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7 Promising Professions in Property Business

At the moment, a lot of people begin to realize how promising is to involve in property business. However, very few people know that there are numerous way to gain profit from this industry. Here are several professions you can build in business property.

Property Investor

This profession can be considered the classic one when it comes to the property business. It’s because how it brings a good deal to a person who does this for a living.

By owning your own property and, then, sell it, you can have profit in these two ways:

  • Through the cash flow that you will receive monthly from the rent.
  • Through the appreciation of your property value over the time. You will have the profit once you sell it.

Between the two, being a property investor is very promising. It offers you cash flow and, of course, having an investment asset.

This profession is suitable as a part-time job if you seek for  property management service to handle your renter property daily. Moreover, you can work at home although most property investors have their own office for the sake of convenience.

Property Flipping

In Indonesia, the terms of flipping property might not sound too familiar. However, in the United States, this type of property business is quite well-known as it was popularized as a TV show.

Flipper, a person who does this job, usually purchases a distressed home, renovating and redesigning it, and sell it with a fantastic price.

Otherwise, if you are limited in budget, you can purchase a house, no need to renovate or redesign, sell it with a slightly higher place, but still below the market.

General contractors usually do flip property on one or two homes a year to have additional income on the side. There are also some property investors who do property flipping. Nonetheless, you can still be an exclusively expert in property flipping only.

Property Management

There’s a common misunderstanding among people that says you must have your own property gain profit from this business. If you would like to be a part of property business without a property, you can try managing properties.

A property manager will handle property maintenance or cooperate with a property investor to do a routine upkeep for their rented property. The profit can be percentage of the rental fee or regular service fee.

Although you can work from home, it is more convenient if you have a single building as your office because you will be needing a room to store your maintenance equipment, paints, drywall, etc.

Bird Dog

A property investor must determine a good deal before starting the business. This constant requirement results in a relatively new  profession called bird dog.

What is a bird dog? Bird dog is a term to describe a person who find a property with a good investment potential.

A bird dog will search for a property seller or the property it self to offer this prospect to the investor with a profit of percentage of the selling price or a single service payment. This is why we can call a bird dog as the intelligent of property investor.

The term bird dog also commonly addresses a flip-potential property search, but also known in a context of identifying the value of property or rented house.

This profession is called a bird dog because it refers to a hunting dog that points a location of birds so the hunter can get a perfect shot.


Not every work in property business should be related directly with property. Some of them, such as a property photographer, will most likely success in the business since investors have to market them.

A property photographer will snap a property that is on sale or rent and post in on the website as one of the selling strategy.

Being a property photographer means that you will spend the majority of your work hours for visiting many properties and photograph them.

Most of photographers decide to work in their house because the real work is in the property location.

Property Agent

Unlike bird dog or flipper who are relatively novel, agent property is a profession that is most common in this industry.

Becoming a property agent is more difficult to achieve recognition in this industry. This profession will require a formal education and certification in some places.

Combining Everything

As you understand, property business hands you valuable chances for everyone. However, the best way to combine everything in this business is by selecting professions that are relevant.

For example, a property management company can work a photographer because it will save so much time and energy.

Some property investor also works as a flipper and rent their property to gain extra income. If you can do multiple jobs at one time, your chance of being successful is higher.

Start Now

Outside this list, there are still so many other professions you can choose and still promising. Whether you want to be a property agent, property investor, or a property managers, the hardest thing is to start.

Start your property business now, set your marketing strategy, consider to use a system that automate your property management process as your business investment, and gain profit in the future.

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