A digital innovation in the hospitality industry- eMenu, developed by HashMicro Singapore, lets the guest’s eyes taste the goodness. Our eMenu System highlights signature & seasonal delicacies and also easy integration with POS system for restaurants, cafes, bars and lets you embrace the digital technology with the wait staff concentrating more on serving guests with the best of delicacies.

Singapore tablet ordering emenu software system
  • All the outlets in a restaurant chain are operated without any disruption, as the feature termed as 'cloud', which is available on eMenu, allows the owners to enjoy integrated management.
  • The delicacies, which are less popular and ordered lesser than the other items, are made popular on eMenu with certain smart suggestions related to food ordering.
  • The guests share their feedback for food, ambience and service on the online social platforms using eMenu. This helps the owners to innovate promotional tactics for attracting more guests.
  • eMenu offers the guests with options for entertainment as they wait for the food to be served. This makes dining for the guests a truly wholesome one.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore Localized Accounting Management Software Features:

  • Multi Menu & Customized User Interface
  • Call Service
  • Cross Selling
  • Multi Language
  • Customizable Interface to suit your brand
  • Happy hours Setting
  • Food Pairing / Suggestions for customer
  • Direct Integration with POS
Singapore tablet ordering emenu software system
Singapore tablet ordering emenu software system

Multi Menu

HashMicro Singapore eMenu allows guests to enjoy the pleasure of ordering beverages by viewing the digital bar menu and at the same time they can order the delicacies they prefer.

Cross Selling

eMenu allows you to present your less popular delights in a tactful manner in the tablet's digital menu.

Call Service

Guests can also comfortably order every single item & call waiter for service with just a touch on the eMenu.

Customer Reviews

Singapore eMenu allows you to maintain database of guests' feedback, thus guests can sahre the details about their dining experience.

Customized Interface

Our eMenu's interface is customizable to your brand, hence HashMicro Singapore eMenu not only increases customer satisfaction, it also increase your brand value as well.

Flexi-Table Support

Non need to keep digital menus as many as the tables in the restaurant as you can easily switch the digital menu for the other table when the guests place order.

Singapore tablet ordering emenu software system

We have 4 integratable products/solutions to meet needs of big restaurant businesses and you can also enhance, and integrate the features to other modules. Customized solution refers to obtain all the functionalities on a single system and you can also make savings by not investing in a different system.

    • Integrate E-Menu with our Accounting System to help you maintain your transaction history, generate invoices, create comprehensive financial reports and gain better insight into your business income.
    • Our POS System will be very helpful for you to centralize your food supplies, synchronize your menu content and keep the prices updated across multiple outlets, speed up the transactions and many more.

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    POS System

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