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The Key to Unlock Million Sales

Support the company’s marketing activity, ranging from effective sales tracking to prospect management, with one centralized system.

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Keep Demands Fulfilled and Customers Happy

Experience the ease of astreamlined supply chain management with stock forecasting and automated reordering to ensure that customers’ demands are always fulfilled.

Enjoy Stress-Free Time Managing Your Finance

Save precious time by generating financial statements with a more precise calculations in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

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All-in-One Business Needs in One Place

Comprehensive features integrated in a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your end-to-end operational business easier.


Optimize the performance of your entire business process with the best features of the HashMicro ERP program

Hash CORE ERP Benefits

The CORE HashMicro Cloud ERP software provide business owners a number of advantages. Among the advantages are improved productivity and optimized business process operations.

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Start switching from time and resource-consuming manual business processes of the company to automated business management. Malaysia erp software

Access sales data, inventory data, expense and income, and employee information wherever you need it. erp software Malaysia

HashMicro's cloud ERP systems can be customized to meet the unique and specialized needs of each industry and company. erp Malaysia

With accurate and real-time data in one system, you can make smarter business decisions for your company's growth. erp system
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CORE HashMicro is an ERP software with a comprehensive set of features for automating various business operations and reducing human error within the company.

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Automate transaction recording and invoicing

Best Cloud Accounting Software

Transform the process of recording transactions, expenses, bank reconciliation, and send invoices to clients automatically via WhatsApp or e-mail.

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Optimize Inventory and Warehouse Management

Inventory System

Track inventories in several branches and locations using HashMicro ERP software.

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Simplify the Purchase Request Process

Order Management System

When stock approaches the minimum limit of availability, run multiple procurement operations automatically without chaos.

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Supply Chain

Effortless supply chain management

Supply Chain Management System

With the support of HashMicro CORE ERP software, the location of manufacturing or storage of goods is no longer a barrier to meet client expectations.

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Simple management of warehouses

Application for Warehouse and Stocks

Optimize warehouse operations with simple picking and packing, real-time stock availability updates, and a variety of additional advanced features.

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Monitor the entire sales process in one platform

Comprehensive CRM System

Create invoices, quotes, and sales orders in seconds using a variety of professional templates, and manage your business prospects more easily using the automatic follow-up tool.

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Human Resources

Automate Employee Administration and Management

HR Administrative Solutions

Increase employee loyalty fast and automatically by managing payroll, insurance, leave, reimbursement, and employee KPIs.

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What is Hash CORE ERP?

Hash CORE ERP is the best solution to integrate and simplify all processes needed to run a company. Our software can help various business scales in all operational activities ranging from human resource management, including tax payments, accounting, bookkeeping activities, inventory management, procurement systems, CRM to maximize sales and customer satisfaction, and supply chain management activities.

Hash CORE ERP is also suitable for various business scales because it has multiple features and can be integrated easily with other software. Hash CORE ERP is easily customizable to meet the needs of a variety of businesses. It is a Cloud-based ERP software with cutting-edge technologies such as business intelligence.

Hash CORE ERP is specially designed to assist companies of all sizes and industries to automate various business processes with its modules and features. This system is designed to increase the efficiency of your company's operations. This system is also equipped with Business Intelligence technology. With this technology, company owners can make business decisions swiftly and accurately, supported by comprehensive reports based on real-time data from every aspect of their business. In addition, thisCloud-based system can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and with any device. It also has an attractive and user-friendly design. Hash CORE ERP can optimize company operations such as accounting and finance, inventory management, human resource management, customer relationship management, procurement, and manufacturing. In addition, ERP software implementation also facilitates data access because all of the company's operational data is stored within a secure cloud server.

One of the main benefits of using Hash CORE ERP is improving business efficiency by automating time-consuming and labor-intensive manual tasks. With Hash CORE ERP, manual work such as bookkeeping, stock taking, and raw material reorder processes will run automatically and allow the owner to have full visibility and control over every operational activity. Another benefit of implementing ERP software is that you can increase company profitability and scalability. That way, you can make your business grow faster.

The main advantage of the Hash CORE ERP software is that it is fully customizable to suit the needs of various businesses with their individual needs. Hash CORE ERP software has more features and modules compared to its competitors. And last but not least, our software is available at a more affordable price.
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