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Asset Management Trends

The increasing number of employees is not the only indicator of the company’s development. You can see from the assets that the company has. Of course,, you can’t just rely on spreadsheets to manage hundreds or thousands of employees and company assets. You need asset management software or asset management system to get things done!

With new technology emerging, asset management software developers begin to add more features that make their products more attractive. That is why asset management software has developed very rapidly in recent years.

Therefore, as a user, you have to know which asset management trends is important. The following are 5 of them:

All-in-One Solution for Your Business

Using a cloud-based system

The popularity of cloud-based programs has increased significantly lately. The main reasons why cloud-based systems popular are its security, access speed, and most importantly; cheaper than building a local server.

Same thing with asset management software. We predict that there will be more developers with cloud-based asset management systems coming in 2019. This feature enables you to input and update company asset data quickly, anytime and anywhere.

Optimizing cellular phone use

A few years ago, we only used cellular phones to make phone calls or send text messages. In 2019, the cellphone has gone more complex with various functions and features. For examples, we can watch movies, play music, video games, and also work on asset management using your mobile.

With asset management software, you can say goodbye to conventional scanner tools. Tracking company assets is now as easy as pressing buttons on your mobile, and assets can be found easily and quickly.

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Using universal barcode

Imagine how tedious it is if you still record each of your company’s assets one by one. Luckily we don’t need to waste time any more thanks to the help of barcodes. Simply by pointing the scanner tool to the barcode, we can find out the item’s type, its amount, and other data you need. In this case, you can use barcode inventory management.

Last year, the use of universal barcodes was fairly rare in developing countries such as Indonesia. However, with the increasing number of companies adopting asset management software, this will make universal barcodes usage increase.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

assest management software

For this one point, many companies already have done it. BYOD or use your personal device to work in the office. Although companies usually provide computers, laptops or cellphones for their employees, it is not uncommon for employees prefers to use their personal cellphones or laptops for convenience.

With the support of asset management software, you and your staff can easily control assets anytime and anywhere via mobile. This can make your work easier because your staff doesn’t need to look for a scanner before working. They only need to open their cellphone. Easy, isn’t it?

A system that can be modified

Companies with configurable asset management software can easily determine standard operating procedures (SOPs). With this system, you can increase employee productivity and performance in the following ways:

  • Universal workflow
    With this system, all employees will always be connected to the software. The employee will carry out the assigned task after the system notifies the relevant department for the task.
  • Less time on training
    By standardize and simple workflows, system training on new employees will be easier. 
  • Customizing software is easy
    Even though your company has unique assets and must be handled differently, you do not need to ask the software developer to create new software specifically for that unique asset. All you can do is simply customize the existing software template.


asset management software

Keeping up with the trends is one way to make your company modern and grow rapidly. Using an asset management system and adapting the above trends will increase the productivity and performance of your employees.

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