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5 Best School Software in Indonesia

School software is designed and developed to reduce the administrative and management work load of school staffs. This software is on the market because it can automate every activity in school such as examination, homework, grading, and provide notification features for all users.

The application of this software has become an integral part of the education industry these past years. The more people know the capability of the software, the higher the demand for this software.

If you start looking for a school software vendors, there are several things that you need to consider. When choosing a software, first, make sure that the software you choose supports your school’s activities. Second, make sure that you only need to spend based on your necessity.

We have provided 5 best school software in Indonesia for you to choose.

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This ERP company from Singapore is one of the provider of school system with the most complete features. HashMicro does not only specialize in school software but they also offer integration with other systems such as the inventory, accounting, CRM, help desk, and HRM.

Here are the list of features of HashMicro’s school application:

  • Manage students and teachers
  • Access and create timetable
  • Manage examination and task
  • Grading calculation
  • Curriculum management
  • Record attendance
  • Store teachers and students data
  • Handle admission process
  • Record book circulation in the library
  • Scholarship management
  • Comprehensive report
  • Vehicle and hostel management
  • Communication platform and notification

In order to support this application, HashMicro provides portal management where students, parents, and teachers can have a streamline communication and collaboration. There’s also e-learning solution that makes learning process can be accessed whenever and wherever.

Moreover, what makes HashMicro stands out is that they offer unlimited license and the systems is flexible so it can be used for formal and non-formal education. Therefore, regardless the number of students, staffs, and parents who are going to use the software, HashMicro does not charge for additional cost. You dont need to worry if you need help in the future because their system support is ready whenever you need help.

HashMicro’s software is available for customization depends on what you need so you pay for the right price. It is localized. Although the software is from Singapore, it can adjust with Indonesian education regulation.

The Ministry of Education of Singapore is the client of this company and their school software has helped Boston Business School, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society to run their school.


FeKara is a school software from Pakistan that specializes in every type of school that helps in administrative and management activities. The list of features that they have is pretty complete, they have modern interface, and cloud based. Here is the list of their features:

  • Basic academic modules
  • Inventory management
  • Report generation
  • Finance management
  • Students and parents portal
  • Communication platform

The good news is, if you have a school that is relatively small, FeKara offers their software for free. It can manage up to 50 students with 1 GB database capacity. If more, FeKara will cost the system per student every month. However, you can still enjoy unlimited feature and number of users by using subscription that renews every month or year.

Cloud based school software streamlines the learning process.


Kamadeva is a school software developed in Indonesia and prioritizes data management that is accurate, quick, and efficient by integrating their solutions.

SISKO (Sistem Informasi Sekolah Online) accommodates Kamadeva’s school software features. The management features range from PPDB (school admission), attendance, curriculum, communication, finance, and many more.

The price they offer is various and available in free version. But to move beyond the limited access, Kamadeva offers various options. The options are based on the minimum numbers of schools, packages, modules, and the number of students which renews every month or year.


EdConnect is a school software that specializes on the management of elementary, middle, and high school. The features include the management of attendance, admission, and users, data import and export, messaging system, report generation, and students grading.

There are two versions of EdConnect: EdConnect Lite and EdConnect Enterprise. EdConnect Lite is addresed to teachers to help them organize the learning process quickly. Meanwhile, EdConnect Enterprise is the full version and to access it, you need to pay based on how many students you have every month or every year.

At this momment, EdConnect is developing their school software so that it’s applicable to higher education.

siAkad Clod

siAkad is the abbreviation of Sistem Informasi Akademik (academic information system) and it is a cloud based application.

Quite contrary with EdCOnnect, siAkad Cloud specialization is in higher education only. Therefore, with this software every college civitas should be able to access these features:

  • Students profile
  • Dashboard
  • KRS (study plan)
  • Academic transcript
  • Consultation
  • Announcement
  • Course schedule
  • Finance
  • Admission

siAkad Cloud offers packages based on the maximum number of students with monthly renewal. The features are limited based on the selected package unless you have 10000 students.


Those are the list of 5 best school software in Indonesia. If you have found which one that is most likely would support your school, make sure that it is flexible so you wont have trouble in the future. However, if you still have questions about school software that you need, you can contact us here.

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