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Ensure food production is completed on time with more efficient scheduling.

Manage and optimize all supply chain activities thoroughly in one platform.

Maintain food quality and provide recipe access to staff without worrying about data leaks.

Monitor production processes and raw material waste in real-time with kiosk tablets.

Benefits of Food Production Software

Get tons of benefits from our software to streamline all the business processes in your food production industry

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With more effective scheduling, consumer demand and supply may be fulfilled while avoiding food production delays aplikasi manufaktur

Monitoring raw material inventory data in real-time improves the forecast of raw material use, allowing for more prompt restocking program manufaktur

Optimized manufacturing processes with waste tracking to reduce waste and overspending sistem manufaktur

Automate factory monitoring and simplify KPIs tracking in real-time using data from various sources, such as employees, machines, devices, ERP, and MES manufacturing system
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The best solution for businesses with complete features is to simplify all complex food production activities to avoid human-errors

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Supply Chain Management Efficiency

Get visibility of overall production supply chain data

Accurate Product and Material Analyzation

Get accurate real-time data on the inventory of both finished goods and raw materials in one dashboard to simplify the product planning process

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Real-Time Production Data & Waste Tracking

Easy monitoring of production process in one platform

Tablet Kiosk with Comprehensive Data

Get all information related to production data in real-time and track waste with a comprehensive kiosk tablet

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Controlled Inventory Management

Optimization stock monitoring activities in real-time

Optimization of Inventory Management

Monitor stock availability and track material availability quickly and accurately

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Product & Recipe Management

Automation of product and recipe management

Recipe Management with Multi-Level BoM

Multi-Level BoM which includes comprehensive details of raw production costs, makes it easier to manage products and recipes

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Internet-of-Things Integration

Increase production process efficiency with an integrated system

Digitizing Production Process Monitoring

Monitor all factory operating activities directly on the dashboard, including the supply chain, production process, inventory, and purchasing

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Production Scheduling Solution

Simplify the production scheduling process in one system

Automated Production Scheduling

Prevent the risk of delays in product manufacturing and simplify the process of allocating resources and machines with automatic production scheduling

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Accounting System Integration

Accurate generation of COGS, WIP, and inventory reports

Comprehensive Financial Monitoring

Get comprehensive reports on cost of goods sold (COGS), Work in Progress, to inventory for more accurate decision making

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What is HashMicro's Food Production Software?

HashMicro's Food Production Software is the best solution to facilitate food production in your company. By simplifying Food Production Software, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of food production.

HashMicro's Food Production Software is specifically designed to help the food industry. Its functions can help companies in various jobs, including complete and accurate automatic financial calculations. Of course, this program is equipped with food production planning tools and stock monitoring to ensure that your company's production activities work optimally.

The food industry is highly competitive and challenging. If you don't use the right software for your business, making good business decisions, maintaining customer satisfaction, and managing production and storage processes will be difficult. Without good Food Processing Software, the overall effectiveness of your company will be challenging to maintain. Meanwhile, good food production software will help you collect food ingredients, maintain waste production, and monitor all factory financial activities.

HashMicro provides various features that will help your company run food production effectively so that companies don't have to worry about the ever-changing food industry trends. One of the advantages of HashMicro's Food Production Software is the waste tracking feature that helps your company become more environmentally friendly while also helping to reduce waste.

Every company has goals to be achieved. Therefore, the company must choose a system that encourages the company to work efficiently. Efficiency can be obtained using a complete and easy-to-use Food Production Software. In addition, sustainability is one factor that needs to be considered. HashMicro has provided Food Production Software with features that support your company's productivity and efficiency. In addition, HashMicro also has a waste tracker feature that helps businesses to stay sustainable. Thus, your company can grow faster.
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