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Best Time Software Enterprise Solution for Your Business

Effective time management greatly affects the success of your business. Good management makes the business run smoothly because every deadline is adequately met. Punctuality results in clients who are satisfied with your company’s performance. Consistently delivering products or services on schedule shows that you can produce quality products or services. You will need a time software enterprise solution. Timesheet Software helps companies monitor all time-related activities. 

With time software enterprise solution, every employee can manage their workload and deadlines according to their abilities. Each individual has their method of organizing their work patterns. One style may work better for one employee to produce quality work on time, but it will not work for another. The bottom line is that time management is not a one-size-fits-all system. 

Understanding your team’s time management approach has excellent benefits for the smooth workflow. Each staff member has an effective way of working that suits them. By knowing their approach and productivity, you can put your trust in them by distributing the tasks at hand. However, keeping track of every employee’s schedule at one time might be challenging. Therefore, companies need a timesheet system that can help monitor employee work automatically and up-to-date.


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What Is Time Software Enterprise Solution?

Generally, the definition of time software enterprise solution itself is a tool or tools in physical or digital form that serves to record, calculate, and track the number of hours worked by employees in a company. With the calculation of employee time, the company can find out when employees start their work and what time the job has been completed. Of course, this tool uses a system to simplify the process.

Time software enterprise solution is a crucial factor in the company, especially for HR, which wants to determine the amount of employee salaries. Determine salaries by looking at the number of attendance, working hours, overtime, and leave. Not only that, but HR can also see the performance of their employees. This is where employee time management will be seen and recorded in the system.

If you have many employees, manual counting will only waste time. Besides, it will also be prone to errors or data fraud. Timesheet software ensures you do not have to worry about manual calculations because the system for calculating time is integrated with other systems. Using software creates an efficient, productive, and accurate employee work cycle.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Time Management Types for Your Business

Time management is not a ‘one size fits all’. Every employee has their own pace and management type. There are five time management types that you may see in your team. By understanding the following types, you will better understand how to assign tasks to individuals according to their strengths and weaknesses:

1. Early starter

An early starter is a proactive employee who begins work or tasks well in advance of the deadline. They ensure that all tasks are completed well before the deadline because they believe deadlines are their enemy. As a goal, early starter employees have a nice to-do list. This type of employee has the advantage of submitting tasks early, giving you plenty of time to revise. This will make you appear more professional to clients. However, sudden schedule changes can be complex for early starters. They dislike being rush or working under extreme pressure.

2. Multi-tasker

Multitasking employees like to perform a balancing act where they work on one project after another separately but simultaneously. Looking at the process, some tasks have the same progressive stage. The benefit of this is that multitasking employees can work on a variety of tasks and complete them on time. This method of time management is useful when multiple projects must be completed at the same time. The employee will be able to manage the tasks and complete them all. However, not all multitasking employees are capable of doing so. Projects may have an unstructured, chaotic flow. Quality may suffer as a result of rushing and lack of focus.

3. Big planner

When you brief your employees on a new project, you may notice that they immediately create a schedule. They concentrate on the big picture of the project and develop a strategy to achieve it. Employees with strong organizational skills would be ideal for business projects. Their big-picture outline and the breakdown of stages and mini-deadlines will form an easy-to-follow system. This systematic planning is highly beneficial for getting things done. They will have a solid structure to follow to tackle more difficult tasks and complete them on time. However, focusing on the big picture will cause details to be overlooked. The big-picture system can result in unrealistic deadlines and overall delays.

4. Intensely-focused

While big planners are likely to forget details, extremely focused types are intensely focused on tasks and complete them efficiently and neatly, paying attention to every detail. Their commitment level is high, so they can only complete one job at a time before moving on to the next. Employees of this type can produce high-quality products because they devote all their energy and attention to the process. However, the downside is that it is unrealistic for them to only work on one task simultaneously. In reality, there is a lot of work to be done, so this type of employee may not be productive.

5. Pressurized

This time management style is based on procrastination, which is not always appealing when you have a business to run. They finish their work as the deadline approaches. They can change their approach without having to stick to a strict plan. Employees who work well under pressure are often more level-headed and less prone to stress or overwhelm. If you receive a last-minute project or request from a client, you should rely on these employees to complete it. Meanwhile, the disadvantage is that they may not complete it on time. They will not have time to contact the client if they have any issues or questions. This time management method can backfire, leaving your company with more work or dissatisfied employees.

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Time Management Challenges

1. Not enough rest

Often individuals choose to reduce sleep time to be more productive. Reducing or eliminating rest may be effective in the short term but will make your work less effective. Lack of rest has a major effect on your work performance. Productivity can increase with the energy from adequate rest. The way around this is to rest when you need to and can. Create a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. 

2. Multiple distractions

The cause of distractions can be anything from electronic devices that can get in the way of time management at work. Many of these distractions are familiar enough that you may not realize they are reducing your productivity. The way to overcome them is to customize your workspace. Set up the room with your preferred focus mode and keep items or things away that may be distracting. For example, consider a cell phone in a hard-to-reach place. Then build structured breaks for activity into your day.

3. Rigid planning

An excessively regimented planning approach can make it challenging to manage time effectively. Distractions can occur even when meticulous preparations have been made. Despite this, there is no reason to be concerned because there is a simple solution to the problem. It’s possible that you do not appreciate the value of adaptability. It is important to think about how the activity or project you are working on can contribute to the achievement of your overall objectives.

4. Difficulty in prioritizing

Knowing which chores are the most critical and urgent might help with time management. A full to-do list and your own idea of how to prioritize things at work might compound this time management difficulty. A workaround is to use tools like timesheet software to help you prioritize. You can also try teaming up with coworkers or consulting a mentor you trust to help in deciding which tasks are most important.

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Times Software Enterprise Solution Importance

Times software enterprise solution is vital for service businesses of all sizes. It keeps track of how much time each task takes. On top of that, it helps make accurate predictions. Managers can find projects with the help of timesheet software. Timesheets are important for a business to run smoothly because they make it easy to keep track of employees. Track how they use all of their time to get the best results. Here are some of the impacts of timesheet software on your business:

  • Profit, using the times system can make work management to be better. The results will be good and profits will continue to increase.
  • Pay, you can track employee work time clearly including holidays and overtime. Then this software will make it easier for you to determine the amount of salary for employees.
  • Performance, the discipline of implementing using this software can increase productivity so that it will produce maximum performance every day.

Times Software Enterprise Solution Feature

Timesheets play an important role in a company’s time management. As explained above, time software enterprise solutions are vital in business. This software allows you to record time and track work properly. Apart from these two, here are other important features of timesheet software:

  • Time monitoring, a no-hassle time tracking and employee timesheet software help you to know exactly where your time has been spent. Always keep track of the hours spent on a particular task.
  • Cost tracking, managers can track employee time to control costs and monitor budgets. In addition, it can also set the cost allocation per project time that can be monitored and optimized by the system.
  • Scheduling management, you can assign certain tasks and meetings without having to worry about conflicting schedules.
  • Integration, integrations for the monitoring and recording of time across all of your preferred software tools.
download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Times Software Enterprise Solution From HashMicro

There is a lot of software available, but HashMicro is an excellent choice as an integrated, full-featured system to assist you with your task. HashMicro’s objective is to make time tracking quick, simple, and nearly enjoyable for your team. If you use HashMicro’s timesheet software, you will have a system that works with other systems, like e-Invoicing, HRM, Project Management, and Contract Management. When you connect one system to another, it becomes much easier to look at data and make decisions, allowing you to complete your task more quickly.

You can keep track of employees’ attendance and pay them automatically based on how many hours they worked in the timesheet system. Even if dozens or hundreds of them utilize various time management on different activities, you may still evaluate their performance and calculate their income and bonus. It provides time-tracking features that help to streamline project performance, estimate task time, and export timesheet data. In the same way, you can use the project management system to automatically figure out how much each project costs and how much time it takes.



We now understand the significance of timesheets software in business after learning about time management in the workplace. It not only measures employee performance, but it also assists HR in determining wage levels. HR jobs become more efficient with the help of software because the system automates every function performed by personnel.

If your company is interested in using timesheet software, select the best software integrated with many systems to make your work more concise and give numerous benefits and features, such as HashMicro’s Timesheet Management Software. You may also get the HashMicro software price scheme estimate to customize it to your budget.

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