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10 Benefits of Online Survey App for Your Business

For those who are in a retail or service business, inputs and suggestions from your customers are essential to help you grow your business further. You need to know which products or services that your customer love and don’t like. This data is useful to help you improve your product quality furthermore. Then, how do you collect your customer suggestions quickly and painlessly? The online survey app is the tool for you.

There are numerous reasons as to why online survey app is popular among business people. In this article, we will summarize ten benefits you can get from an online survey app. This also can manage your customer relationship with your business with software CRM.



Unlike the written survey, the online version is far cheaper. You don’t have to spend any money on papers, printing, or sending it to your respondent. With an online survey, you only have to write down the questions and answers on the app, and share the survey’s link to your customers.

Saves time

An online survey is very time efficient. The app can help you create, administer, collect, and analyze the result swiftly. With an integrated web-based application or software timesheet, survey work will be easier to do.

Easier with online survey app

Besides you, your customer also can enjoy the benefit of using an online survey app. Unlike the written survey that has time and space limitations, online survey respondents able to fill the questionnaire from anywhere and anytime.


Sharing your survey via the world wide web means you will get increased accessibility. You can share the link via pop up on your website, emails, social media, and your other channels. On the respondent side, they can fill the survey with their gadgets, such as PC, laptop, tablets, or even their cellphones. 

Reach and scalability

The main benefit of an online survey is you have a limitless number of respondents. You can share your link to thousands of respondents without being limited by time and space. It will make your survey result more diverse and more accurate.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

The online survey app is customizable

You can easily adjust the design of your survey with an survey app. The app enables you to design the looks to make it more interesting for your customers. Therefore, your customers will immediately recognize your brand as soon as possible and willingly to fill the survey.

More honest

Online surveys guarantee the respondent anonymity. Doing so will make your respondent more honest with their answers. It will benefit you since the result will be more accurate and detailed.

More objective with an online survey app

Unlike the written survey where the people around them can influence the respondent, the online version makes your respondent answer objectively since there’s no one around them. In the end, you will get a valid response from your customers.

More selective

With a survey app, you can choose your target audience to answer your questionnaires. You can select your audience based on age, residence, occupations, and also your audience interests.

Minimalize human-error with the online survey app

Data from an online survey will be more accurate compared to the written ones since the responses go directly to the survey’s database rather than being manually entered by your staff.



Now, the question is; which app is the best for your business? It depends on your company’s requirements. Do you need to integrate the app with other software such as ERP software? If your answer is yes, then HashMicro’s Survey Management App is the best for your business. Learn more about the app by clicking on this link: click here.

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