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Organize Your Mining Business in One Dashboard

Effectively manage the whole mining operation, from OB removal, crushing, to barging, with one integrated dashboard.

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Real Time Cost Control from Start to End

Control your entire project budget with comprehensive financial calculations starting from payroll, fuel, WIP, assets, to sales.

Minimize Operational Mistakes and Maintain Productivity

Improve mining process performance evaluations and productivity by thoroughly monitoring the daily production record.

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No Worries, Be Productive

Optimize mining activities with accurate weather forecast information, asset usage, and mining area conditions.


Expand the reach of your mining business with the support of HashMicro Mining Software, equipped with a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard

Find Your Solutions

Make it easier to track and control mining progress with the help of comprehensive project monitoring in every stages Program Mining

Monitor asset maintenance comprehensively in a centralized system and make it easy to track assets in various locations accurately Aplikasi Pertambangan

Improve the accuracy of your mining company's financial calculations, automate bookkeeping, and create complete financial reports in seconds Aplikasi Pertambangan

Monitor the KPIs of hundreds of employees in one place and simplify the calculation of employee salaries or overtime automatically Aplikasi Pertambangan
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Improve the Efficiency of Your Mining Business Management with the Most Advanced Mining ERP Software

HashMicro Mining Software features can optimize mining business processes easily and efficiently

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Dashboard Menu

Overview of the mining process in one dashboard

Comprehensive Visibility in One Dashboard

Simplify complex mining business workflows and practically manage weekly or monthly production planning.

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Project Controls

Make it easy to track the performance of mining projects

Project Monitoring Efficiency

Manage the entire mining site efficiently by monitoring any project progress through one integrated platform.

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Weather Monitoring

Monitor weather conditions in the field in real time

Forecast of Weather Conditions

Check the weather forecast at each mine site automatically to ensure maximum productivity in mining production.

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Inventory System

Simplify the mining inventory system efficiently

Stock Control and Inventory

Maintain adequate stocks in inventory to keep the mining production going everyday with stock control notifications.

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Vehicle Management

Optimize comprehensive vehicle management

Vehicle Conditions Maintenance

Make it easy to add fuel logs to mining project vehicles and create a maintenance timeline automatically

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Asset Monitoring

Effectively monitor mining company assets

Effectiveness of Asset Monitoring

Set up asset management from different locations in seconds and determine the actualization of expenses per asset

Program Mining

WIP Calculation

Simplify the control of production costs practically

Calculation of the Production Process

Calculate the overall cost of mining Work in Progress (WIP) automatically and generate financial reports instantly

Program Mining


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What is Mining Software from HashMicro?

HashMicro Mining Software is the best solution to support various operational activities in mining companies with a centralized, automated system. This system can simplify mining project work and staff management and optimize asset and inventory management. Use HashMicro's integrated Mining App to get those winning benefits.

HashMicro's Mining System can also make it easier for companies to monitor every employee task anytime and anywhere. This mining system is important because it can optimize employee performance and the company's productivity and profitability. In addition, Mining Software from HashMicro can adapt to the scale of the mining business and be customized according to the unique needs of your mining company.

Mining Software from HashMicro is a comprehensive software to simplify the work process of mine operations that you can customize according to your company's unique needs. Your mining business activities will undoubtedly become more effective and efficient with the entire practical and straightforward process through one integrated platform.

This software provides a variety of exclusive and professional features that can increase the efficiency and productivity of the business. All the conveniences in managing the company's finances, assets, workers, and duties will undoubtedly save operational costs and reduce the risks in your mining company.

In the era of fast-paced business transformation, the need to automate mining operational performance processes with the best mining software is an obligation your company needs today. HashMicro Mine Management System can be your choice because it applies best automation practices, so it can summarize mining activities that take a lot of time and effort for the efficiency of your company.

Our mining software also has the advantage of unlimited users, which many users in your company can use without additional costs. HashMicro also has a team of professionals who are experts in business and technology so that they can provide full support for the progress of your mining business. In addition, our software is easy to customize for all kinds of unique needs in your mining business.

A good Mining Software reference is a system with complete features and is accessible to help your company's various mining business process needs. This convenience can undoubtedly increase efficiency in solving all problems in mining project management and resource allocation in your company.

As a mining apps provider, HashMicro has equipped its system with a wide range of features that you can configure according to the needs and goals of your mining company. In addition, the Mining System from HashMicro has also received many positive reviews from users. Therefore, HashMicro Mining Software is the #1 choice for growing your mining business.
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