-driven insights, streamlining inventory management, and enhancing overall business efficiency. However, potential drawbacks might include initial setup complexities and potential dependence on stable internet connectivity.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Data-driven insights: Utilizes sales data to generate auto-generated graphs for informed decision-making.
        • Inventory sorting: Efficiently manages and organizes inventory to prevent stock discrepancies.
        • Real-time data access: Ensures immediate accessibility to critical business information.
        • Business management: Offers tools for overall business administration and optimization.
        Pros Cons
        Enhanced efficiency

        Data-driven decision making

        Comprehensive business tools

        × Setup complexity

        × Internet dependency

        8. Sapaad POS Software

        Sapaad is a Cloud-based Restaurant POS and Delivery Management System designed to cater to the needs of restaurants, offering a suite of features to streamline operations. It operates on any hardware and stands out in the market due to its versatility, covering aspects such as Cloud-based POS, Online Ordering, Inventory Management, and more.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Cross-Device Compatibility: Works across various devices, providing flexibility and convenience for restaurant operations.
        • Online and Offline Functionality: Operates both online and offline, requiring only an active internet connection for optimal performance.
        • Support for Multiple Locations: Supports multiple restaurant locations, making it suitable for restaurant chains and businesses with diverse operational setups.
        • High-Security Standards: Ensures a high level of safety and security for restaurant data, safeguarding sensitive information and transactions.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Versatility

        ✓ Ease of use

        ✓ Feature updates

        ✓ Payment channel integration

        × Transaction-based pricing

        × Dependency on Internet connection

        9. Loyverse POS Software

        loyverseLoyverse is a cloud-based POS system that caters to small businesses globally. It offers a practical solution for retail and F&B operations with its comprehensive inventory management capabilities.

        The software includes essential features like CRM, basic inventory management, loyalty programs, payment processing, promotions, and real-time reporting, which are suitable for most businesses.

        Loyverse stands out for its adaptability across retail and F&B sectors, providing essential features for efficient business management. However, it might have limitations in handling complex inventory needs or specific industry requirements.

        Features & Advantages:

        • CRM integration: Enables customer relationship management for personalized interactions.
        • Basic inventory management: Tracks and manages inventory levels efficiently.
        • Loyalty programs: Facilitates the creation and management of customer loyalty schemes.
        • Payment processing: Allows various payment options for transactions.
        • Promotions: Enables businesses to run promotional campaigns.
        • Real-time reporting: Provides immediate access to business performance data.
        Pros Cons
        Suitable for retail and F&B industries

        Comprehensive features

        Cloud-based accessibility

        Ease of use

        × Limited complexity

        × Internet reliance

        × Limited customization for unique business needs

        10. MEGAPOS


        MEGAPOS is a long-standing vendor in Singapore’s POS industry, with a history of 17 years in the market. They offer POS software designed for various industries such as F&B, retail, and salon or wellness.

        Their POS software is known for its ease of use and effectiveness. It also provides after-sales service which ensures prompt and professional support to clients.

        Overall, MEGAPOS’s restaurant POS system for F&B Singapore is known for its user-friendly interface, industry-specific solutions, and robust after-sales service. However, potential drawbacks might include limitations in scalability and adaptability to highly specialized needs.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Industry-specific solutions: Tailored POS software for F&B, retail, salon, and wellness industries.
        • Ease of use: User-friendly interface for straightforward operations.
        • After-sales service: Ensures prompt and professional client support.
        • Touchscreen POS systems: Offers restaurant-specific features like digital ordering and table management.
        Pros Cons
        User-friendly interface


        After-sales support

        Restaurant-specific features

        × Scalability limitations

        × Adaptability constraints

        11. Qashier


        Qashier offers an all-in-one device for managing operations, payments, and other mundane tasks. Their POS software is tailored for various industries such as F&B, beauty, retail, and services, with general features.

        It is designed to be simple and easy to use, allowing users to set up and start selling within a short timeframe.

        Qashier’s strengths lie in its all-in-one functionality, simplicity, and adaptability across various industries. However, potential limitations might include feature limitations and dependence on device reliability.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Industry adaptability: Tailored for F&B, beauty, retail, and service sectors.
        • Simplicity and ease of use: Quick setup and user-friendly interface for swift operations.
        • Sales operations management: Includes order taking, payment acceptance, receipt printing, and sales tracking functionalities.
        Pros Cons

        Easy setup

        Adaptability across industries

        Basic sales management

        × Feature limitations

        × Dependant on the device’s reliability

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        12. Erply POS Software

        erply pos

        Erply POS is a retail POS system in Singapore that offers a range of features commonly found in enterprise-grade solutions. It provides comprehensive functionality for point-of-sale operations, inventory management, loyalty programs, and integration with online shops.

        Additionally, it can also seamlessly connect with popular platforms, allowing SMEs to sell across multiple channels. Erply POS boasts comprehensive functionality ideal for retail operations, facilitating seamless integration and a wide range of features.

        However, potential downsides could involve scalability limitations for larger enterprises and possible complexity in utilizing the extensive feature set.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Point of Sale operations: Facilitates smooth and efficient retail transactions.
        • Inventory management: Provides tools for effective inventory control and monitoring.
        • Loyalty programs: Allows businesses to implement customer loyalty incentives.
        • Online shop integration: Seamlessly connects with online platforms for expanded sales channels.
        Pros Cons
        Comprehensive functionality

        Multi-channel sales

        Inventory control

        Loyalty program integration

        × Scalability limitations

        × Complexity potential

        13. HitPay POS

        HitPay POS is a Point of Sale (POS) system designed for small businesses and SMEs. It offers a range of features, including inventory tracking, customizable payment options, unlimited product listings, and multi-location support.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Inventory Tracking: Provides inventory tracking capabilities, enabling businesses to manage and monitor their stock effectively.
        • Payment Customization Options: Users can customize payment options according to their business needs, providing flexibility in managing transactions.
        • Multi-Location Support: Supports multi-location functionality, catering to businesses with multiple outlets and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ Simple pricing structure

        ✓ Access to all features

        ✓ Integration with accounting software

        ✓ Inventory tracking and e-commerce integration

        × Limited advanced functionalities

        × Lacks specialized features for F&B

        14. Bindo POS

        bindo POS

        Bindo POS, a cloud-based iPad Point of Sale (POS) system, targets retail and F&B (Food & Beverage) businesses, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution for SMEs aiming to expand.

        Bindo POS stands out due to its cloud-based accessibility, tailored features for retail and F&B, and integration capabilities with other essential software. Nevertheless, limitations might involve potential compatibility issues with certain devices and the learning curve associated with adapting to a new system.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Cloud-based accessibility: Enables access from anywhere with an internet connection.
        • Retail and F&B focus: Tailored functionalities catering to both industry segments.
        • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms and accounting software.
        Pros Cons

        Industry-specific features

        Integration flexibility


        × Compatibility challenges

        × Learning curve

        15. Weebo

        Weebo Pte Ltd, established in 2013, is a Singapore-based start-up focused on providing Cloud-Based Point-of-Sales (POS) solutions for F&B, retail, events, salons, and services. The company aims to serve SMEs and Sole Proprietorships by offering truly enterprising solutions.

        Weebo’s POS system allows business owners to view live sales reports with real-time data capture, emphasizing consumer-centric software and products for smarter business growth.

        Features & Advantages:

        • Cloud-Based Global Accessibility: Provides global accessibility to invaluable sales data, enabling businesses to make strategic decisions regardless of their location.
        • Multifaceted Business Management: Simplifies access to sales data, enables order creation based on statistics, manages deliveries, generates reports, and monitors inventory levels, covering various aspects of business management.
        • Android-Based Interfaces and Mobile POS Ordering: Offers Android-based interfaces and supports mobile POS ordering, providing flexibility and convenience in managing transactions.
        • Real-Time Reporting and Cost Management: Ensures informed decision-making and efficient cost control.
        • Ingredient Management for Inventory: Regulates inventory levels and enhances efficiency in managing stock.
        Pros Cons
        ✓ User-friendly design

        Tailored solutions

        Global accessibility

        Comprehensive functionality

        × Integration complexity

        × SME complexity

        What Features Should POS Software Have?

        When choosing POS software, it’s essential to consider several key features that can greatly enhance the efficiency and functionality of your business operations. Here’s what to look for:

        1. Inventory management: Effective POS software should offer robust inventory management tools that allow real-time tracking of stock levels, reordering, and insights into sales patterns.
        2. Customer management: Capabilities to store customer data such as purchase history and contact details can help personalize the shopping experience and boost customer loyalty.
        3. Multi-platform integration: The POS system should integrate seamlessly with other platforms like e-commerce websites and accounting software to streamline various aspects of business management.
        4. Sales reporting and analytics: Detailed reports and analytics are vital for making informed business decisions. Look for software that provides comprehensive data on sales trends, inventory, and customer preferences.

        Choosing POS software with these features can significantly improve transaction efficiency, provide valuable business insights, and enhance customer satisfaction.

        How to Choose the Best POS Software in Singapore

        POS system in SingaporeWhen selecting the finest POS software for your businesses in Singapore, several critical factors and considerations demand meticulous consideration:

        • Government grants: Explore if your chosen vendor offers grants or fits your budget, especially pertinent for Singaporean businesses with schemes like the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) and the NTUC CTC Grant. An example is HashMicro, which has up to 50% EDG and up to 70% NTUC CTC Grant.
        • Business alignment & support: Ensure the POS system synchronizes seamlessly with your operations. Look for features like inventory management, accounting integration, smooth transactions, and flexible pricing. Scalability and multi-location support are crucial for potential expansions.
        • Essential POS hardware: Different businesses require varied hardware, including customer-facing displays, terminals, readers, printers, and tablets, catering to diverse needs.
        • Payment diversity: Confirm the system supports various payment methods beyond standard cards, catering to your clientele’s preferences.
        • Cost analysis: Assess the overall cost structure, encompassing upfront hardware expenses, ongoing subscriptions, payment processing charges, and any hidden costs.
        • Usability & integration: Ensure the system aligns with your industry, integrates seamlessly, and is user-friendly to enhance staff productivity.
        • Support & Security: Prioritize vendors offering responsive technical support and robust security measures to safeguard your data against cyber threats.
        • Sustainability & future growth: Verify the system’s scalability and suitability for your future business strategies and expansion plans.

        By evaluating these considerations, you’ll pave the way to finding the ideal POS system tailored to your business requirements and growth aspirations in Singapore. You can learn more about this POS software’s pricing scheme by clicking the image below.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp


        In Singapore, a POS system offers sophisticated features beneficial for various businesses like retail, restaurants, wholesale, online shops, and e-commerce, easing transactions and inventory monitoring. Multiple quality retail and restaurant POS systems are available in Singapore, each with unique features and services tailored to different business needs.

        Take, for instance, HashMicro’s POS Software, which automates tasks, reducing errors while ensuring real-time data accuracy. For a comprehensive understanding of HashMicro’s POS system and its distinctive features and services, simply click on the image below.

        Ultimately, choosing the most suitable POS system requires careful consideration. Interested in exploring HashMicro’s POS? Consult and experience a free demo to find the best fit for your business needs. Seize this opportunity now!



        • How does a POS software work?

          Think of POS systems as advanced cash registers. They add up purchases, include sales tax, process payments, and record transaction details. Generally, they consist of three main parts: hardware, software, and payment processing.

        • Is POS the same as ERP?

          While POS and ERP software are similar, they have different uses. POS software is mainly for retail businesses to handle sales and inventory, while ERP software helps manage all parts of a business.

        • Can I use POS without Internet?

          When using a cloud-based POS system, you need an internet connection to access your data. However, if you lose connection, some advanced POS systems can still work offline and will sync your data once the internet is back.

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