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5 Reasons Why Visitor Management Software is Important in the New Normal

Life must go on. After we entered the second phase of the circuit breaker, many of us start going back to our usual activities. Some offices and malls are reopening once more. But to make everyone feels safe and comfortable, offices and shopping centers need to implement visitor management software to limit the number of people inside a building to maintain physical distancing.

There are other benefits you can get from implementing a visitor management system. Here are five of them:

Digital screening through questionnaires

Screening is an important thing to do to make sure every employee or visitor entering your building is in healthy condition, either it is body temperature checking or filling in questionnaires about their health. But if this process still runs manually, your visitor will take some time to complete the surveys, and it will form a long line.

A visitor management software can help you simplify the data collection process. Your receptionists can input the visitor data swiftly to the system, and the guests can fill in the questionnaires from the tablet computer available on the reception desk. You can do it better if you provide them a standalone registration kiosk. Doing so will let your customer fill in their data from their cellphone and reduce unnecessary lines.

Store your visitor data automatically

A visitor management software can print ID cards with a barcode. When the staff scan the code, it will automatically display the visitor data along with their photo, visit records, and also the health condition of the card owner.

The ID card is useful to simplify the visitor registration on their next visit since they don’t have to register the same person over and over again. Moreover, the questionnaire is useful as contact tracing if the visitor turns out COVID-19 positive.

Improve the social distancing protocol with a visitor management software

In order to make the social distancing protocols even more efficient, some countries (such as Indonesia) apply restrictions, such as limiting the number of people in offices or shopping centers to 50% capacity. But doing it without the visitor management software is near impossible.

With the system help, the office/mall manager can easily track the visitor numbers within the building. If the capacity is nearing 50%, the receptionist and security can direct the visitor to wait at the lobby, or rearrange their visit schedule on another day.

Effortless reservations with a visitor management software

A visitor management software makes it easy for everyone to manage visiting schedules. An employee can set meeting times on the system calendar, filling in the visitor’s data, the purpose of visiting, and sending the questionnaires to the visitor via email.

The system also facilitates the hotel visitors to make reservations. From the hotel managers’ perspective, the system enables them to limit the maximum visitors. So the hotel won’t exceed the 50% maximum capacity.

Automatic notifications

The next convenience thing that you can have from using the visitor management software is an automatic notification for employees when their guests have arrived at the lobby. With pre-recorded data and questionnaires, the visitor registration process can run swiftly.

Moreover, the system able to send notifications through email, SMS, and even WhatsApp messages. The system enables the employee to prepare everything promptly, such as meeting room or presentation tools if necessary.


In the new normal, obeying the safety protocols is the most important thing to do to avoid getting infected from COVID-19. Get the best visitor management software for your business by clicking on this link.

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