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Using ERP for Automated Trading System Business in Singapore

Along with the development of technology, all aspects of life that we know also develop. Everything already has an online version. Business or trading system is one of them. Trading is a term that is quite familiar in general. Nowadays, trading systems or trading strategies are the backbone for all types of traders. Hash Trading & Distribution is a software that ensures the distribution process runs effectively, optimizes inventory, management, and increases business profits. The benefits concluded:

  • Reports in real-time, in which it could generate multiple reports in one click to help business owners make better and more accurate business decisions.
  • Monitor stock movement, in which the inventory management system automatically monitors the stock movement from one location to another in real-time
  • Stock level optimization, in which it would analyze stock estimates for a certain period automatically to optimize the stock availability at each location/outlets.
  • Complete analysis in which it would get detailed information about which sales channels are most effective and play a crucial role in product sales.

All-in-One Solution for Your Business

  • A trading system is based on certain settings with certain rules related to buying and selling in the financial markets. It obtains a statistical analysis of a number of trades and contains past performances that have generated profits from it. But first we should know, what really is a trading system? Also read: An Easy Guide To Prorate Salary For Employee

    What is Trading System?

    automated trading system
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    Trading system is a system to help our trading to grow consistently like a good business. It will also be the basis of why we buy and sell a stock. With the trading system, our trading will become more regular and measurable, more disciplined and not random. If there is a buy signal, then buy, if there is a sell signal then sell. Like a franchise with a different system and standardization, the trading system is just like that. All traders have different trading systems.

    Trading has standard rules, for example: stock selection must be standard, entry point and reason to buy, cut loss point, take profit point. With a trading system, decision-making is easier and suitable to the system. With the trading system, the stock purchase and the chart form are made by default, so that traders only buy what is specified. A profitable trading system only suits the person who developed it. Your system must fit your personality, financial status, risk profile and more. It can take years to develop. 

    Automated Trading System

    Automated trading systems typically require the use of software linked to a direct access broker, and any specific rules must be written in that platform’s proprietary language. The automated trading strategy that’s been set will constantly monitor financial market prices, and trades will automatically be executed if predetermined parameters are met. The trade entry and exit rules could be found on a qualified programmer’s subject-matter knowledge.

    Hashmicro has a solution for streamlined distribution process in the trading industry. Hash Trading & Distribution has 3 key features, namely; integrated purchasing system, ease of managing inventory, financial and payment management. Traders can carry out their trades without having to guess because Hash Trading & Distribution has taken care of everything. All processes and aspects involved with your trading can be managed accurately.

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Using ERP for Trading System

ERP or enterprise resource planning, is an information system intended for manufacturing and service companies whose role is to integrate and automate business processes related to aspects of operations, production and distribution in the company concerned. ERP is the backbone of a company, because it’s a software that manages finances, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement. It’s a single source of truth in a business because it houses all the data.

Enhanced reporting of real-time data from a single source system is advantageous to some enterprises. Companies can better plan, budget, forecast, and communicate the state of operations to the organization and interested parties, such as shareholders, when reporting is accurate and comprehensive. This increases accuracy rates, reaction times, and customer and employee satisfaction. As the business performs more effectively, associated costs frequently decline.

From the explanation above, basically, ERP is a software that helps to run all business operations in one location. ERP can do almost everything nowadays. Due to its various specification capabilities, ERP can be a good solution for trading systems. By using ERP for trading systems, all types of processes concerned will be more secure. Because, ERP will monitor and record all these processes. Not only that, it could also make the traders have better planning. Traders will also receive notifications and even recommendations during trading.

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The trading system has standard rules starting from stock selection, entry point to main point. Automated trading system makes the trading process easier and more efficient because it is connected to a software. This software is linked to a direct access broker so traders know what to buy or sell. Hash Trading & Distribution offers a solution as ERP Software to optimize and help manage your trading process. You can try the free demo and start your trading journey now with Hash Trading & Distribution.

Hash Trading and Distribution

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