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5 Skills that Customer Service Must Have

Many of you may have indirectly contacted customer service (CS) to ask for information about products from a company or to complain due to dissatisfaction with their products. In short, customer service is the front line that deals directly with customers either after or before buying the product. The customer service must be able to provide comfort for the customer to meet their expectations. Therefore, the importance of outstanding customer service is very for the company to know.

Most of the role of CS is to hear complaints and answer the customer’s questions. CS is also often required to be problem solvers they face, and CS as much as possible must be able to find a way out or win-win solution for customers and the company itself. Not infrequently, people underestimate this position or even look at it with one eye. Even though being a customer service is not a job that does not require particular abilities and skills. Let’s see more reviews about customer service below!

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What is Customer Service?

Before knowing further, we will first discuss the meaning of customer service itself. Customer service is a division that plays an essential role in the defense process of a company that deals directly with customers. Although often considered trivial, customer service/customer care is a job with many parts and functions.

There are two main functions of customer care. The first primary function is to be the leading public relations officer, and the second function is to create a good and positive corporate culture. Generally, customer care can contact customers via telephone service and company social media. Because their position is at the forefront of dealing with consumers, they certainly have an essential role in customer satisfaction in using its products or services. 

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The Role of Customer Service for Your Business

The role of Customer Care for businesses is quite essential, judging from the description of the work they do. Here are some of their parts:

As a public relations

The division of customer care mainly acts as a medium to build and strengthen the company’s relationship with external parties, or indirectly they are part of the public relations. They represent the company as the mainline of contact for external parties.

Companies that have good CS services will also have a good image in the external eyes. If the service is outstanding, customer service can help the company’s relationship with the client to continue.

As a marketing medium

For some companies, CS is sometimes tasked to do marketing to customers. When a customer calls to ask or complain about something, a CS can use this moment to sell the company’s services or products if the customer’s problem has been appropriately resolved.

Customer service generally must perform additional services to sell the company’s products and services after helping customers solve their problems.

Being a guardian of client’s trust

Customer service will be directly related to the role of guardian of client trust. Through continuous interaction with clients, CS can leave a deep impression on the merits of its services.

Not infrequently, if a company’s service to its customers and clients is outstanding, they are willing to pay more and are more loyal just for a product that can be obtained elsewhere at a lower price.

As a data entry

Customer service is also in charge of entering data into the computer. When a customer makes an order, CS will usually enter the information into the computer system and email the customer.

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Skills that Customer Service Should Have

Have in-depth knowledge of products

Successful customers have in-depth knowledge of how the product or service works in the company they work for. If not, then, of course, there will be difficulties in helping to solve customer problems.

Be a good listener

As you know, the customer is king. Not a few clients contact customer care to complain and ask many questions about their problems. In addition to having to master all information about the company, a CS also has to be an excellent listener to gain customer loyalty.


The ability to communicate well when dealing with clients is one of the primary skills that must be possessed by customer care because the slight miscommunication alone can make the customer disappointed and frustrated with the service your company provides. 


Sometimes customer care also has to deal with situations where they have to offer products or services to customers. In this situation, you need good persuasion skills to convince customers that your company’s products are worth buying.

Fast response

Customers contact CS because they have complaints or questions they want to ask that require answers as quickly as possible. A quick and responsive response can affect client loyalty to your brand because customer time wasted shows that your company does not value them.

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We can conclude that customer service is not only related to communication and just answering customer questions. However, in doing so, there are many factors that they must consider, and skills or abilities accompany it, including managing emotions and responses and mastering the atmosphere when dealing with consumers in any situation. 

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