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Top 5 Sales Apps in Indonesia

Sales apps, also known as Point of Sale (POS) systems, are used by retail and F & B businesses to complete direct transactions between buyers and sellers. Ten years ago, transactions were processed manually, very time-consuming, and prone to errors. But with POS systems, all transactions can be managed instantly and accurately.

Nowadays, POS systems can be easily found in various shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, mini markets, salons, and many more. Business owners in Indonesia have started to realize that they need to speed up processes and improve sales accuracy. If you find yourself overwhelmed when looking for a perfect sales app for your business, this article will be very helpful for you.

We have summarized five best sales apps in Indonesia that you can consider.


EQUIP may still be fairly new in Indonesia. However, this software brand has been implemented by various large companies and institutes in Singapore since 2006. EQUIP offers complete automated solutions for businesses of various scales, from enterprise to small and  medium businesses (SMB).

5 Top Sales Apps in Indonesia

One of the solutions offered by EQUIP is a sales app. EQUIP POS is a cloud-based software system that is equipped with a modern and user-friendly interface. Some of the main features are:

Multi-User & Multi-Location Management

One of the advantages of EQUIP POS is the unlimited number of users (and the ease of managing multiple branches). You can give access rights to as many employees as possible at no additional cost. Monitoring sales and stock at each outlet can be done from one place.

Transaction Suspension

EQUIP POS allows transactions to be suspended in case of an emergency or when customers have to leave for some time. Transactions are managed in parallel to speed up the checkout process for customers.

Table Management (for Restaurants)

This feature will be very useful in restaurants or cafes. Employees can easily arrange table positions and track orders from each table. This also makes it easier for cashiers to check the bills especially when guests want to split or merge their tables.

Product & Price Synchronization

EQUIP POS makes it easy for you to synchronize your products and prices across all outlets. You can find out the availability of your stocks in real time as well as update your inventory anytime and anywhere.

Customer Loyalty Management

For both retailers and restaurateurs, arranging discounts and rewards have become routine activities. EQUIP POS makes it easy for you to personalize rewards and discounts for your loyal customers through the Customer Loyalty Management feature.

Product Return Management

Exchange and return of products can be processed instantly. Exchanged and returned products will be immediately recorded and entered into the inventory data automatically.

2. Soltius

Soltius through SAP Business One offers a fairly complete sales solution. Not only large companies, Soltius is now also used by many small and medium-sized companies. It offers several features; from omnichannel management, mobile POS, reservation management, to recipe management for F&B businesses.

One of the advantages of Soltius is the ease of managing payments. Their sales app makes it easy for you to accept various forms of payments other than debit and credit cards, i.e. e-cash or e-money.

Soltius has several offers for companies that use their sales app:

  • 1 professional license
  • 4 limited licenses
  • 1 indirect user
  • 2 consultants to work for 45 days


MOKA POS is well known amongst retail and restaurant businesses in Indonesia. Just like EQUIP and Soltius, MOKA POS also offers several features that make it easier for businesses to manage their sales transactions. Some of the main features are:

Promo Management

You can create promo programs and determine their active periods through the back office.

Inventory Management

You can check the availability of your inventory and see your order history whenever you want.

Staff Management

You can set employee slots and create assignments to each employee using a four-digit authorization code.

Customer Management

This feature makes it easy for you to manage memberships. You can gather as many members as possible with no limitation.

4. Pawoon

Just like MOKA, Pawoon is also popular amongst small and medium retail and restaurant businesses. Pawoon POS system is easy to use. With a fast installation process, users can already use it as a cash register.

One of Pawoon’s advantages is the ease of printing receipts and sending them via email. Just like EQUIP, Pawoon can also be used offline. All transaction data is stored securely and will be synchronized after the system is connected to the internet again.

Users can also access sales reports in real time via smartphones, calculate COGS, determine promos, and manage raw materials or recipes. In addition, users can also make several access rights for specific people.

5. Olsera

Olsera is known as a low-priced and flexible sales app. By paying a monthly subscription fee, users can enjoy a variety of convenient features. Olsera is used by various small and medium businesses ranging from restaurants, cafes, retail stores, pharmacies, to food trucks.

Some of the features offered by Olsera for retailers include inventory management, shipping cost calculation, data synchronization, payment management, stock transfer management, and CRM. As for the food and beverage businesses, the features offered cover table management, menu management, payment management, and Kitchen Display System.

Which Sales App is Right for My Business?

Choosing the right sales app for your business can be tricky. This will be a long-term investment for your business. Your business transformation starts when you implement the software.

The first step you must take is analyzing your requirements. Make a list of your needs and then compare them against the features offered by each vendor that you meet.

If your business is big, then you should narrow your choices by choosing a few vendors who have experience in providing services for large-scale companies. Vice versa, you should select vendors who offer solutions that suit your needs and budget.

In addition, you also need to know your software developers very well. We recommend that you choose vendors who develop their own systems in house to facilitate the installation, customization, training, and maintenance processes. Also, make sure that the sales app you choose does not have hidden costs so you will know how much you will have to pay since the very beginning.

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