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How to Simplify Your Catering Accounting with ERP Software

A successful catering business comes with challenges, like accounting. Running a catering business does not stop at providing customers with food. It is also important to pay attention to the financial aspect. Accounting can be a little bit tricky if you are not familiar with the concept. On the other side, accounting is a crucial aspect to keep your catering business running. Hence, you can consider using the best catering software that will help you in simplifying your catering accounting.

Since accounting is crucial and will affect your financial state, it is best to not do it manually. Although catering businesses typically deal with lesser stuff than a restaurant, caterers shouldn’t neglect the importance of catering accounting. To address this concern, implementing catering software with an accounting bookkeeping feature to assist you may be the best option. The software will automates your accounting matters and financial reports. In addition, take a look at the pricing scheme calculation for catering software before you decide to implement it.


Costs Allocation in Catering Business

It is obvious for caterers to purchase ingredients, but you also need to allocate costs into multiple other things. The costs incurred by caterers can be divided into two groups such as variable costs, which change in relation to sales volume, and fixed costs, which typically remain constant regardless of the amount of business the caterer generates. For instance, a rented place that is being shared is a variable cost.

Caterers may also allocate costs to supplies which differ from cooking equipment to the serving utensils. Another cost allocation is materials which includes both the food’s components as well as any throwaway cutlery and plates. Some caterers also have labor costs to pay as a part of their operational process such as preparing, cleaning, or serving. Regardless, it is crucial to always record these expenses to make it easier for bookkeeping. Thus, using the best catering software can help you in recording expenses better.

Catering Accounting Tips for You

here are some catering accounting tips for your business

Like any other business, accounting is important to ensure your financial state. Caterers often don’t have much experience in this matter. Therefore, using automated systems like the most complete catering software should help you in simplifying accounting matters with its features. Now, we will now see some tips for your catering accounting and how catering software can assist you. 


For catering businesses, budgeting should not end at the initial budget when starting your business. Caterers should make budgets for every event as it’s different each time. While it is mainly for ingredients, you might want to make a budget for other needs such as tools, packaging, and shipping fees. 

Most of the time, you’ll compare these costs to the salary you anticipate receiving from that particular employment. However, each time you make a budget, you should also consider the overall financial health of your company, in case you go beyond and need to use money for something else. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Record expenses 

Recording expenses is the key to a smooth catering accounting. Caterers are mainly dealing with sales, purchases, payroll, operational expenses, and salary. These expenses are important to keep the business running. However, keeping on track and recording all of your expenses can be difficult. 

You can simplify bookkeeping by utilizing the most complete catering software from HashMicro. HashMicro’s software will help your catering accounting with the bookkeeping feature to record various costs. That includes production costs, as well as profit and loss in real-time. It also provides you with detailed and accurate financial reports, making it easier for you to make business decisions. 

Monitor cash flow

The term “cash flow” describes all of the money that enters and leaves your business. Monitoring cash flow is one of the most crucial things when performing your catering accounting since money is required to keep your business running. It enables you to buy materials, rent any necessary machinery, and make sure you can keep making food. 

Cash flow greatly affects financial state and your business decisions. It’s ideal to keep your cash flow upward, meaning that your income exceeds your outlay costs. If you don’t keep an eye on the cash flow, you may accidentally come across unnecessary expenses. However, it doesn’t by any means reduce the overall quality. Monitoring cash flow should be done with the goal of maintaining quality while maximizing profitability. 

Choosing payment method

You should choose a preferred method of payment as soon as your business is up and running since analyzing income is important in catering accounting. Caterers can always change the method or even offer more options to customers in the future. 

It’s crucial to have a primary method of taking payments because it helps to streamline your bookkeeping. This is due to the challenge to keep track of your income when it comes from many sources and is generated utilizing various techniques. But, you can consider implementing the finest catering software with the accounting feature to simplify on keeping track with all payments. 

Financial reporting

Reporting your financial state is also a part of catering accounting. Reports are required to inform other divisions in order to assess whether the time and money invested were worthwhile considering the results. You will also have to analyze these reports to make business decisions.

However, obtaining and analyzing reports can be difficult without the right tool. Since reporting is crucial for business, you might want to utilize a catering software that will automate reports and provide you with accurate and detailed reports. Using this software will simplify your catering accounting process and you can also avoid financial loss.

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As a caterer, it is important to pay attention to the financial matters of your business. Accounting is essential in order to keep on track with your financial state. In the catering business, accounting consists of recording financial transactions, provision of services and cash inflow from various sources. To simplify the complex process of catering accounting, you can implement the most complete catering software that will automate your accounting matters. 

Accurate financial reporting and tracking is essential in any business. While the catering business may seem to deal with less stuff than other food businesses like restaurants, caterers should also be aware of the financial loss risk when accounting is not done correctly. Therefore, using a catering software to assist you in catering accounting will benefit you significantly. This way, you can worry less about financial loss as well as always keeping on track with your financial state. You can start HashMicro’s Catering Software demo for free now.


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