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Top 5 Largest Nickel Mines Production and Processing

Nickel is a silver metal with a slight touch of gold. It has the atomic number 28, and it is used in a lot of everyday things. This steel is solid but shapeable, rustproof, and weatherproof. Nickel mines make nickel as their main product, but they also make other metals as a side product. Nickel is used in many things we use every day, like coins, batteries, and cell phones. Mining software from HashMicro can speed up operational work and make mining more productive. With the mining software from HashMicro, you can also lower the risk of loss because everything will be managed and watched in the right way through a system, so mistakes will happen less often.

When you use mining software, it will be easy to keep track of your assets, and the asset database will be in one place, so you won’t have to check each one by hand. Mines, operations, and refining don’t always happen in just one country, so they often manage products in other countries. Because of this, product mobilization activities will happen often, so cargo management is important. Using mining software from HashMicro helps you plan cargo routes and manage drivers. Through the system, tracking is easy and we can do it more quickly. You can get more information about how to plan costs by downloading HashMicro’s pricing scheme mining software.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 5 best nickel mining sites that you can use as references or recommendations.


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nickel mines
source: godelius.com

Vale, a state-owned mine, is good for nickel mining. Vale was founded in 1942 with the intention of becoming a global powerhouse. This company aims to turn natural resources into long-term prosperity. The company has done business in 30 countries and can fulfill railway, port, terminal, and other high-tech logistics needs. It has nickel mines in Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, and New Caledonia. It has refineries and joint ventures in China, South Korea, Japan, the UK, and Taiwan. Vale produced 214.7 kt of nickel in 2020 and had a $59B market cap, second among nickel firms. This mining corporation is one of the largest because it uses sustainable technology.

Norilsk Nickel

nickel mines

Norilsk Nickel, which was founded in 1993, is the next company that mines nickel. Russia had nickel mines and became the biggest producer of palladium and refined nickel. It was also one of the biggest producers of platinum and copper. Norilsk Nickel Group also has mined for cobalt, rhodium, silver, gold, iridium, ruthenium, selenium, tellurium, and sulfur, among other things. Norilsk Nickel, also known as Nornickel, is the largest producer and refiner of nickel. It is also the 11th largest producer of copper. Nornickel Group is also in charge of other business operations besides mining. Prospecting, exploration, mining, concentration, processing minerals during manufacture, marketing non-ferrous and precious metals, etc. The company made about 236,000 kt of nickel in 2020, which is more than any other nickel company with a market capitalization of $48 billion.

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Jinchuan Group

source: jinchuan-intl.com

The Jinchuan Group is a Chinese mining company based in Gansu. Jinchuan also mines other metals like cobalt, platinum, palladium, gold, silver, and selenium. Nickel mines are one of the things that Jinchuan makes. Jinchuan Group is the largest producer of platinum group metals in Asia and the third-largest producer of nickel in the world. This is because Jinchuan makes a lot of nickel. Jinchuan started making things in 1958 and in 2010, Jinchuan Group International acquired Jinchuan Group International to do mining and mineral resources work overseas. Jinchuan’s main job is running a mining company, but he also trades minerals and metal products with other traders. This Jinchuan Group makes about 150,000 metric tons of nickel, according to estimates.

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nickel mines
source: glencore.com

Glencore is one of the companies that mines nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc, and aluminum, which are important parts of modern life. Glencore was started in 1974, and it now makes and trades more than 90 commodities. At first, Glencore only sold ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals, crude oil, and oil products, but now it is one of the largest mining companies. Now, this nickel mines company is in Europe, North America, and Australia. It has run about 150 operations around the world, including sites for mining, making metals, and making oil. This company does at least two different kinds of business: industrial business and mining business. Glencore’s industrial business is in the metals and energy markets, and it makes a variety of goods from its over 65 assets. In the field of marketing, they move commodities from where they are plentiful to where customers need them. In 2020, nickel mines made as much as 110,2 kt, which was worth $64B on the market.

BHP Group

nickel mines
source: foxbusiness.com

The BHP Group, which has been in business since 1851, has the second-largest nickel mines. In Broken Hill, Australia, BHP began by mining silver, lead, and zinc. BHP Group works with new companies that have game-changing technologies and management teams in nickel mines to help drive innovation right now. All of BHP Group’s production, assets, and businesses are spread out in more than 90 countries around the world. One of these is BHP’s Nickel West business in Kalgoorlie, Australia, which takes nickel from the mine-to-market. Nickel West adds a lot of value to BHP’s nickel supply chain because most of its current production is sold as high-quality nickel metal on the international market. In 2020, BHP Group was the fourth-largest producer of the production, with 80 kt and a market capitalization of $134 billion.

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Production of Commodity Nickel

Nickel is a solid, easy-to-shape metal that resists rust and high and low temperatures. Guns, coins, batteries, and cell phones contain nickel. Most nickel mines produce nickel or extract nickel from other metals. Initially, only Kupfernickel could yield nickel. Later, cobalt blue trash contained it. There are two ways to produce a commodity nickel:

  • Mining

Nickel mines extract laterite ore from different depths and move huge equipment on the ground. In some nickel mines, we have to extract sulfidic ore with copper ore. To extract nickel from laterite ore, a reduction furnace is used and Nickel will be 75% pure. Smelting is an alternative procedure for extracting nickel from sulfidic ore. First, put ore in a hot furnace. Iron and sulfide oxidize while melting, creating 45% nickel.

  • Refining

After we mine the nickel, we have to refine it so that we can use and sell it. In this refining process, the nickel will be up to 95% pure. Electrons roast liquid beds to refine nickel. These electrical cells have inert oxides that take out impurities in nickel so we can make high-quality nickel.

The Future of Nickel Mining and Processing

Nickel is decent that is in high demand right now because nowadays we need nickel to make more things. Nickel is a raw material that people often use to make things like batteries, cell phones, coins, and weapons. These things work well, so the demand for nickel is growing. Even in 2024, nickel is expected to be in high demand and supply to be less than what is needed. We have to improve the quality of nickel mines that are good for the environment and as the digital age grows, so does the need for technology that can make operations run more smoothly. At the moment, people use the system widely in many industries.

For example, mining software is used to automate work activities in nickel mining. If you switch to mining software, you can get a lot of benefits. For example, your operational productivity will go up because we will do more work will automatically. Your operational costs will go down, and you will be less likely to make mistakes. The modules that come with the best mining software are also very different. We can do project systems, cargo, and accounting automatically.


There are a lot of things that producers do to make different commodities, like nickel. Nickel comes from a lot of different places, and nickel mines make nickel in a lot of different places, from Asia to Europe. We can make Nickel from a number of different ores, and there are at least two ways to make high-quality nickel: mining and refining. We often use this steel in many different kinds of software and we usually put it on the batteries of weapons. Each company that mines nickel has a different business model and does different things, like mining, refining, trading, and selling.


Due to the number of operational tasks, you need mining software that can help you organize your work. HashMicro’s mining software makes it easier to do work, which makes it more profitable. We can use this software to do any job, from projects like tracking production processes to cargo work like driver management, database centralization, SOP management, and budget management. You can use HashMicro’s free demo to find out more about mining software.

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