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Strategy to Maximize On-The-Job Training in The Company

To increase company value, a manager must have the right strategy. One of these strategies is to conduct training to improve the capabilities of each employee. On-the-job training is a form of work instruction that takes place on the job as employees learn to do the job (or work with and learn from more experienced workers). While carrying out OJT, inexperienced workers observe actual work tasks performed in the work area using machines, tools, equipment, processes, and procedures.

Therefore, OJT aims to provide instruction and practice opportunities so that inexperienced learners can develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to perform job duties related to their job role. To obtain all of that, managers must also have a strategy for implementing software that supports the implementation of OJT. HashMicro provides a solution for Training Management in every company that wants to increase employee value with management competency software. Immediately get details of the best price scheme from us!


The Importance of On The Job Training

There are many different types of learners: some prefer visual learning, and hands-on learning and some prefer reading instructions. However, in today’s workforce, on-the-job training is essential. Employees can gain experience working in scenarios comparable to those they would regularly encounter through on-the-job training. While receiving instruction from knowledgeable trainers, employees will utilize the same tools and equipment they require. As a result, workers can train for their jobs while still learning them. Other forms of training, including seminars or online training, give employees the knowledge they need without giving them practical experience. As a result, managers will gain more in this scenario if they adopt integrated software that speeds up training processes.

OJT Tips

on the job training tips for your company

Identify potential trainers

To identify potential trainers, the first step that must be taken to achieve success with on-the-job training is to identify prospective trainers. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this.

  1. You want to find someone who is already good at their job and understands the work that needs to be done. They also need to be patient and able to communicate clearly.
  2. You want to find someone willing to take the time to train others. This means they have to be able to set aside time in their schedule to do it.
  3. You want to find someone comfortable with change. This person must be open to trying new things and must be able to adapt to change quickly.
  4. You want to find someone who is supportive. You can count on this person to be there when you need them. Once you have identified potential trainers, the next step is to structure the training process.

Structure training process

Any good training program will start with a structured plan. Therefore you will make a list of tasks needed in training. This list is based on what the job requires regularly and details the policies and procedures employees should be aware of. Since this varies for each job, you will need to create a checklist.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Automatize the learning process

Automating the learning process will be very beneficial for both parties, both employees and company managers. Automate the learning process with training materials that cover multiple aspects of the job. Doing so can save the trainer time and help participants retain the required information. Also, they can use it after training to refresh their knowledge or practice something. Not only that, your employees will know where to turn first before looking for other help and taking time from other employees’ tasks. Moreover, with innovative technology such as learning software, you can automate learning systems in on-the-job training.

Exercise trainees’ skills

After carrying out the learning process, you can train the skills and understanding of employees. Thus employees have the opportunity to measure their skills. Trainers should also provide an evaluation of their work and address and correct any problems. After on-the-job training, conduct an assessment to ensure employees have acquired the skills needed for their jobs.

Training check-ins

Check-in during and after training is an important thing to do because this can support employees in learning optimally during training. Thus employees will have maximum skills to help the company values.

Check-ins are carried out depending on the length of the training, and it may be necessary to assess progress throughout the process. For example, they evaluate a trainee’s skills after studying a particular aspect of the job. Remember, part of on-the-job training is ensuring that new hires have the knowledge and skills to complete the job independently.

Get feedback and get a better

Get feedback and improve training capabilities after employees complete on-the-job training. Therefore, You should also provide feedback to employees during their training. Feedback gives you some insight into how your workplace training program works. You can see how practical on-the-job training has been for your company. Next, you can assess areas needing improvement or skills requiring more exercise time. You can also get insight into the performance of trainers and trainees. This insight allows you to determine whether the trainer was adequate or whether another employee is better suited to the task.

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On-the-job training is a strategy for companies to improve the quality of employees and the company. This strategy is a critical stage that will drive the company to success. Therefore, you need to implement software to automate training so that it can suit the maximum goals. Competency Management Software from HashMicro will help you to automate training which provides various benefits, one of which is time efficiency. Immediately get a free demo of our software!


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