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How to Effectively Generate More Leads for Your Business

Every business certainly hopes to increase their leads from time to time. There are so many strategies that can help you get more leads. Most of them involve digital technology. Therefore, if you don’t have a website or social media yet, now is the right time to create them.

Increasing sales leads is not just about posting interesting ads on Google or social media. There are some other effective ways you can implement. We’ve put together a few strategies that can help you generate more leads for your business.

1. Blog regularly

Writing a blog is one of the most helpful ways to get more leads. Your website visitors may not realize that they need your products or services until they read your blog. They usually look for tips or solutions that can help them deal with their problems. So, the type of content you should create is tips and guides that educate your leads.

Let’s say you sell apparel on your website. Your blog content certainly should be related to fashion. You can write articles like “How to Mix and Match Colors in Your Outfit” or “How to Dress Like Gigi Hadid” for example. You can search for fashion-related topics that are trending on Google Trend or you can also search for the most searched keywords on Keyword Planner or other apps. Don’t forget to include internal links in every article and add related products to each of your article pages.

Remember to always share your articles on your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and (if necessary) advertise them too. Install social share buttons on each page of the article so that readers can immediately share it on their social media. Besides writing on your own blog, you can try to be a guest writer on someone else’s blog. This way, not only can you gain more prospects, but also backlinks and exposure.

2. Use interest-based targeting

In order to generate potential leads, you should use a targeted advertising strategy. Address your ads to those who visit certain pages on your website. For example, if you sell shoes and you have a “platform shoes” category on your website, then you can create ads specifically for those who visit the page by displaying your latest platform shoes or articles like “10 best shoes platforms you must have.”

It would be better if you could personalize your campaigns by mentioning your leads’ names and offer them their preferred products in your email. A study shows that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Personalized emails also deliver 6 times higher transaction rates than non-personalized ones.

3. Create a demo video

How to Effectively Generate More Leads for Your Business

Not everyone has the time to read your content. Some of your leads may prefer to learn something through audio and visual. Allow your website visitors to be able to learn your products or services through a demo video. Don’t forget to include call-to-actions (CTA) in the middle of the video to capture the visitor’s email address. You can also upload your other promotional videos to YouTube to reach more prospects.

4. Get referrals from current customers

You can ask your loyal customers directly if they know somebody who might be interested in your products or services. Another method that is more effective and used by many businesses is creating a member get member (MGM) program. You can offer your customers rewards or gifts for inviting one or several friends to buy your products or use your services.

5. Create a microsite

Browsing your website page by page takes a lot of time and your visitors may want to get your products or services quickly. In order to convince them to stick around and spend some quality time on your website, you can provide a microsite for them. Since it only has one page, all the important information such as your product or service descriptions, prices, contacts, and quotation request forms can be displayed in a single screen.

6. Have a mobile-friendly website

Track your traffic, find out how many visitors are using mobile devices. According to Google Analytics, more than 40 percent of online transactions were made on mobile devices. 73 percent of consumers who use mobile switch from poorly designed websites to the mobile-friendly ones. In order to keep your potential leads, make sure your website can be navigated easily by mobile users.

7. Invest in an automation to gain more qualified leads

Avoiding technology can prevent your business from growing. If your competitors have already used automated solutions like CRM to help them generate more leads, why haven’t you?

CRM provides real-time sales reports that show complete and accurate data so you can identify qualified leads more easily. It allows you to convert leads into customers faster so you can focus more on finding new leads. This software also provides an email marketing feature that helps you automatically send targeted and segmented email marketing campaigns.

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