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Fleet Management and Its Benefit for Car Rental Company

In 2019 the development of online taxis in Indonesia is growing exponentially. The participants are not only coming from individual parties but also from car rental companies. Unfortunately, very few of these people are aware of the importance and benefit of fleet management.

Without fleet management, car rental companies will find it difficult to control the vehicles they owned, with expensive operating costs. That’s why you need to manage your fleet with fleet management. One of the technologies that you can consider today is the use of a fleet management system to organize the use of the company’s fleet automatically.


Understanding fleet management

Fleet management refers to tools, software, or technology that help your company maintain your fleet condition to remain optimal from a central location. Generally, managing fleet is useful for reducing vehicle operating costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring each vehicle complies with government rules.

Fleet management is also useful to reduce accidents risk that may occur. By maintaining the fleet condition, accidents such as brake failure or broken engines can be avoided.

Then, what are the benefits of implementing fleet management in your car rental company? Here are 5 of them:

Fuel management

Among other benefits, maybe fuel management is the most effective way to save your expenses. Uncontrolled fuel price fluctuations are indeed difficult to predict, but the software has a certain way to reduce fuel usage on your rental vehicle.

The easiest way to ensure your vehicle is fuel-efficient is by controlling the air pressure of your vehicle’s tire. As we all know, vehicles with less air pressure in its tire have to exert extra power to make the car run faster. This will definitely require extra fuel.

Rental Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining the fleet condition to make it always in prime condition is the company’s obligation. With this, you avoid the accident risks that might befall your driver.

Not only that, but vehicle maintenance can also save your expenses. Fleet management software can help you manage your maintenance schedules. With this, you can avoid spending more money to fix your broken-down vehicles. A good fleet management system has been integrated with the Repair Management System. It can monitor all the use of the company’s vehicles automatically and facilitate the company’s vehicle repair procedures.

Safety and comfort

As we mentioned above, a maintained vehicle can increase your driver’s comfort and safety. Well-maintained vehicles will make it feels brand new, and avoid the traffic accidents such as failed brakes.

Meet company and government standards

Fleet management is also able to maintain the company’s fleet condition so it stays compliant with the company and government standards and regulations. Each rental company certainly has its own standards for the fleet it has. A vehicle management system can help you maintain these standards.

Not only that, but fleet management can also remind you if any of your vehicles is not compliant with government regulations. Such as unpaid tax, or damage on the vehicle that makes it not according to standards. With this, you can take immediate actions such as paying taxes or doing repairs.

Improve employee performance

With the system’s help, you can monitor your employees’ performance. For example, if your vehicle is hired to deliver goods, the system can find out whether the driver is heading to his destination or takes your vehicle to another place instead. Fleet management is proven to be effective in improving and maintaining your employees’ performance by tracking every move they make. 

In addition, you can better manage employee operational activities automatically by using the HRM System from HashMicro. For example, salary and income tax, managing leave and attendance list, reimbursement process, and other activities through the most complete payroll software and applications for enterprises in Singapore. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp


Rental companies, especially those that have a large number of fleets, generally will be dependent on fleet management. With the system, managing your rental company fleet will be much easier, and you can save a lot of operational costs at once.

Use the best Fleet Management System from HashMicro to optimize all vehicle management in your Company from tracking fuel usage and movement. This system is integrated with various online systems to maximize vehicle management such as accounting systems, HRM systems, repair management systems, and rental management systems. Get free demo now!


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