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The Importance of Digitizing Visitor Management in the New Normal

Since the office starts operating again after the PSBB ends, the company must be more proactive in creating a healthy and safe work environment from COVID-19 transmission. One of the steps taken is to do an employee health check before entering the office. But, did you know, in addition to checking employees, you need a change in office guest management?  You need Visitor Management Software that can process visitor data and automate other administrative work. With this software, you can manage office guest arrivals, track the number of guests in real-time, and help you comply with the latest health rules.

This period shows how important it is to digitize the management of visitors visiting your office area. This digitization is not just moving guest recordings from paper to spreadsheets on a computer. 

What is the role of Visitor Management Software after the new normal?

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Deliver health digital screening through questionnaires

At this moment, there should be a screening protocol in offices that ensures all employees and visitors are healthy. Therefore, the management will be needing questionnaires addressed to them. It should contain questions about visiting worst-hit areas, contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19, and other related questions. 

Manual visitor management is very ineffective in handling this health crisis. Through the conventional way, visitors must fill out paper-based forms. The receptionist will go through the paper page by page and store those forms at a random corner of the office. Moreover, this outdated method will create unnecessary crowds or queues. 

Visitor Management Software, however, enables you to list the guests much more easily. If a visitor is coming, the receptionist will input their data into the system. Then, ask the visitor to fill out the questionnaire that has been integrated into the system through a tablet or a display at the front desk. 

If your software supports the self-service registration kiosk, you can ask your guests to fill out the screening questions by themselves. Or, it can be as simple as sending the link of the questionnaire to their emails so they can fill it out on their phone. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Store key information of every visitor

The software generates ID cards with barcodes and it is printable. If you scan the barcode, the system will display the information of the guest, their picture, past visits, and their health condition during the visits. 

These ID cards will make the next visit registration easier because your office has stored their data. It simplifies the receptionist’s work. Moreover, the questionnaire will enable medical workers to do the contact tracing if one of your visitors is in fact infected with COVID-19.

Tracing the number of visitors in the office

During this new phase, office capacity is limited. The Safe Management Measure emphasizes working virtually to the maximum extent. However, in certain urgent situations, your clients or anyone has no option but to meet you in person. This is where visitor management plays its role. 

Firstly, you should determine the safe number of people who can roam in your office space. It should allow people to disperse and maintain physical distancing. Once you set the maximum number, stick with it. So, if there is a guest with no reservation before, make sure that the receptionist checks the system. 

In the system, the number of visitors inside your building can be tracked in real-time. If your office is “packed” when the guest wishes to enter, the receptionist can ask them to wait in the lobby or make a reservation to visit the next day. 

Simplify visiting reservation

visitor management
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Visitor Management Software that is integrated with other business operations software can facilitate visit reservations. 

Employees who have an appointment to meet with people from outside the office can make their own schedules. They only need to mark the date on the system calendar, fill in the guest data, the number of people who came, and the destination of their arrival. Guests will also get a questionnaire about the condition of validity after making the schedule. 

Once the guests arrive, they don’t have to run registration processes as their data has been registered before. Even if there are some data that they need to complete, it won’t take long.

Alert the host if the guest has arrived

Conventional visitor management does not have the capability to notify the host if their guest has arrived in the lobby. However, with a system, the guest can inform the receptionist about their reservation or they can confirm their arrival through the self-service kiosk. 

The system will process that information and send a notification automatically to the host through emails, SMS, WhatsApp, or alert in their system. This notification is very useful for the host to greet their guests, prepare the meeting room, or end another meeting with other people. 


Complying with the new normal regulations in the office is very important. Companies must be able to create a safe environment and minimize disease transmission. One way is to use software that can manage office guests or Visitor Management Software

Note that investing in Visitor Management Software is very beneficial as it works impressively in any situation. It should fit your business operations, visitor management, and health crisis regulations. Try out the demo for free and find the right Visitor Management Software for your company here!


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