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Top 4 Survey Software Recommendations in Singapore

Various parties require data to make the next decision. If the data relates to humans, then we need to take the data using surveys. Companies should also undertake consumer surveys that can be studied and used to inform future decisions. Making questions that are relevant to data is not easy. Therefore, using the best survey software from HashMicro is the right choice.

One of the benefits of the survey software is that it can provide a good analysis of the data we get. Companies of all sizes and sorts are now using automated survey software. Check out the following article to learn more about survey software as well as recommendations for the best survey software for your company.


What is Survey Software?

survey software

Due to the large number of customers, conducting a survey using a manual method or using a free platform that lacks features will hinder the survey. Survey software is a survey tool that helps companies conduct surveys, collect data, and manage data more efficiently because of its complete features. This type of software will help you create different surveys and also help you analyze the results of those surveys.

Features to Look for in Survey Software

Before making sure to switch to using survey software, it’s a good idea to have a standard in choosing the survey. Here are the features in the survey system that you can learn about:

Unlimited Survey Form

The most important survey system feature that must be in the software is the unlimited survey form which can help you create unlimited surveys. You can be creative to make as many surveys as possible before being evaluated which you will choose. This feature also helps you gain insight into doing good surveys.

You can create surveys based on the events you create. This feature can help you survey at different events as well as with different questions. Therefore, it is also important that you manage your event. Top event management software you can use to manage events ranging from planning, and registration, to post-completion of the event. This software can be integrated with the survey system so that your work can be completed more efficiently.

WordPress Survey plugin is another option for your to create unlimited surveys with the help of 15+ question types. You will be able to create customer satisfaction surveys, personalized diet plans, chat surveys etc. 10+ Integrations included in the plugin will help you to boost your email marketing campaigns, create payment surveys and protect them from “bots attack” with reCAPTCHA.

Survey Weighted Scoring

In making questions in a survey, you are often wondering whether the question is worth it or not. Therefore, a good survey software also provides a feature that can assess whether the questions you ask are worth asking or not. This feature is based on your company data, so the level of credibility is guaranteed.

Flexible Survey Management

Another important feature is a flexible feature that can help you customize surveys based on your preferences. Moreover, the survey design is also one of the points that can influence the respondents’ views in viewing our survey. With this feature, you can also customize the survey format, such as multiple choice, paragraphs, matrices and so on.

Stage Management Surveys

Due to the large number of surveys that you do, you also need to place the surveys according to the stages. This feature can help you allocate survey surveys based on stages such as draft, sent, filled by respondents, and also completed. This feature makes data and documents not scattered and can be easily searched.

Survey Graphical Analysis

Usually, using a free or manual survey platform, cannot help you analyze the resulting data results. Therefore, it is important for survey software to have this feature because with this feature it will present data, diagrams, as well as analysis results about how the respondents answered, and also the meaning of the answers they chose. This feature helps you provide accurate reports that can also be easily understood.

Survey Software Recommendation in Singapore

The use of survey software is increasing among established businesses. This is because several benefits have been shown. Because switching to survey system is a major decision, you must evaluate several factors, specifically the benefits you will receive based on your company’s demands. Here are some preferred survey software in Singapore:


survey software


The first software survey recommendation is the survey software from HashMicro. HashMicro itself is a software company from Singapore and currently has branches in Indonesia. Currently, HashMicro has served from medium-sized companies to large companies such as Danone, Changi Airport Singapore, Ministry of Education Singapore, and other companies. This software offered can help you manage surveys that are more modern and efficient in analyzing them. Its features range from unlimited survey forms, survey-weighted scoring, and flexible survey management, to analysis features that can help you study the data obtained. The advantage of this system is that it can be customized based on your company’s needs and has also been directly integrated with the marketing automation system as well as the event management system. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp




Getcusjo is a company that provides survey application with branches in more than 21 countries. This software offered by this company uses AI technology which makes it the most innovative software in the world. your brand, to guarantee data security. Getcusjo serves various types of companies, ranging from small, medium, to multinational companies.




Kodi is an engineering services company that not only provides software, but also hardware, as well as other customized company needs. The company is based in Singapore and started the idea in 1987. This software carries the concept of Solutions on the Fast Track. It has sophisticated features including Data Integration, Traverse Adjustment, Contouring, Cross Section, and Profiling. It also offers CAD features for handling survey and mapping data.

Survey sparrow



This 2017 startup offers survey system called survey sparrow. This company also provides specific survey products based on the goals and needs of your company. The features offered by this software start from the design of your workflow and also help you get the target according to your survey. Customizable surveys and questionnaires in many languages are also available.


Data is vital to a company’s business. Customer surveys are another significant sort of survey data for businesses. It’s important to do other types of surveys to help your group grow as well as for marketing. Manually collecting an enormous amount of survey data is not feasible. This is why you need a survey system. The best survey software from HashMicro is a survey software that provides many features, especially the process is efficient and at the end of the survey, you will get an analysis of the data you get. This software has also been integrated with other software which makes the data you get accurate. Try the free demo to find out more about survey software!


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