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8 Tips to Write a Successful Motivation Letter (with Examples)

A motivation letter is one document that is usually required by companies or organizations when we submit applications to them. Usually, this letter is needed to apply for a position, scholarship, or register as a volunteer. A motivation letter is one of the most important documents to consider when applying for a job. For some recruiters, the presence of this letter can add value to convincing HR to interview or accept your resume. Before discussing examples and tips for making a motivation letter, we need first to know what a motivation letter is. 

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What is a motivation letter?

A motivation letter is an essay, usually consisting of 500 words in length, covering who you are, your purpose in life, your education, your potential, and your hopes if you continue your studies or apply for a job at an organization. This letter is an essay that shows how you think and sees yourself and the outside world.

Tips for writing a motivation letter

Here we summarize some tips to help you make a good and attractive motivation letter for recruiters, which are as follows:

Follow the writing guidelines

Follow any format, length, and content guidelines provided by your prospective employer. If the company does not provide any writing requirements, make a motivation letter in a standard format. For example, with a length of the half to one page of text with a basic font of 12 points, and the font type Times New Roman or Arial.

Use good and right grammar

Use standard and correct English grammar in writing motivation letters. We make motivation letters for formal purposes, so that the writing must be following good linguistic rules. Use standard words, don’t use slang, pay attention to punctuation, and avoid abbreviations like e.g. and i.e., instead use for example and for instance.

Stay focused and relevant

We must always focus on making motivation letters. We indeed want to write down all the great experiences and activities we have participated in in a motivation letter. However, motivation letters usually have a limited number of words. Therefore, we must focus on the content of the motivation letter so that the topic is not too broad. For example, there is no need to write about an experience or something not relevant to the job we are applying for. Instead, we can discuss an issue in such a field and relate it to our experiences. For example, suppose you don’t need to write that you’ve won a math olympiad if you’re going to apply to become a translator.

Get to know where you are applying to

Motivation letters are not only author-oriented but also to the company and position we apply for. As applicants, we need to know and learn about the company we are applying for, from the vision and mission, characteristics, fields, to future plans that the company may carry out. Then, after knowing these things, relate them to your capabilities and how you can help grow the company with these capabilities.

Do not tell, but show

Companies don’t care about your achievements’ sweet talk, but companies need tangible evidence of what you do. So, for example, avoid using the phrase “I have strong leadership.” Instead, it would be better if you change these with action sentences and evidence, such as “When I was in college, I was chairman of the student senate and several times became responsible for many events held by the university.”

Show your strengths and weaknesses

Everyone wants to accentuate their strengths and try to cover up their weaknesses when applying for jobs. We also need to show our weaknesses to recruiters. But not just weaknesses, but how we can face and overcome these flaws. For example, your weakness is often feeling burdened when working with deadlines. You can write down this in a motivation letter with a note that you have overcome them. Then, you might write, “To overcome this weakness, I divide the workload evenly over the workday so that the work will be completed in stages and not too close to the deadline.”

Review and proofread

When you have finished compiling your motivation letter, review your writing several times. Make sure there are no typos or punctuation errors, check the sentence harmony and the suitability of the flow in your motivation letter.

Do not use one motivation letter for applying to many places

Each company has its uniqueness, including how they recruit their new hire. The company has its criteria for selecting prospective employees who are most in line with its vision, mission, values, and goals. Therefore, as applicants, we cannot use the same motivation letter to apply to many companies, even worse, companies with different industries. Motivation letters are made specifically for only one company. So if we want to apply to many companies, we need to prepare some appropriate motivation letters.

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Examples of Motivation Letter for Job Application

source: motivationletter.net

source: issuu.com


When applying for a job, not only experience is preferred. But preparing the required documents for registration is also essential, one of which is a motivation letter. The company can see your sincerity and eligibility in getting the position you are applying for with an attractive motivation letter.

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