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Best Five Wholesale Software for Singaporean Companies

Wholesale distribution software has been used by 92 percent of wholesalers and distributors in the wholesale and retail industries. Those industries currently have all evolved significantly. Distribution companies have seen a lot of opportunities and complications as technology has progressed. Consumers have become increasingly tech-savvy in these recent years.

ERP software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a corporate management tool that includes a wide range of functions for streamlining production, quality control, supply chain management, and other back-office tasks. In this matter, we will talk about several most efficient wholesale distribution software for your company to implement.

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Wholesale Software Recommendation

Wholesale and online businesses are intimately connected. Your sales team should have access to the most up-to-date pricing, product availability, and other relevant data. In other words, wholesalers and distributors need the most advanced wholesale distributor software to avoid stockouts, track thousands of orders in real-time, reduce overhead costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Therefore, you can automate various operations of your trading or wholesale business using systematic wholesale distributor software. For instance, our company can offer you the best wholesale software business innovation to help your company significantly improve its efficiency.

You can also get the price calculation for software based on your business requirements by downloading this pricing scheme calculation software. Without further ado, we will break down a list that contains an option for the best wholesale software, here is the explanation.

1. HashMicro’s Wholesale Distribution Software

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In the number one top list, we have HashMicro as a suggestion for your wholesale distribution software. With more targeted business processes, the management of wholesale businesses becomes more efficient and sustainable for your company.

In other words, Hash Trading & Distribution is equipped with powerful features such as Point of Sales, Accounting, Procurement, CRM-Sales, CRM-Leads, Inventory, and HRM that can help you improve the efficiency of your trading/wholesale business processes and future growth.

Therefore, HashMicro’s wholesale distribution software can generate multiple reports in one click to help business owners make better and more accurate business decisions.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

2. xTuple Wholesale Software

Secondly, we got xTuple for the next recommendation. It is a TOP ERP for Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers and Distributors. On-Premises or in the Cloud–xTuple growth solutions power profits. Wholesale distributor software from xTuple understands that SMBs need an intuitive, turnkey system that saves them time and money.

Therefore, their wholesale distribution software brings together all of your business processes–sales on one clean platform that provides visibility into customers and costs, allowing your business to get it right the first time–and they can get your ERP up and running in as little as 90 days as well.

3. NetSuite 

Thirdly is NetSuite. They advertise its ERP solution as “the world’s most deployed cloud ERP” solution. Over 40,000 organizations are using ERP in 160+ countries. Therefore, NetSuite offers ERP management functionality to support departmental finance, operations, sales, service, and HR needs.

Moreover, they can improve employee productivity via software automation and cross-departmental system integration. The wholesale distributor software provides better business decision-making and reduces technology support costs via outsourced application hosting.

4. Skulocity

Fourthly is Skulocity,  a fully integrated application suite that brings together top-tier enterprise modules. It helps you to manage your business more effectively. They support e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Wireless Warehouse Management, Barcoding and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, and Financial Management to Business Intelligence and mobility integration out-of-the-box. Therefore, one of the advanced inventory features in Skulocity is true inventory optimization & investment analytics, system alerts, automated forecasting, automated replenishment planning, forward aging, and an internal supply chain network. 

5. Acumatica

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Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best business management solution for transforming your company to thrive in the new digital economy. Through leading-edge technology, best-in-class business functionality, and customer-friendly business practices, Acumatica delivers unparalleled value to small and midmarket organizations.

Integrated workflows span the full suite of business management applications, from Financials, Project Accounting, and Inventory Management to CRM. Specialized industry solutions include Construction Edition, Manufacturing Edition, Retail-Commerce Edition, and Distribution Edition. Acumatica is built on a future-proof platform to provide the best wholesale software.


Powerful wholesale distribution software such as HashMicro, xTuple, Netsuite, and other wholesalers and distributors can do packing, dispatching, procurement, shipping, and other daily operations. Our Sales Leads Management is an intelligent and easy-to-navigate ERP solution that allows users to work smartly and accomplish tasks accurately. An ERP system lets you seamlessly manage, and eliminate errors and redundancy of data.

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Above all, to know more about how this solution can help your business eliminate roadblocks and create a productive environment, feel free to contact us and visit our website. You can get a free demo and consultation with our business experts just by downloading our pricing scheme. You can also get a free demo of our tour product, click here!

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