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Warehouse Management Software – Feature and Benefit

Warehouse management software brings computerized technology to track every action inside or outside the warehouse. Warehouse management involves managing and maintaining all processes that occur in the warehouse to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. However, every warehouse operation is prone to errors and challenges. Therefore, companies need automated solutions that can increase productivity in warehouses.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

warehouse management software

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Features that are generally found in warehouse management software are:

Storage strategy setting

Businesses can optimize the strategy of storing newly received goods before they enter the warehouse. In addition, it also monitors warehouse capacity, accelerates pick and pack, tracks item locations, and minimizes dead stock.

Warehouse shelf arrangement

Companies can manage stock placement by product category, suitable for both vertical and horizontal warehouse shelving systems.

Track stock movement

Monitor every stock movement from the inbound to outbound process (in and out of goods) accurately and in real-time.

Warehouse management software report

Find out how efficient warehouse management is through comprehensive analytical reports that business can view in various formats.

Maximize warehouse capacity effectively.

This feature serves to ensure the warehouse stores inventory as needed optimally and can be easily tracked.

Checking the capacity of goods

Simplify the process of checking and recording the capacity of goods before being stored in the warehouse.

Item dimension management

Automate the calculation of the dimensions of each location in the warehouse for easy adjustment of incoming goods. Businesses can track each item’s height, width, and weight in the warehouse for maximum proper placement of items on the shelves/locations.

Barcode scanner integration

Businesses can improve the accuracy of picking and packing customer orders with the help of a barcode scanner.

Monitor item availability

Monitor the number and location of each item in dozens of places at once in one centralized system.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Some of the reasons why you should consider using a warehouse management system are:

1. Warehouse inventory accuracy

Maintaining an accurate inventory count is one of the challenges in managing a warehouse system. In general, the most common problem with inaccurate inventory counting is human error. Initial calculations, regular inventory counts, or mistakes in day-to-day order taking can make a significant difference.

The stock is always stored in the correct place, in a correctly identified area. Defects in the accuracy or tracking of goods can trace to several regions. For example, there may be an incorrect receipt and purchase order. If information is record through a manual tracking system, it must always be verified for accuracy. Your warehouse staff should also be well trained to handle errors from other departments.

Warehouse management systems can provide greater accuracy and transparency throughout the warehouse, such as real-time and accurate information about item quantities and locations. In addition, this method makes it easier to find items in the warehouse.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

2. Efficient warehouse layout and inventory location

Warehouse layout can help or disable warehouse operations. The correct design must match the operational workflow. Each industry can determine its own needs related to product accessibility in the warehousing system. The most popular items should be easily accessible to facilitate quick pick-up and delivery. The items store in front of the facility so that the forklift does not have to travel far to reach necessary items.

Providing proper inventory locations can be an important way to facilitate inventory management and overall warehouse operations. Failure to set up an efficient inventory location system can slow down processes and lead to various supply and delivery problems. In addition, it’s hard to upgrade a system when you can’t pinpoint its flaws. Warehouse management systems can improve a company’s access to inventory and shipping data to find problem areas and develop solutions. With a sound warehouse management system, this information becomes easier to obtain, and you can act more quickly.

3. Controlling delivery quality

Quality control functions can record vendor accuracy, improve stock rotation, and reduce warehouse items’ need for manual processing. With warehouse management solutions, businesses can provide customers with better shipping and delivery information.

Warehouse management software helps with automated data collection, scheduling, stock delivery information and more. So businesses can gain a comprehensive insight into the performance of the entire warehouse and shipping process. In addition, it increases productivity, shortens order times, and reduces costs.


Manually managing the warehouse is a very inefficient action. A lot of time is wasted recording the movement of goods and the risk of loss due to inaccurate reports or late delivery of orders.

warehouse management software

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is software that can make it easier for you to monitor the entry and exit of goods. This application provides complete real-time information regarding essential data needed by businesses in the warehouse management process, such as inventory status and item allocation.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

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