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Top 3 Biggest Challenges Facing the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world in terms of dollar value. In addition, this industry also earns hundreds of billions of dollars globally every year. In some countries, the oil and gas industry contributes significantly to the national GDP. You need to know that the world’s dependence on oil and gas has increased because the global economy and infrastructure depend on petroleum-based products. The distribution of the proceeds from this industry also spread throughout the world’s countries. In addition, tracking the condition of vehicles in this industry usually requires the best fleet management software.
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Although it creates new opportunities, the oil and gas industry also has high complexity. You need to pay attention to the oil and gas industry’s challenges, including fleet management. You need to use the most refined fleet management system to supervise the vehicles that distribute oil and gas. In addition, you can also use the pricing scheme from HashMicro to find out the features and price range you will be spending. This article already summarizes the three major challenges in the oil and gas industry and their solutions. Check out the article below!

Challenges for the Oil and Gas Industry


The availability of oil and gas every year is getting thinner while oil and gas consumption is increasing. This condition will also make the needs of many countries increase. Therefore, you should manage oil and gas natural resources with the principle of usefulness, not as a commodity. In addition, you should also direct investments towards creating jobs and increasing economic growth. The position of the large oil and gas industry is accompanied by great and difficult challenges as well. Here are three challenges you need to pay attention to in doing business in the oil and gas industry:

  1. Reducing costs to remain competitive

One of the main challenges of companies in the oil and gas industry is how to produce crude oil and refined products at a lower cost to remain competitive. Many oil and gas companies adopt a cost reduction strategy as their core corporate strategy. With the global economy facing a recession and widespread fluctuations in energy demand, this strategy is becoming a safety point for oil and gas companies. In addition, adopting a cost reduction strategy is the right step for the survival and growth of your oil and gas company. Cost savings as a cost reduction strategy can enable oil and gas companies to achieve planned production volumes. Moreover, you can also achieve it at a lower cost. 

2. Improving company’s performance 

One of the challenges for those of you who work in the oil and gas industry is to improve the company’s performance to ensure asset valorization. Your company certainly wants to maintain its oil and gas supply, either by extending the site’s life or finding new sources. To achieve this, you will spend a lot of money on transportation or refining complexes. Therefore, oil and gas companies need to find innovative solutions to achieve work productivity and company goals. One innovative solution that you can implement is the greatest fleet management system. This system will help you manage the company’s vehicles and track every movement to improve the company’s performance.

3. Improving the environmental footprint 

The final challenge is to increase the environmental footprint. Many people point out that extractive industries, including the oil and gas industry, damage the environment. Environmental protection is indeed one of the main issues of concern in the oil and gas industry. Poor management in the exploration and production process will cause financial losses to the company and damage the environment. This industry is full of strict controls and regulations. The existence of strict environmental standards makes your company rethink extraction, production, and distribution methods. That way, you can maintain the oil and gas company’s license to continue operating. This challenge also requires you to provide guarantees and transparency in managing activities. It is important to show that you do not damage the surrounding environment.

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Solution to Overcome Oil and Gas Industry’s Challenges


Oil and gas companies will continue to lower costs, lower carbon emissions, and lower risks. It would be best if you did this to achieve maximum company performance. Constraints in the oil and gas industry can affect the smooth operation and even the company’s profit. Therefore, you need innovative solutions that can overcome all those challenges. Here are five solutions to address challenges in the oil and gas industry:

Keeping everyone safe during simultaneous operations

The oil and gas industry requires reliable human resources. Without adequate human resources, it will not be able to get oil and gas. Running a company in this sector is also not an easy matter. You need to pay attention to many things, such as work accidents. Therefore, maintaining the safety of employees’ work is the company’s obligation. You should monitor and ensure all maintenance and work is carried out regularly. In addition, you should also ensure that all workers are safe during the operation. If everything is guaranteed safely, then the productivity and profitability of your business will also increase.

Keeping projects on time and under budget

All companies expect to run operations smoothly in the oil and gas industry. But in reality, keeping the project on time and under budget is difficult. This is even more difficult if you don’t have careful planning. Therefore, you need to track and evaluate each project you are working on. Monitoring and evaluation activities are very important for your company. However, often many companies still use manual methods to do it. The answer to this problem is implementing automation through the best software from HashMicro. This solution can easily help your oil and gas company manage all important assets and projects.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Making an informed decision through the whole lifecycle

Decision-making is selecting an alternative to ensure the sustainability of your oil and gas company. In the process, your company needs to consider internal and external factors affecting the decision. Internal factors include resources needed by the company for good decision-making. On the other hand, external factors include situations and environmental conditions outside the company that will impact decision-making. It would be best to consider all those factors to come up with a logical and systematic decision. That way, your company can avoid unwanted losses. You can also use the fully-featured ERP software from HashMicro to access all company data that can help you make the right and accurate decisions.

Uninterrupted flow of information

One of the important things in the oil and gas industry is to ensure that all information in the project and company can spread smoothly. In addition, everyone’s involvement in the project can determine the success of your oil and gas project management. Therefore, your company needs to ensure all information can be tracked and updated whenever and wherever you are. If the flow of information is interrupted, it can cause many obstacles, such as safety, efficiency, costs, etc. Therefore, companies need to apply the latest technology in ERP software from HashMicro, which can help you manage the flow of important information smoothly.

Keeping an eye on the whole project with accurate information

Many small and large things can affect the performance of oil and gas companies. With the development of increasingly advanced technology, many companies in this sector compete to be the best. One way to increase a company’s profitability is to track the progress of your company’s projects. In addition, companies need to track, update, and release all small and large projects. It would help if you did this update to find out how far your project is going and determine which parts need to be improved. You should also ensure this evaluation is based on accurate information. To avoid fraud in oil and gas companies, you can use HashMicro’s sophisticated ERP software. That way, you can focus on the company’s progress, and the project runs effectively and efficiently.


The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world in terms of dollar value. Although it creates new opportunities, the oil and gas industry also has high complexity. You need to pay attention to the oil and gas industry’s challenges. Those three challenges regarding the costs, the performance, and the environmental footprint. Another challenge in the oil and gas industry is the fleet system to distribute all oil and gas to other countries. Therefore, you need the best fleet management system to get rid of all those challenges. 

HashMicro’s integrated fleet management system can be your choice in optimizing vehicle management in your oil and gas company. You can track each of your vehicles’ fuel usage and movement with this system. Another benefit of HashMicro’s number #1 fleet management system is automated scheduling and accurate reports. This system is already fully equipped to help you overcome all the challenges that occur in the oil and gas industry. You can also use fleet software pricing scheme to get the full description of the software. Contact us immediately and get the best deal!

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