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Make Production Less Chaotic with Less Cost & Time

Boost the efficiency of the entire production process with accurate raw material planning management to fulfill customers’ demands.

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getgo-portrait-plumber test

Visualize Real-Time Factory Performance

Let your employees report work progress and production issues independently and real-time with the self-manufacturing kiosk.

Turn Complex Data into Accurate Reports

Monitor manufacturing expenses thoroughly from material to finished goods calculation with accurate and real-time reporting in one system.

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getgo-portrait-plumber test

Discover a New Way of Decision-Making

Make advantageous business decisions to increase revenue with automatic and reliable reporting regarding manufacturing expenses.


Simplify the entire production process with integrated data that can be accessed automatically, in real-time, and accurately

Base White Manufacturing CRM Sales Warehouse Supply BI
Machine Kiosk
Manufacturing PIN1 The Machine Kiosk feature allows employees to monitor and report the production schedule, items that will be produced, work orders, production quantity, and production status through a Kanban view. 1. Machine Kiosk
Work Order
Manufacturing PIN2 Work Order helps you to determine the production workflow or routing automatically, track the production time, discover optimization opportunities and detect lead time causes. 2. Work Order
Manufacturing Order
Manufacturing PIN3 Manufacturing Order enables you to track all materials required to produce components of the finished goods. This feature is integrated with Inventory Management Software for easier material availability tracking 3. Manufacturing Order
Bill of Material
Manufacturing PIN4 This feature helps you regulate the work in progress (WIP) and raw materials required to produce finished goods, calculate them automatically, and share them in real-time. 4. Bill of Material (BOM)
Schedule Management
Manufacturing PIN5 With an organized production scheduling, you can come up with an accurate production timeline, adjust with the available resources, and minimize idle time or downtime. 5. Schedule Management
Manufacturing Plan
Manufacturing PIN6 You can manage all manufacturing orders effectively. The system will ensure that you can adjust the production activity based on demand, supply chain fluctuation, and production capacity. 6. Manufacturing Plan
CRM Management
Manufacturing PIN7 The Sales & CRM Management System helps you to close a deal with customers much quicker. You can create quotations, sales orders, and invoices automatically and generate accurate reporting. 7. Sales & CRM Management
Inventory Warehouse
Manufacturing PIN8 This software allows you to track the stock level in all warehouses in one platform, conduct inventory reordering automatically, and ensure that the factory has an adequate amount of stock. 8. Inventory & Warehouse
Manufacturing PIN9 The Procurement Management Software simplifies the material purchasing activity from suppliers, tightens procurement control through approval matrices, and automates reporting. 9. Procurement
Accounting Report
Manufacturing PIN10 Accounting Software can be integrated with the other software to generate comprehensive profit and loss reports in real-time. 10. Accounting Report
Business Intelligence
Manufacturing PIN11 The ERP Manufacturing Software is capable of providing you with holistic manufacturing process information and analysis. With an intuitive software design, you can improve your business strategies. 11. Business Intelligence


Our manufacturing sofware has been proven to significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary downtime and human error.

Find Your Solution

Work in Progress (WIP) costs can be calculated automatically and connected to other systems. Manfaat1

Meet customer demands on-schedule with the use of equipment, materials, and staff management in optimal condition. Manfaat2

Automate stock movement monitoring and procurement process in real-time to ensure stock availability according to factory needs. Manfaat3

Increase the effectiveness of future productions processes with the help of accurate analytics reports made with just a few clicks. Manfaat4

A manufacturing program that is designed for production management, assets maintenance, and product quality cycle management

HashMicro is committed to providing solutions that help all production operations run more simply, efficiently, and integrated for all company departments.

Accounting Software for Manufacture

Automatic recording of all production and operational costs

The Best Accounting for Manufacturing

Automate the records of all production and operational raw material shopping activities in real-time.

Multi-Level Bill of Material

An in-depth multi-level summary of product components

Comprehensive Bill Of Materials

Get precise costs of components, spare parts and raw materials of your company's production

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The perfect solution for production, scheduling, and inventory control

Best ERP and MRP

Get comprehensive tools to assist your engineers in creating production schedules, production planning, and inventory management on a single, user-friendly platform

Planning and Actualization Reports

Get a comparative report of the production plan and its actualization

Comparing Plans VS Production Actualization

Make the right strategy to increase production with comparison reports that can evaluate actual and planned production.

Monitor Warehouse Stock Capacity

Monitor production stock capacity and distribution between warehouses

Best Warehouse Management System in Malaysia

Prevent expired and dead-stock products by monitoring warehouse inventory capacity to prioritize on-hand stocks.

HRM Specialist for Manufacturing Company

Calculate employees' administrations for manufacturing companies

HR Solutions for Manufacturing Company

Automatic management of salary, insurance, leave, sick leave, and reimbursement based on working hours.

ERP & IoT Integration

Receive automatic data reports on production equipments' quality

Internet Of Things

Monitor the production capacity of each machine accurately in real-time, directly to your manufacturing software dashboard



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Hash Manufacturing Automation is the right solution to simplify the production process of manufacturing company activities. High production costs are often an obstacle for companies.

These problems are solvable by optimizing production activities through automated resource usage scheduling and monitoring with the Hash Manufacturing Automation.

Many manufacturing systems are found on the market that is not user-friendly, making it difficult for users to operate them, and can only be configured by IT experts. Hash Manufacturing Automation has a UI/UX design that is easy for users to operate, even for new users. The software can be configured easily by users with just a few pieces of training.

Manually running a business will only make your business fall behind amid increasingly fierce competition. With Hash Manufacturing Automation, you can cut down on time and effort wasted activities by automating various manufacturing processes. Be happy that you can leave the laborious and human-error-prone manual data input process behind. With Hash Manufacturing Automation, managing large amounts of data can be done quickly and precisely.

The best manufacturing software is software that fits the company's needs, can be accessed easily, is safe to use, can solve the company's problems, and has a price package that fits the company's budget.

Hash Manufacturing Automation was developed by experts who are specialized in creating a system that suits your company's needs and has received good testimonials, so Hash Manufacturing Automation can be the best manufacturing software for your company.

Manufacturing software offers technology with a wide range of operational features that help optimize operations and project execution. Manufacturing software has the ability to automate enterprise processes such as production planning, customer resource management (CRM), and procurement.

Manufacturing applications are useful for facilitating workflows in manufacturing factory. The manufacturing production process can be more optimal and more effective by using manufacturing applications.
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