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Salary Slip: Understanding, Benefits, Format, Example – HashMicro

Salary slip is an obligation for the recruiting, be it the company, customer, or client, to pay a certain amount to the employee. When employees get a salary, it needs a salary slip to prove the fair salary the employee has received.

Salary slips have a format that employees must know. Because by understanding the structures on the salary slip can provide effects and benefits that employees can feel.

You should know that salary slips in the digital era are no longer paper-shaped. Now HRD sends salary slips online, making it easier for HRD and the company as a whole. Online salary slips make everything more practical and efficient.

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Understanding Employee Salary Slip

Generally, a salary slip is an official document that contains information on the amount of income or salary that employees receive and tax deductions on that income.

A salary slip is official proof of payroll or information on tax deductions and income tax deposits for employees. If employees want to apply for a mortgage, apply for unsecured credit, for car or motor loans, and so on, this slip can be a guarantee.

For companies, the salary slip serves as documentation for recording the salary expenditures paid by the company to employees.

As technology evolves, corporate HRDs usually send salary slips online in digital form. If your company doesn’t have the tools to provide salary slips online, read the article until it runs out, so you get a digital solution for sending practical salary slips.

Benefits of Pay Slips

Know the salary details

On a fundamental basis, knowing the salary details is a benefit of a salary slip. Employees can know and understand the salary details, such as the amount of overtime money that employees get.

Employees can see how much salary they receive, along with deductions such as BPJS employment contributions, health BPJS, and income taxes.

The information listed must be complete so that no industrial problems occur between the company and its employees.

With incomplete information, it indicates an absence of transparency. There could be misunderstandings on both sides.

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To apply for a credit card

In making a credit card, there is a mechanism that the customer must fulfill. The basis of determining the credit limit to customers needs to attach several things, one of which is proof of salary slip.

In addition to helping determine the customer’s credit card limit, this slip is also beneficial for the bank as evidence and guarantees, at the same time as a tool to audit and check the health of customer money, which will affect the approval of the application for a credit card.

Apply for a home mortgage

Customers who want to own a house but do not have enough finances to fulfill the desire to buy a home are typical.

Usually, in addition to choosing a cash payment method, those who have not had time to raise much money in a short time will use mortgages or homeownership loans.

It would be best to meet several conditions for the request to be approved, one of which is to attach proof of the employees’ salary. Mortgage programs are available in many banks with various programs that banks offer.

The bank will use proof of this salary as collateral and determine the number of interest rates charged to customers. On average, the bank will approve applications from customers who have a permanent job with a minimum of 2 years.

References when applying for a job

When you want to apply for a new job, sometimes you attach a salary slip from a previous job, even if the company didn’t ask. But this is done to earn a bigger salary than before.

In this way, the company is more trustworthy because the evidence you attach is authentic evidence from the previous company according to the recorded information.

Including evidence of the salary that employees receive will facilitate negotiating salaries at the new company. Even if you want the pay you want, you need to consider what a new company can offer.

Applying for a KTA

Unsecured Credit (KTA) is a loan product that banks issue to their customers without the need for a guarantee or collateral request. This product will be beneficial to meet sudden needs; the disbursement period usually only requires three working days or less.

Each bank, on average, has KTA products with a variety of programs. The terms of submission are pretty straightforward. In addition to mandatory letters such as forms, identity cards, and family cards, also require a salary slip to guarantee customers, determine limits, interest, and help verify the applicant’s financial history.

Pay Slip Format

To understand how to make a salary slip, you must understand the format first. Here are the structures that must exist, including:

Company name

The prefix format is undoubtedly the name of the company that has responsibility for payments to related employees.

If there is no company name listed, then there is no clarity on the overall content of employees’ information.

Declare the confidentiality of documents

Just below the name of the company listed, there is content that the contents contained in this format are confidential.

The ministry is usually written “Private and Confidential,” meaning that only the listed employees can know the contents of the slip.

Payment dates and employee data

This section has a payment date to provide clarity when the company’s slip is given to employees.

The writing of employee data must also be complete in the form of employee names, sub-departmental explanations, employee numbers, and Taxpayer Principal Numbers (NPWP).

The amount of salary and the number of deductions

The component that most employees see is the main component, as the name implies. This information contains income, including basic salary, benefits, and other incentives.

The component of the deduction includes

  • Health insurance,
  • Employee savings plans,
  • Debt to the company,
  • Employee membership dues, and
  • Others are adjusting the company’s cut policy.

Full description of payment

This component contains current year earnings before tax deductions, current year earnings after tax deductions, current month taxes, total money employees earn, and the bank’s name as a payer institution.

This information is essential as a detailed explanation of what employees need to know the origin of the money income.

Examples of Employee Pay Slips

Salary Slip Example
Source: Pinterest
Source: bukuwarung.com


The importance of corporate HRD is to make salary slips as a tool and proof of the rewards that employees receive for the work that employees do. If the company has difficulty managing salary slips for employees, you can use Hashmicro’s HRIS app.

With HRIS software, you can manage salary slips automatically. All HR and administrative tasks of your employees such as salary calculation, manage leave and attendance lists, reimbursement processes, and other operational activities.

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