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Go Paperless With These 8 Simple Steps

Running a business will require you to use and store a lot of paper documents. We store many kinds of records, such as employee database, invoices, and meeting handouts, all of it printed on papers. Eventually, those paper records only end up as waste and can cost you a lot of money. That’s why every company must go paperless as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of business out there who think that going paperless require them to purchase some software. It’s not. There are a lot of ways to go paperless without having to spend any dime. Here are some of them:

Record any documents digitally

Leave your old habit of taking notes using a paper or within a book. Get used to taking notes using your laptop or cellphone and store it on a cloud server for an extra layer of security. Furthermore, you only need minutes to register on a cloud service.

Storing your documents digitally also enables you to share it with your coworkers easily. All you have to do is send it via email or use a document management system for easy sharing between your employees.

Switch to online invoicing

Among other paper documents, invoices are the one that usually ends up in the trash bin faster. Retailer, wholesale, and various service businesses are the one that uses invoices frequently. Going paperless will reduce the amount of paper waste and minimalize the impact of global warming.

E-invoicing system will help you create any invoice easily. You can make one in a single click. Sending your invoice to the clients or managing invoices from vendors can be done swiftly.

Ask your clients or vendors to send documents digitally

It’s time to involve those around you in your campaign. Ask your partners or clients to start sending digital documents to you. The more people and companies doing this with you, the more paper usage gets reduced in the end.

Send all of your documents digitally

Leave the old way of sending documents by posts. It will not only increase the amount of paper waste but also heighten the risk of your documents getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

Share your documents, such as contracts, invitations, or payment slips via email. You also can send it via WhatsApp or LINE if necessary.

Sort out existing documents

Before going paperless, you need to sort out all of your documents in your office. Recheck which documents that you have to keep, while the others get shredded. But make sure you upload the data before destroying them. Don’t forget to recycle the used papers for other purposes.

Do paperless meetings

If you are used to providing handouts before you start a meeting, change it by sharing them digitally via email. You can also use projectors to convey any information easily.

Start using a digital business card

To this day, exchanging business cards is an important thing to do after a business meeting. And more often than not, those business cards usually will get scattered or lost sooner or later.

That’s why you need to start using a digital business card. Luckily, there are dozens of apps in Google Play Store or App Store to scan the business card and store it digitally.

Reduce the cardboard boxes during packaging

It’s undeniable that product shipment still using a lot of cardboard boxes. But, it doesn’t mean that we can’t reduce their usage at all. There are a lot of ways we can do to reduce the number of papers used to cover and protect your goods. For example, we can use more environmentally friendly materials during shipping.


Going paperless not only helps slows down global warming but also saves your money from unnecessary spending and reduces a lot of hassle from managing documents.

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