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Trading: Benefit and Types that You Should Know!

Trading has been going on since the 18th century. Over time, especially in today’s digital era, this activity is increasingly becoming popular among the public. Not a few of the people who make this activity as their livelihood activity. The large value of profits from trading becomes one of several reasons why trading is favored by many people these days.

However, do you know what trading is? This article will give information to the readers about trading, including definitions, types, and benefits obtained. 

Definition of Trading

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The definition of trading is an activity involving various transactions like buying or selling stock, commodities, and other financial instruments. This activity aims to get some profit for the trader. A person who does this activities is a trader.

A trader will make a transaction of selling or buying financial assets in the financial markets. In this case, a trader will buy a stock when the price is low and sell it when the price becomes high. A trader’s ability to make profits becomes a determining factor of a trader’s success when conducting trade activities. 

Types of Trading

In the implementation, trading is divided into several types ranging from stock to cryptocurrency trading. These are the explanation of each type of trading activity:


The definition of stock trading is a transaction of buying or selling stock instruments that utilize the market prices. Where the price is experiencing fluctuations every day. To trade in stocks, a trader must pay attention to several essential things.

Traders should be able to determine the right stock index. It is important for a stock trader to choose the suitable securities. Also, a trader must plan the trade period, whether it is in the short or long term.


Gold trading is usually carried out on foreign exchange (forex). It can be consider the forex market as the most liquid financial market in the world. Through gold trading, a trader will get profit from gold values without having the gold physically. 

A gold trader will pay a deposit in the form of money to the broker. The range of money that is paid by a trader to the broker depends on the amount of gold to be trade. Later, the broker will facilitate traders in conducting gold trading activities.


This trading type allows a trader to get profit from bitcoin. Nowadays, bitcoin has been recognized by many countries as a legitimate transaction form. Bitcoin trading is becoming one of the popular types of trade because of its fantastic profit value. 

In bitcoin trading, traders must pay attention to several essential things. Traders should be able to choose the appropriate exchanger and register on it. The exchanger is a cryptocurrency exchange. Registration on the exchange only requires personal identity and email from traders. A trader can trade bitcoin when registration has been successful. It is also essential for a trader to choose a bitcoin wallet that suits your needs. There are three options from bitcoin wallets ranging from online wallets, hardware wallets, and desktop wallets. 


Forex trading is as an activity of buying and selling transactions on foreign currencies. Unlike other types of trade that have operating hours in working hours, forex operates 24 hours nonstop. Forex trading can occur due to foreign exchange needs to pay debts, imports, exports, and other activities.

A trader in forex is must prepare a certain amount of money as an initial deposit. Later, these funds will be placed in a separate account with the bank’s parent account used for forex transactions. This type of trade does not need to be represented by a broker.


In buying and selling transactions, this type of trading uses cryptocurrencies. The digital-based currency market and blockchain are the trigger factors for the presence of this currency. When the transaction takes place, a trader will make a buying or selling transaction on the crypto asset owned. 

Take note that the crypto assets value is subject to change at any time. Therefore, a cryptocurrency trader must always keep an eye on price fluctuations any time. Some tips that traders can apply in this type of trade include starting to trade with relatively small capital, never giving up when there is a price decline, and standby to facing the risks and possibilities. 

The Benefits of Trading

For a trader, trading activities have their own benefits. Traders can trade from anywhere. So that traders do not need to worry about finding a place to trade. This is because a trader can do the trading from their home with their own gadgets.

Traders can trade besides their main activities. Therefore, traders do not need to worry if they have other activities to do. Traders can trade when they have free time. Also, trading can give the traders extra income.

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Nowadays, trading is a livelihood activity for some people, especially in this digital era. Ease in doing trade and the large value profit offered become some of the driving factors for someone to trade. Various types of trade make a trader can choose it wisely.

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