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Best Kitchen Display System to Increase Kitchen Efficiency

Create seamless communication between the kitchen and waitress with HashMicro Kitchen Display System to improve the efficiency of your restaurant.

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The Main Benefits of Kitchen Display System

kitchen display system singapore
kitchen display software

Smooth Information

Provide the estimated delivery time for kitchen staff and cooks to prioritize order fulfillment.

automatic kitchen management

Improve Serving Speed

Simplify the communication process between the waitress and the chef to ensure the customer's order arrives on time.

kitchen management system
kitchen display system singapore

Easier Order Placement

The waitperson can connect orders from each table directly and automatically to the kitchen screen.

kitchen display software

Improve Accuracy

Minimize the miscommunication between the waitress and the chef, so the food delivered is precise and accurate.

The Main Features of Kitchen Display System

automatic kitchen management

Order Display

Each incoming order will be displayed on the screen to help the chef prepare food faster.

kitchen management system

Cooking Time Management

The system can visualize the estimated cooking time to help the chef set cooking priorities.

kitchen display system singapore

Automatic Food Routing

Orders from the e-Menu or POS will automatically be displayed on the kitchen screen and updated until the food is served.

kitchen display software


Manage and track orders from each table through the screen. Combine or split the table as per customer request.

automatic kitchen management


Leave the old way of notifying the waitress that the food is ready by ringing a bell. The waiter alert can notify your waitress automatically.

kitchen management system


View the summary of the order fulfilment time to see if the order was delivered on time, longer, or faster.

Kitchen Display System Integration

POS system

Make it easy to place orders in the Kitchen Display System after the order is created, validated, paid, and approved by the manager.

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Kitchen Display

E-Menu System

Beside providing a unique experience to your customers, the e-Menu integration with KDS makes it easy for kitchen staff to serve customers.

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Kitchen Display System?

Kitchen Display System is a digital screen that replaces print or handwriting orders in a commercial kitchen. Kitchen Display System can facilitate the communication of kitchen staff and waiters thereby reducing the occurrence of ordering errors and speeding up the time of presentation.

Kitchen Display System can be integrated with POS software so that the workflow from the cashier to the kitchen and inventory can be collaboratively established.

Kitchen Display System uses a digital screen to display orders that are integrated with the restaurant's Post-of-Sale system. This digital screen allows companies to save spending on printing paper or other posters.

In addition, Kitchen Display System also makes it easy for customers to find out the estimation when the product he ordered is complete.

More precise, accurate and fast service. A clearer workflow in the kitchen. Better communication between the cashier and the kitchen staff. Environmentally friendly. Integrated order with detailed analysis

The Kitchen Display System helps minimize errors, accelerate orders, easier inventory management, and information sources, and also facilitate table management

Kitchen display systems have various benefits, usually used to help staff estimate the time for serving food or drinks. The system can also make it easier to place an order, because the system is connected directly to the kitchen. The use of the system can also accuracy the level of service and orders from customers.

Kitchen Show Frameworks (KDS) is a requesting and data framework shown within the kitchen backend to extend eatery proficiency. Kitchen Show Frameworks are getting to be progressively fundamental and celebrated for present-day eateries, particularly quick-service eateries whose commerce demonstrates works around giving incite administrations to clients.

The KDS framework coordinates with a cloud-based POS innovation due to which it works remotely and shows orders to be arranged as they are encouraged within the POS computer program. This reduces both staff exertion and the chances of manual mistakes by computerizing the whole handle. This article will tell you why the Kitchen Show Framework has gotten to be the requirement of the hour in cutting-edge eatery kitchens.



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