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Fixing Sales with ERP Software Systems Technology

The ultimate aim of every company is to succeed in selling their products and services in every market. When technology provides the credible data, it improves the overall performance of the workforce as well as the sales team. We can help you automate all business processes from A to Z with the most complete ERP system. The real-time sales data and the graphic reports can easily project with a cloud-based ERP Software system. The existing cost of sales and the effectivity in achieving the targets.

Any variations can be quickly highlighted to take remedial actions immediately when it is required using the integrated ERP system. Every information from sales, stock of goods, expenses, and income to employee data can be accessed anytime and anywhere if your company using the most advanced ERP software in Singapore. You can also get the price calculation for HashMicro software based on your business requirements just by downloading this software pricing scheme calculations.



How Does Technology Help in Sales?

Selling is an art. It requires a talent which cannot be easily acquired when it comes to selling  product, service, space or concept. So how does technology help? When it comes to B2B sales, what matters is the facts and figures and not the fancy ways of selling. These facts and figures, if taken from an automated system, will be very more accurate and up to date. Hash CORE ERP is an ERP software with a complete lineup of features to automate various business processes and avoid human errors.

Without automation, the numbers would be merely a guess-work based on the last filed details which will never be accurate. There is a chance that new elements or products would be missed out or overlooked. You can avoid all of things if you are using the best ERP software ever created. Inaccurate data results in a weak sales pitch which reduces the chance of closing the deal with the clients. If the sales team have accurate real-time data, they would be more confident in their pitching. Hash CORE ERP can easily simplify your entire business operational process, from E-Procurement to Meeting Management.

What Could Possibly Sells The Product?

There are some of the factors that help the businesses improve their products and services. It is important to know what sells so that the manufacturer can concentrate more on the product. Which is in demand rather than on items that are no longer required in the market. Similarly, the admirable aspect of the product can help in improving the quality which will make it more interesting. The location where it sells allow the organization in focusing on the specialties and nature of the market.

This would also explain the disliking of product in other markets. The answer to the “Why not in other locations?” would help in customizing the product so that it sells in 10 more locations, thereby boosting the sales. The consumer behavior is another important aspect which opens up 2 areas, to concentrate on similar customers in other areas.

The second one is to know why the other customers do not prefer the product. With an ERP, the business can easily get analyze all possible scenarios. Business intelligence reports, being the main features of the ERPs, can help the organizations find out where it sells more. The ERPs also gives projections on the expected sales volume. Indeed, this helps the organization to increase or decrease production based on the prediction.

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Can the SMEs Afford ERP Software System?

ERP Software System for SMEs

The large organizations can afford to install an ERP for business automation which gives them the leverage of real-time and accurate data to flaunt before the clients. But the SMEs, who have to fight fierce competition, find it more difficult as they cannot afford an ERP, because it may cost more than half their capital.

With the shared ERP concepts catching up in the market, now the SMEs also can leverage from real-time data for their organizations. The SME sector has to face the most competition in the overall global market. The large players have the money to invest in marketing and moreover, they are already have the privileges to do so. The SMEs are probably start-ups, slowly penetrating in the local market or directly making it to the global market.

Whatever the case may be, there is a lot of competition in this sector and hence having real-time data and technical backup for the sales pitch can be a huge advantage for the SMEs. Subscription based ERPs that share the software (SaaS), platform (PaaS) or infrastructure (IaaS) can help the SMEs improve their overall business process.

This allows them to do cost-control and even cost-cutting wherever and whenever required. The more fund they can save in the process, the more they can invest in their marketing and other beneficial processes. The major advantage these systems give to the SMEs is to meet the client and answer their queries with real-time data in their hands. This will project the company’s technological compliance and increase the chances of winning the bid.

The Global Market in ERP Software Systems

What sells in one place may not sell in another. In other words, what does not sell in one place may be a huge success in some other place. It is quite easy to anticipate aiming at a global market at the present scenario. With real-time digital data, an organization can easily infiltrate into the global market using the Internet. Also, the availability of Internet Marketing services like social media marketing and SEO, have opened up the world market to many organizations.

ERP Software System

Today, only the large organizations could afford to get into the global market. Now, with shared ERP solutions, any SME can easily market their products online across the globe. An ERP Software Systems integrated with an E commerce portal and multi-currency module is all that is required for an organization to go online. If the organization is new to dealing with multiple currencies and online marketing, the ERP solution provider can easily integrate both modules without disturbing the marketing budget considerably. In return the organization earns global recognition and multi-fold sales!


A consolidated package ERP Software Systems integrates CRM, Production, Inventory, Marketing, Sales, Accounts and Finance. It can get the company a complete picture of how effective various activities are in achieving the ultimate sales targets. CRM gives the marketing team more information about the target customers and their behavior patterns. CRM software from HashMicro can boost your sales team productivity with the most complete with. gives the marketing team more information about the target customers and their behavior patterns.

As to Marketing, it leads to Sales which in turn leads to the organization’s turnover. And finally, Accounts and Finance quantify all these efforts and report to the management how effective the team efforts have been.

You can create efficiency and productivity in every company’s operational activities through our various main features of Hash CORE ERP Software. HashMicro have the best solution that will solve your currently problems related to this activity, let’s take a look on the answers you might be searching this whole time. You can get a free HashMicro software demo and a consultaation of your company’s needs with our business experts by downloading our software pricing schemeCatch the action! Try the free demo right away.



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