Complete Catering Management System

Automated Order & Catering Operations System

Hashmicro Catering Management Software features robust tools and an easy-to-use interface for providing an amazing experience to the user. From taking orders to tracking the delivery, our catering management system will help you in improving your business exponentially.

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Manage your inventory, take orders, track your deliveries and manage your invoices, all at the same place. Thus, eliminating the need for double entries.

Singapore Catering Management System
  • Automate the routing and estimated time of delivery as well as automatic grouping and assigning couriers for your orders. Our Catering Management System also allows driver’s smartphone would also have access to the interface for proper tracking.
  • HashMicro Catering Software features an online ordering portal, so you can take orders easily. The portal is user friendly and has an enticing interface.
  • Estimate your supplies and manage your inventory accordingly. The software allows you to keep track of your procurements.
  • Automatic scheduling of kitchen orders ensures that all your orders are processed in time.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore Catering Management Software Features:

  • Automatic Delivery Routing Management
  • Online Ordering Portal for Customers
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Kitchen Screen System
  • Barcode Inventory Stock Tracking
  • Low Stock Level Notification
  • Invoicing Management
  • Courier Management
  • Scheduling Management
  • In-Depth Reports on Sales, Kitchen & Deliveries
Singapore Catering Management System

Main Features

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Manage Orders Easily

The simple to use order portal helps your business and your customers in placing orders with the least possible effort. The front-end customer portal can be customized to match your corporate branding as well.
Singapore Catering Management System

Fulfillment Management

Based on the incoming orders, system is able to automate the order processing to the kitchen based on the preparation and delivery time, as well as assigning the couriers based on the routing of the delivery locations.

Singapore Catering Management System

Kitchen Screen

All orders will be shown in the kitchen screen for the chefs. Chefs can then view the orders to make based on the different stations, and the different timings. Chefs can then update the food processes on a real time basis.

Singapore Catering Management System

Menu and Discount Manager

Customize your menus to add variety for a multitude of clients. Add or remove items to the menu. Define recipies for each food item with our recipe manager. Use the discount management tool of this software to define across-the-board discount for different clients.

Singapore Catering Management System

Inventory Management

Automate your inventory and manage your procurement accordingly. The inventory management tool helps you in stacking your supplies wisely, meanwhile helping you to prevent wastage from unnecessary procurement of goods.

Singapore Catering Management System

Catering System REPORTS

Generate reports related to kitchen production, sales, deliveries and billing with our advanced reporting interface. The data driven approach delivers appropriate statistics and metrics for precise analysis of your catering operations.

Add more functionalities to your Catering Management Software by joining it with our other software solutions. Make your catering management software more efficient and effective.

Singapore Catering Management System
  • Our Accounting System lets you easily create purchase orders, delivery orders, recurring invoices, seamlessly manage transactions and gain insight into your profits and losses.
  • Integrating Catering Management System with Purchasing System will help you gain better control of your procurement, manage the costs spent on your food materials and better manage your suppliers.
  • Connecting HRM System to Catering Management System will make it easier for you to manage your staff salaries, their leaves and working hours as well as conduct performance appraisals and surveys

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General Enquiries
Yes, as our software promotes productivity and is designed to boost your company's business efficiency. You can claim several government grants like PIC, CDG & iSprint. Claim percentage for CDG & iSprint is up to 70% and 40% for PIC.
Support is one of our company's forte, and one of the parts which our company cares the most. We provide 3 lines of support. Firstly, your project manager, secondly, our call hotline, which is available during business hours. Lastly, we have a portal support, available 24 / 7, to ensure your software working seamlessly.
HashMicro has a long history of successful & satisfied ERP implementations, and one of HashMicro's core values is to uphold customer satisfaction, meaning we will do our best to bring the best services to our customers. We also innovate new features & upgrades to keep up to date with the latest trends. Our clients are entitled to the updates at free of cost.
Software Enquiries
Our softwares are ready products that are constantly being upgraded by our research & development team. We also understand that each industry has different needs, hence our softwares are equipped with wide range of functions / modules that are tailored for each industry.
Yes, we do customize our products to meet our clients' unique needs. Depending on the requirements, we may even have the ready add-ons or modules built beforehand.
Yes, we have a mobile app version of our software to better help your company automate your business better. Our mobile app covers a wide range of functionalities depending on the module you are looking for.


Since we have growing number of people requiring assistance with educational services, we need to simplify our appointment management for speeding up the process so we can handle more appointments and address as many issues as possible. Thanks to HashMicro for providing us with a booking system that streamlines our appointment scheduling, allowing us to focus on providing a balanced and well-rounded assistance for all the stakeholders.
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Ministry of Education Singapore

As a maritime logistics company that has been operating since 2012, we want to keep delivering excellent customer service and improving our quality control. Thanks to EQUIP ERP by HashMicro, we can now stay focused on achieving these goals since we have managed to streamline our daily operations; from our accounting, purchasing, inventory, to sales management.
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PT Multi Guna Maritim

We're happy with the results we've gained from implementing HashMicro’s CRM system. It has helped us improve our customer management by allowing us to gain better visibility into our customer databases and our sales team daily activities. Managing contact information, inquiries, and price lists has never been easier.
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PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo

We receive a large number of appointment requests every day and we knew that managing them manually would be very inefficient. But with the help of HashMicro’s Booking Software, we can now schedule our appointments with clients, take payments, keep track of open slots, and even send reminders for upcoming appointments, all through a single system.
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