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5 Best Practices to Prioritizes Customers for Service Desk Team

It includes a tactical approach to resolving user needs and issues as quickly as possible. The IT service desk is self-contained, but it is an essential component of the overall Service Desk operation to improve customer service. The ultimate goal of the Help Desk is to resolve user issues with resources as quickly as possible. The IT service desk department’s job is more than just serving customers. This team is also tasked with assisting other departments in the company where they belong in a number of companies. As a result, the IT service desk is the busiest part of a company.

If this continues, your customer will start to look elsewhere to buy your product. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are five tips that you can try.

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Table of Content

  • Listen to your customer
  • Enhance the communication between service desk team
  • Be consistent
  • Be honest with your customer
  • Be a proactive service desk
  • Listen to your customer

    Listening to the customer’s complaints is the main job of a service desk department, but they also had to listen to what your customer doesn’t say about you. You can ask your customer to fill out a survey about your service. There’s also an option to ask your customers to give a rating about the service rendered.

    Don’t ever think your customers don’t know a thing about IT since they’re not experts in it. Sometimes, an opinion from a fresh pair of eyes can identify a problem you overlook before.

    Enhance the communication between service desk team

    More often than not, a problem arises when there’s a miscommunication between the service desk team and customers. Try to review whether your team’s communication is proper or not. Try to fix it if it’s below your standard.

    There are some things that you can do to enhance your team’s communication with customers. Here are some of them:

    • Don’t forget to inform your customers about impending maintenance. This allows your customers to do some preparations in advance.
    • Provide updates for your customers, but give them an open ticket so you can hear their input about the updates.
    • When the IT team made some achievements, make all of your staff know about it. The IT department is not all about doom and gloom.
    • Smooth communication is important when a problem arises. Maintain good communication with the customers and other departments until the problem solved.

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    Be consistent

    It’s a common thing to find a service desk team with one of the staff outshine the others. This staff often handles the more complex problem while the others working on the basics.

    The best HRM system for enterprise from HashMicro may be used to manage leave of absence, attendance record, and quit your staff. Can you imagine what will happen when that staff is absent from sickness, or even leave your company? The rest of the team will surely get overwhelmed by the more complex problem since they don’t know how to properly handle it.

    To avoid such a thing, you can try these tips:

    • Use a knowledge base software or learning management system to document the information regarding the problem handling so the other staff can learn from it.
    • Create a structured training system for newer staff members.
    • Do a team huddle as often as possible to discuss a more complex problem.
    • Encourage the team to share their knowledge

    Be honest with your customer

    Imagine yourself as a customer. Which one do you prefer, the company that is honest with you, or the one that says everything is alright although you’ve been complaining about their service over and over again?

    The answer is pretty obvious, right? This is why you need to be honest as a service desk person. Here are some things you can do to try to be honest with your customer:

    • Give your customers a realistic target when you can resolve their problem. Never told them that you can fix it in one hour while in reality, you do it in two hours. Anyone will get mad over a simple thing like this.
    • Don’t make promises that can’t be kept.
    • When a major issue arises, don’t keep other departments in your company in the dark.
    • Explain what has been done to fix the problem. Tell your customer with the language they can understand, not IT terms.

    When you try to be honest and explain the problem properly to your customers, 9 out of 10 can understand your problem. At least, honesty will calm those angry mobs a little rather than telling them nothing, right?

    Be a proactive service desk

    One thing you can do to improve your customer servicing is by being proactive. Do the thing you have to do before your customers ask about it. For example:

    • Provide them regular updates to avoid chaser calls.
    • Automate your workflows for better efficiency and hasten the customer servicing.
    • Review the repeat problems and create permanent solutions for them.
    • Install monitoring tools to pick up a problem before your customer notices.

    To help your service desk team, it’s a good choice to use a system to simplify their jobs, such as help desk & ticketing software. Using this software will improve the team’s workflow and optimize its performance.

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