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Boost Wholesaler Profits Significantly with Software for Wholesale!

Wholesale is the process of purchasing certain goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers. This business is not easy to run. Wholesalers will face various problems and challenges that hinder business operations. One common challenge that wholesalers face is complicated manual inventory management. If not addressed, it can cause delays and decrease your customer retention. Therefore, you need software to increase customer satisfaction and profits. The best software for wholesale from HashMicro can be wholesalers’ choice to increase the business’ profit and efficiency.

HashMicro has provided the greatest software for wholesale that can give you convenience in optimizing the management of the wholesale business to the maximum. In addition, this software can also optimize the management of inventory, purchases, suppliers, and various processes of your wholesale business. With the help of HashMicro’s integrated wholesale system, wholesalers can manage procurement easily and minimize the complexity of controlling business processes. Therefore, HashMicro’s outstanding wholesale software is the right system to increase wholesaler profits significantly. In this article, we have summarized the benefits and excellent features of HashMicro’s wholesale software. Check out the full explanation below!


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Why Do Wholesalers Need HashMicro’s Wholesale Software?

why do you need wholesale software

The rapid development of digital technology has made the business competition more intense. Therefore, you need to adjust wholesale business operations with automation technology. Running a wholesale business manually will only make your business lag behind competitors. Therefore, HashMicro has brought convenience in managing various operational activities of your wholesale business with software for wholesale. The fully-featured wholesale software is an application that wholesalers often use to manage their business activities. This software includes sales order processing, purchasing, management, inventory, and accounting. Furthermore, wholesalers can increase company profits with optimal, transparent, and real-time financial management. In addition, the wholesaler business can also grow more rapidly with software from HashMicro that manages data quickly and accurately.

Another reason for wholesalers to implement HashMicro’s sophisticated wholesale software is its ability to improve company efficiency. This software is equipped with various features that work continuously to meet the needs of wholesalers. In addition, you can use HashMicro’s license for unlimited users for each of your companies. This system is also equipped with an easy interface for users to understand. Furthermore, it also has customization capabilities according to the unique needs of wholesalers. Therefore, wholesale software from HashMicro is the best solution to increase wholesaler profit significantly. You can access the article below to find out the problems wholesalers often face.

Benefits of Software for Wholesale

benefit wholesale software

The wholesale business may sound simple to many. Still, wholesalers have unique challenges that require their business to continue growing and improving. Therefore, wholesalers need to apply the best wholesale software from HashMicro to overcome the problems and challenges that wholesalers will face. This software is equipped with various features and comprehensive benefits that can help you in increasing wholesaler profits. Here are the four excellent benefits of HashMicro’s wholesale software:

Reports in real-time

HashMicro’s wholesale system provides key benefits by generating real-time reports whenever and wherever you need them. In addition, this system can make it easier for you to manage finances and automatic bookkeeping. Furthermore, wholesalers can generate various reports in one click to assist you in making accurate wholesale business decisions. Thus, you can reduce the input errors of the company’s financial statements that are detrimental. 

Monitor stock movements 

The second benefit of HashMicro’s wholesale application is its ability to monitor stock movements. The integration with the inventory management system can make it easier for you to monitor the movement of goods from various wholesale warehouse locations. In addition, you can also get this job done quickly and in real-time due to the automation of the wholesale software from HashMicro. Therefore, using this system can organize inventory management to be easier and more practical. 

Stock level optimization

You can optimize stock levels in your business by implementing supermarket software from HashMicro. In addition, you can also automatically create an analysis of stock forecasts over certain periods. With this analysis, wholesalers can optimize the availability of goods in each location or store in one system. 

Full analysis

The fourth benefit of HashMicro’s software for wholesale is that it is easy to get detailed information regarding which sales channels are the most effective. In addition, wholesalers can also find out the sales part that has an important role in product sales. Therefore, wholesalers can increase the sales and profitability of their business with the help of the most advanced system from HashMicro.

Main Features of HashMicro’s Software for Wholesale

HashMicro’s fully-featured wholesale software is equipped with great features that support your wholesale business efficiently. These features can solve all the challenges you often face in a wholesale business, such as the complexity of inventory and the difficulty of monitoring operational activities. Here is an explanation of all the features you can find in wholesale application from HashMicro:

Inventory management

The first feature of the wholesale system is inventory management. With this feature, wholesalers can increase the visibility of inventory and supply chains in your business. Furthermore, this feature also gives you the Pareto Analysis. This analysis can be used to see which products are the most profitable. You can also devise the right procurement strategy with the help of the results of this analysis. In addition, wholesalers can also manage thousands of stocks in various warehouses efficiently with a wholesale system integrated with mobile apps. Every employee of your company can also access inventory data easily and in real-time through HashMicro’s inventory management feature. 

Auto-Update data

One of HashMicro’s best wholesale software features is the auto-update feature. All data from your company can be instantly updated automatically and in real-time. In addition, wholesalers can maximize the fulfillment of consumer demand and accelerate stock mobility. Hence, your wholesale business operations can run smoothly and increase wholesale sales profits.

Tracking system

Wholesalers can track the activities of the sales team comprehensively and accurately with the tracking system feature from HashMicro. You also get convenience in tracking goods in the field with the software for wholesale from HashMicro. In addition, wholesalers can manage all sales activities and view all the data needed in one integrated system. That way, you can avoid tracking goods manually or fraud in your wholesale business.

Historical analysis

Customer retention and loyalty are important factors in the wholesale business. Therefore, you need the best wholesale system that can support wholesalers to achieve this. Supermarket software can support wholesalers to continue to provide maximum customer service quality. In addition, this software has been equipped with a historical analysis of customer purchases. This analysis can make it easier for wholesalers to compile promotional programs that suit consumer needs. That way, you can attract new customers to buy your products while increasing the retention and loyalty of your customers.

Multi-Price list

One of the HashMicro’s wholesale software features supporting increased customer retention is the multi-price list feature. This feature can configure multiple price lists for different types of customers. That way, you can provide the best service to customers to increase the sales and profitability of your wholesale business.

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Wholesale Software Integration

HashMicro has developed an updated wholesale system that is always improved following changes in regulations and technology. Wholesale system from HashMicro always guarantees the smoothness and ease of all your business processes. That way, wholesalers can improve the company’s performance while increasing wholesaler sales and profits. Therefore, you need to implement the integrated wholesale system that can connect with other software. Here are some systems that integrate directly with wholesale software from HashMicro:

  1. CRM System: HashMicro has provided software for wholesale that integrates directly with the CRM system. With this integration, wholesalers can manage thousands of customer data easily and accurately. In addition, your business can present a unique shopping experience, thus attracting customers to buy your products. 
  2. Point of Sales System: HashMicro’s wholesale system integrates with point of sales (POS) systems. Wholesalers can create unique loyalty programs to attract new customers while increasing sales and customer retention. 
  3. Accounting system: The accounting system is one of the most important systems you must have in your wholesale business. With this system’s integration, wholesalers can automatically make invoices according to your company’s standards. 
  4. Software procurement: HashMicro’s software for wholesale is equipped with e-procurement. That way, you can automate goods ordering and organize each purchase. 
  5. Inventory management system: HashMicro has provided integration with inventory systems to optimize the management of your wholesale stock. Wholesalers can get complete visibility for each product automatically.


Wholesale is the process of purchasing certain goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers. This business may sound simple to many. Still, wholesalers have unique challenges that require their business to continue growing and improving. Therefore, wholesalers need to apply the sophisticated wholesale software from HashMicro to overcome the problems and challenges that wholesalers will face. There are four benefits from wholesale software, such as reports in real-time, monitor stock movement, stock level optimization, and full analysis. Wholesalers also can improve their company’s performance and customer retention with the number #1 wholesale system.

In addition, you can also use the wholesale software pricing scheme calculation from HashMicro to get the complete picture. Using HashMicro’s best wholesale system can significantly increase wholesaler profits. Therefore, HashMicro’s wholesale software is the best friend for all wholesalers. Immediately switch to HashMicro to get the best deals and free demo!



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