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      Top 10 Best Equipment Maintenance Software in Singapore 2024

      Did you know that over 50% of companies feel that their productivity has increased due to using equipment maintenance software? According to research from Statista, more precisely 65% feel that their productivity has increased. But what exactly is equipment maintenance software? 

      Equipment maintenance software is a system that has the capability to provide real-time insights into equipment status. These solutions are designed to simplify maintenance tasks, from scheduling, and tracking repairs. This streamlined approach is what empowers companies globally to boost their productivity.

      Equipment maintenance software can be a key solution to sustaining your productivity and staying ahead of the competition. In this article, we will explore the top 10 equipment maintenance software for 2024 and highlighting their features and benefits.


      Table of Content:

        The Importance of Equipment Maintenance Software for the Company 

        When it comes to maintaining equipment, a company can face a lot of problems.  One of the common issues is the lack of an organized approach  to track which equipment has to be maintained. This can lead to missed maintenance appointments, resulting in assets damage and the need of costly repairs. 

        With this one problem, the company has already increased the cost of equipment. Another problem this a lack of monitoring equipment status, which can end up with equipment failures. If this problem happens, the company can only react to problems after they arise. 

        Equipment maintenance software addresses these problems by providing a centralized platform to manage all maintenance activities. This software offers real-time analysis of data to identify potential issues before they become critical. 

        Another benefit of using this software is providing an optimized maintenance schedule. This can help the company to increase cost savings and extend the lifespan of their equipment. 

        10 Best Equipment Maintenance Software Recommendations in 2024 

        When choosing the best equipment maintenance software, a company must carefully consider the benefits and weaknesses of each software. These are recommendations for the 10 best equipment maintenance software Singapore in 2024:                                                                  

        Machine Maintenance Software HashMicro 

        Equipment Maintenance Software

        Equipment maintenance software from HashMicro is one of the best software in 2024. This software ensures the company tracks asset health status, monitors asset activity, takes preventive maintenance, and centralizes all the data in one platform. 

        With these advantages, HashMicro helps your company leave monitoring assets manually and increases the efficiency of monitoring every asset, like machines, vehicles, and heavy equipment. This software can also provide a maintenance schedule based on how many hours the asset has been used.  

        After suggesting the maintenance schedule, assets maintenance software from HashMicro keeps the history of every maintenance history in one platform. It facilitates the company management to know every maintenance that has been done.  

        HashMicro can also help the company track the location of the assets with a GPS. This feature can reduce the risks of the assets being misplaced or lost.  

        These are the features of asset management software that can optimize all maintenance activity: 

        1. Maintenance Scheduling: This feature automatically provides preventive maintenance schedules based on asset health status data.  
        2. Asset Management Budget: Record and track the budget so that the costs incurred remain according to plan.
        3. Fuel Log & Odometer Tracking: Tracking every fuel that has been used to monitor vehicle efficiency.  
        4. Repair Order Management: Allow the company to know the status of repairs and manage every repair activity efficiently.
        5. Parent & Child Assets Management: Facilitates companies to organize assets based on the level of complexity, features, and interactions between assets.
        6. Asset Comprehensive Cost Reporting: Produce detailed reports including maintenance costs, Return on Assets (RoA), and depreciation.

        Maintenance Scheduling Software Asset Panda

        Best Equipment Maintenance Software in Singapore 2024

        Asset Panda is a cloud-based platform that can provide asset management and tracking. Using a barcode scanner, Asset Panda can reduce the risks of assets being misplaced or lost. As a software, Asset Panda provides a user-friendly interface that can be easily used. 

        It also comes with fully customized features to fit in with the company’s requirements. Asset Panda can produce maintenance reports and automatically send them via email. So it can help the management monitor every maintenance that has been done. 

        This software also provides consulting help with experts for users. It is an advantage for users if there is any problem when using this software.  

        Equipment Maintenance Management Software Sisca


        Sisca is an asset management software that was developed and established in Indonesia. This software provides a variety of features that can increase efficiency in asset maintenance. 

        One of the features it offers is a maintenance alert. This feature can send notifications for scheduled maintenance and helps prevent unexpected equipment failures.

        This software also offers reporting tools that provide insightful analytics and performance metrics. These reports can be used to track maintenance costs, identify trends, and optimize maintenance strategies.

        Asset Maintenance Software InvGate

        Equipment Maintenance Manager

        InvGate can simplify the process of monitoring company assets as equipment maintenance software. Asset management software InvGate is known for having an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This feature ensures that it is easy to learn for a technical or non technical user. 

        InvGate also offers notification functionalities that give alerts to repairs and maintenance tasks, helping the company to prevent unexpected failures that will possibly happen in the future. 

        Equipment Maintenance Software UpKeep

        Best-equipment-maintenance-softwareAs an equipment maintenance software, UpKeep offers features like asset management which allows the company to have detailed records of asset performance and schedule maintenance. These features will ensure all assets are maintained at optimal level. 

        Another feature that UpKeep offers is inventory management. This feature allows the company to track spare parts supplies, preventing delays in repair, asset performance, and maintenance costs. 

        Maintenance Software for Manufacture Hippo CMMS 


        Hippo CMMS allows the company to have an optimal maintenance scheduling based on how long the asset is being used. This software also allows users to set recurring tasks, receive automated reminders, and minimize risks of delayed maintenance.          

        Furthermore, Hippo CMMS also offers mobile access. This feature enables users to stay organized and track all assets from anywhere and anytime using a handphone or tablet. 

        Verizon Connect Asset Management Software  

        Verizon Connect is an equipment maintenance software that has a user-friendly interface that allows for easy configuration, enabling companies to streamline maintenance processes, optimize equipment performance, and reduce downtime. 

        Despite its many advantages, Verizon Connect still has some weaknesses. One significant drawback is its steep learning curve, which can be daunting for new users or those unfamiliar with similar systems. 

        Maintenance Management Software Fracttal


        Fracttal Maintenance Management System offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to learn as a system without extensive training, thereby reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity. 

        Furthermore, Fracttal are able to operate on mobile phones. This will allow maintenance personnel to access the system from anywhere via their smartphones or tablets. Fracttal also has responsive customer support, which ensures that any questions or issues are swiftly addressed. 

        On Key Asset Management System 

        On Key Asset Management System is a comprehensive software designed to streamline equipment maintenance processes. One of the features One Key offers is preventive maintenance, which allows users to manage maintenance tasks before issues arise. 

        Using this feature, companies can significantly reduce equipment downtime, extend asset lifespans, and avoid costly emergency repairs.

        Furthermore, On Key offers powerful inspection management capabilities that can create and manage inspection schedules, track inspection results, and generate detailed reports.

        SAP Asset Management 


        SAP Asset Management is a software with advanced features like real-time asset monitoring. This feature allows businesses to continuously track the performance of their assets, providing real-time data that helps in making maintenance decisions. 

        Another feature of SAP Asset Management is lifecycle management and predictive maintenance features. Lifecycle management allows businesses to manage assets and ensure optimal performance.

        Predictive maintenance provides data analytics and machine learning to predict potential failures before they occur, allowing for proactive maintenance scheduling. 

        How to Choose the Right Maintenance Software

        In choosing software equipment maintenance, you must be careful so that you can choose the software that you want. Here are a few things to consider before choosing equipment maintenance software:  

        1. Analyze company needs: analyzing company needs is the first thing to do. This must be done so that you can find software that suits your needs. 
        2. Analyze the pros and cons of the software: Each software will definitely have its own advantages and disadvantages. However, make sure that the weaknesses will not affect your company’s productivity. 
        3. Features that are offered to users: Equipment maintenance software has features that make it easier for companies to monitor their assets. However, there are some features that must be present, such as preventive maintenance scheduling, asset gps tracking, and asset stock taking with barcode.
        4. Customer support after purchase: Customer support is another important thing to consider. Make sure the software you choose has responsive customer support, so that it can help if there are difficulties when using the software. 


        The asset maintenance process is not an easy thing. In this case, integrating equipment maintenance software such as HashMicro is an alternative solution that you can consider.

        As equipment maintenance software, HashMicro offers features that can increase the efficiency of companies in carrying out asset maintenance, such as preventive maintenance schedules. 

        This feature allows companies to create maintenance schedules before the company’s assets are damaged. In addition, HashMicro’s equipment maintenance software has a GPS track asset feature.

        GPS track assets allow companies to track the whereabouts of assets, so as to minimize the risk of loss or misplacement. 

        As a provider of equipment maintenance software, we invite you to try our free demo. You can try the free demo by clicking here!        


        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Equipment Maintenance Software

        • What is equipment maintenance?

          Equipment maintenance is a maintenance step that is carried out so that a tool or asset can last a long life..

        • What is the role of CMMS in asset management?

          CMMS plays a role in helping the maintenance team track the status and progress of the maintenance process that is happening.

        • What is mobile equipment maintenance?

          Mobile equipment maintenance is a maintenance process that is specialized for heavy vehicles, such as excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and more.

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