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Indonesian Agriculture Business Concepts

Agriculture business ideas are a source of income for billions of families around the world and are the path to increased food security and poverty reduction. Are you seeking suggestions for agricultural business ventures? It appears that you can start to think carefully about this given the commodity and its still highly high potential. The word “agribusiness” is a combination of the words “agricultural” and “business” and is derived from the English language. Agribusiness is a collection of business studies (managerial economics), management, systems science, communication science, and other auxiliary sciences used to promote agricultural productivity, forestry, cattle, and fisheries. 
The farming industry of agriculture business ideas has a significant impact on Indonesia’s economic situation. Indonesia still relies on farming to produce food and other necessities. The farming industry in Indonesia is one of those ventures that can never fail. A good inventory management program might control the stock at several locations. Learn more about the inventory software pricing model by visiting this page.

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Indonesian Agriculture Business Ideas Concepts

Indonesian Agribusiness Concepts

The farming industry in Indonesia, as in other nations, is a lucrative business venture. In Indonesia, there are many different agriculture business ideas ventures that can be started, but not all of them are successful. Are you eager to engage in farming in Indonesia? Agriculture has been practiced in Indonesia since prehistoric times. To meet the demand for food, Indonesian farmers grow tarts. Farming is agriculture, and Indonesia excels at it. A large portion of the population is engaged in agriculture, and many people operate farming businesses. A variety of crops, fruits, and seeds are grown for commercial purposes. Indonesians operate a variety of farming businesses. Below is a discussion of the top 5 farming business ideas in Indonesia:

Food production

It is a truly remarkable and significant business sector in Indonesia. The Indonesian population enjoys and is accustomed to conducting this type of commerce. In Indonesia, rice is the most common food. Indonesians are so engaged in the rice farming industry. Indonesia has produced a lot of rice, which is enough for them to eat and meet their basic needs. Many people, in addition to farmers, are involved in the rice-growing and rice-processing industries. It is a silly notion to conduct business in Indonesia. 

Horticulture refers to the industry that produces fruits and vegetables. This sector has authority over the Indonesian economy. Foods including strawberries, durians, mangosteens, rambutans, salads, bananas, jackfruit, mangos, kedondong, jambu air, buni, jamblang, and soy sauce are all being cultivated quickly in Indonesia. Indonesians are so engaged in this line of work. They grow it and sell it in both the domestic and foreign markets.

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download skema harga software erp

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Commodities of agriculture business ideas

Rubber, coconut, and palm oil are examples of commodities. Indonesia is the world’s top producer of palm oil. It is really a brilliant business concept in Indonesia. There is a modest demand for it both locally and abroad. It is also a very lucrative industry. The cultivation of coconuts is a lucrative industry in Indonesia, where the fruit is also crucial to the country’s casino and economy. In Indonesia, coconut is farmed quite well. So that you can consider doing it as a business. Rubber farming is a well-known industry in Indonesia. The rubber sector in Indonesia has had its own quality value on the global demand for rubber since the 20th century. There are lots of manufacturing businesses that are willing to buy rubber, including those that make tiers, rubber thread, gloves, medical gloves, and other rubber products. 

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Drink materials of agriculture business ideas

In Indonesia, many different seeds are farmed extensively for drinking material. Next to coconut, Indonesia mostly grows tea, coffee, and tobacco. Tea is a high demand for tea in Indonesia. In Indonesia, tea drinking is commonplace. It is also expanding extremely nicely. By building a tea garden, a tea processing facility, or a tea stall, you can start your own tea business. Coffee in Indonesia is one of the most well-known and top producers of coffee in the world. Indonesia produces coffee quickly. If you so choose, you can turn coffee processing into a company. In Indonesia, coffee is kind of like a staple beverage. So starting a coffee farming business is a great choice.

Cow farming

The population of Indonesia enjoys eating beef. You can therefore run a cow farming business. Not just for meat but also for many other companies, cow farming can be the starting point. You can operate a dairy product business out of your cow farming enterprise.

Hydroponic plants

Lacking a sizable plot of land, why not start an agricultural enterprise? Take a deep breath; you can try this hydroponic plant company. A farming technique without requiring soil-based growing material is the cultivation of hydroponic plants. Planting in water with a blend of fertilizers is how hydroponics is described literally. The market for hydroponic vegetables is anticipated to remain promising despite the fact that maintenance is difficult and that you must also set aside a sizable sum of money. The cause is the increased adoption of healthier lifestyles among urban dwellers. The need for hydroponic vegetables is also growing in a number of restaurants, motels, and contemporary markets.

Organic fruits and vegetables

Do you have a target to get the upper-middle market in the agricultural business? Then you can choose an organic fruit and vegetable business. Yes, market opportunities for the organic fruit and vegetable business are now wide open. This is in line with the level of public awareness of their health in the midst of a pandemic. One way is to choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables. In addition, the market for organic fruit and vegetables is also wide open for vegetarians. Interested in getting into this business?

Rice farming

Given the demand for this meal as a staple, particularly in the country, this business is unlikely to last and will likely continue to be successful. This business can nonetheless guarantee you significant income even though it takes a sizable initial investment. In addition, in the face of fierce and fierce rivalry in this industry, if you are competent at discovering customers

Plant seeds

Business options for plant seeds are intriguing to consider in light of the current trend of hobbies expanding cultivation. Opportunities for the plant seed industry are also based on the desire of many people to stay at home. Selling plant seeds can be a lucrative enterprise, but it also requires an expert understanding of plantations. You can work as a reseller if you’re not ready to jump into the plant seed business opportunity.

agriculture business ideas


Agribusiness is closely related to the management and planning of the agroindustry. This causes agricultural businesses to require adequate control to reap profits according to the previous target. Earning profits manually will take a long time and be ineffective. Agribusiness ERP software from HashMicro is here to help your business by automating various business processes using the latest modules and features. So don’t let your business use outdated features. Leave the manual way and switch to HashMicro Agribusiness ERP Software. Download the pricing plan now and get as much profit as possible!

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