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5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Kitchen Display System

Since more and more restaurants start using a kitchen display system (KDS), we see fewer and fewer waitresses coming to our desk to take our order. Most of the restaurants said that they use KDS to achieve higher efficiency and increase the employee’s performance.

With a kitchen display system, your staff doesn’t have to take a customer’s order manually and forward it to the kitchen. The system connects the kitchen staff to the waitress at the front to minimalize any errors and improve the serving time.

But that’s not all! There are more reasons as to why your restaurant needs a kitchen display system. Here’s five of them:

A kitchen display system helps you minimalize mistakes

In peak times, such as lunchtime, orders will rush in and will overwhelm the kitchen staff. Without KDS’ help, kitchen staff performance will go down since there are a lot of things to do simultaneously.

KDS will act as the manager to manage customer orders. The system can separate orders and prioritize pending orders and alerts the staff when something arises and needs their immediate attention, thus improve staff performance.

Faster order processing

Indeed, KDS can’t make the chef cook faster, but it can help shorten and simplify other tasks. For example, KDS helps reduce the customer wait time by optimizing the flow of information from the waitress to the kitchen.

When the waiter finishes entering the order in e-menu, at that time the kitchen staff can see the list of meals that they need to prepare. Thus the customer can enjoy their food faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Easier inventory management with a kitchen display system

Integrating KDS with POS will improve restaurant inventory management by tracking ingredients usage. Not only that, but the system will notify you when an ingredient is running low and needs immediate replenishment.

That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of stock and unable to meet the customer’s demand. You can set the low stock notification through the POS system and display it on the KDS screen.

The kitchen display system as your source of information

Connecting the KDS with the POS system not only facilitates inventory management but can also provide information about restaurant performance. You can track which meal is popular, monitor the preparation time, and more.

From that information, you can conclude your restaurant’s performance and which parts can be improved. The data allow you to make the best decisions to develop your restaurant in the future.

Easier table management

The kitchen display system can also facilitate table management. The staff can track orders from each table via KDS’ screen. It will eliminate the wrong food wrong table situation at your restaurant.

Also, KDS can help waiters to combine or separate tables/orders according to customer requests. KDS also supports split-bills.


That’s some of the advantages of using a kitchen display system in your restaurant. Get the best KDS by filling in the form below. Our staff will contact you soon.

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