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      Tips for Overcoming Restaurant Problem in the F&B Industry

      The restaurant business is booming right now, it seems that because so many start a restaurant business, it seems easy to run this business. Starting a restaurant business does have its own problem and challenges. One of the keys to the success of a restaurant business is consumers who feel happy and want to come back again.

      To ensure the success of your restaurant business, the entire team from management to staff must dedicate to the well-being of consumers. There are several important things that must be known and prepared before running a restaurant business. Based on this, advanced restaurant software is needed for the sustainability and problem of the food business that you are living in.

      Get the convenience of processing customer orders to make accurate business decisions with the best restaurant software. The best features of POS Restaurant Software make it easy for you to increase the efficiency of company activities. Mobile Restaurant POS has many benefits for managing transactions. One of its main functions is to allow customers to view the menu digitally.


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        problem restaurant

        Problem in Restaurant Industry

        To find out what restaurant business problems and problems often occur. By understanding what are the restaurant business problems and the obstacles in the restaurant business, you can be more careful and know the loopholes to manage your restaurant.

        Standard food and drink menu list

        The menu problem is one of the issues that restaurant owners encounter most frequently. Do you have too many or not enough menus? You must carefully consider the amount of menus that restaurants offer. It’s time to start thinking about offering fewer menu options while keeping quality standards if you already have a large number of menu options. You must purchase a greater variety and quantity of ingredients the more options your menu offers. Additionally, you’ll take longer to place orders.

        Choosing the wrong kind of packing 

        The mistakes in the sort of packaging will significantly impact the customer satisfaction. because food cannot be kept pleasant and fresh for long enough. The consumer will be disappointed, for instance, if you provide ice cream, yogurt, or other menu items that must be served cold but the packaging you select does not preserve the flavor or flavor of your meal.

        Packaging is important because it can increase consumer interest in your items or increase their popularity. Consider designing your packaging in accordance with your brand’s identity to help shaping the consumers’ emotions.

        The Usage of POS Restaurant Software as a Solution to Problems in the Restaurants Industry

        A system called POS, or point of sale, is to handle retail sales transactions, such those that take place at restaurants. A POS system typically consists of a number of computers and a cash register. You can acquire summary data about your restaurant business and track inventory using this system. Your inventory records will always be current since POS can record every sales transaction in real-time.

        As a business owner, you’ll be able to track unit costs, determine when to refill, and perform item-by-item inventory analysis thanks to this digital cash register system. You can avoid one of the most typical issues in the restaurant industry using this system. Typically, restaurant owners prepare financial reports, and since POS systems can only provide sales reports and not financial ones, accounting software is also required. It’s best to look for POS or accounting software that already integrates between the two online when you wish to use it. since doing so will make it easier to oversee our restaurant operation and lessen the workload. With the right and automated POS software, you can automate restaurant management problem and can also be used anywhere and anytime. By using HashMicro’s POS, it also helps you in maintaining all company data with the best security.

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        Benefits of POS Restaurant Software in Restaurants Industry

        This system provides various benefits to streamline business processes in the food and beverage industry so that it can increase the number of sales and customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of the F&B management software are as follows:

        Mobile restaurant POS offers convenient service

        Mobile restaurant POS allows customers to order food via E-Menu. This means that the waiter can perform other tasks during the food ordering process. Through the E-Menu you can also reduce the risk of ordering errors such as ordering errors or not recording customer orders. Immediately after customer ordering the food and drink, the data was directly entering into the POS system and displaying on the kitchen screen so that the chef staff could immediately process the order.

        Improves service quality

        Most cloud-based POS systems can record customer identity and order history. As we know before, this is very important considering they have different health conditions. Some customers may have certain conditions such as peanut allergies, for example. They will ensure that the waiter does not serve food containing nuts because it can be fatal. This information is very important for chefs to know because it needs to consider the cooking process and place. That way, customers will feel more secure when enjoying the serving dishes.

        Updates food menu quickly and easily

        At certain times such as Ramadan, restaurants will definitely add or update the menu. With a mobile restaurant POS system, this can be easily done through the website. Because this system, managers can check changes even when they are not in the restaurant.

        Faster ordering and payment process

        The mobile restaurant POS system allows for a faster order process because POS system will be recording all orders. After recording the data, the price list for each food menu will immediately be clearly visible. This will also lead to a much faster payment process. The reason is, customers already know how much money they have to pay including what method they want to use.

        Lowering employee costs

        We know one of the keys to a restaurant’s success is having waiters who can serve customers well. But sadly, when a restaurant has a lot of diners, waiters get demands to work quickly. Therefore the staff will be too busy to ensure that all customers are well served. However, by using the E-Menu, customers can create their own orders. Thus the restaurant does not require many waiters, which means you can reduce the cost of employee expenses.

        Know the price calculation scheme for the POS Restaurant system so you get a detailed picture.


        Best restaurant software can simplify the operation or management of your restaurant effectively and efficiently. With advances in technology, currently manual operations must transform using digital technology. So that it can carry out restaurant sales management automatically, quickly and accurately. You will get many benefits according to the explanation above.


        In addition, you can also use the restaurant POS software from HashMicro to manage transactions, set tables, and monitor the status of orders in the kitchen. To find out the budget projections that you have to prepare using the Food & Beverage software or restaurant POS software from HashMicro, you can download the ERP software price calculation scheme from Hashmicro. You can also consult further so that you can choose the software that suits your company’s needs and get a free demo, by visiting our dashboard.

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