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With the right ERP software solutions your Company is on your fingertips

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software solutions are a great way to get information about your company on your fingertips. With various integrated modules resulting in boundless options for reports and analytics within a module and across them, ERPs offers valuable information to the management, in order to predict resource shortfalls and other requirements. Efficient ERP Software Systems cover all major operations of an organization which are digitalised to make reporting and information management more reliable and useful. ERP requirements for each industry is different and hence the resolution finalizing the right ERP software for an organization is important. This decision will affect the basis for numerous other decisions based on the ERP purchased and implemented for the organization. Since, many reputed ERP companies have developed solutions for flourishing industries across the world, companies can either choose an existing solution, decide on a customized version or go for a new one specially designed as per organization’s needs. An existing solution customized for the organization will be easier to decide upon citing the existing features it has and adding few additional features. This would prove to be more cost and time effective also. If a completely new ERP solution is chosen, it will be time consuming and expensive, as the product is made exclusively for you from the scratch.

How does the ERP software help in assessment?

Decisions taken at Management level cannot be compromised for anything. This could be hampered by the erroneous or incomplete data collected manually or using crude application software. This will cost the organization its reputation and a lot more money than what they saved on the software. ERP solutions are the best for cost-effective information system as they have module-level data on various departments or sections of the organization as well as the integrated high-level data for the management also which help them to decide upon resource planning, budgeting and cost cutting as required. Supposing, there is an accounting software and sales software running independently, every time the management need to cross-check the cost of the sales force and their output, they have to do it manually, making it time consuming. If some vital information is missed out, it will affect the future decisions. Integrated ERP solutions provide comprehensive reports or analytics from various modules in one touch of a button. If appropriate software is used,  all the information needed will be on fingertips. With integrated modules of accounting, sales, purchase, operations, inventory and human resource, budgeting for any given period is just a matter of few clicks. All the activities like Sales, operations, purchase and inventory go hand-in-hand. With a real-time system, the management can easily get the information from anywhere in the world at any given point of time. For certain industries, it is an advantage to have a track of inventory or get the cost involved in a particular process at the real-time. In addition to this, if the payroll is also integrated, the management can estimate their cost of maintaining human resource and save by cutting the cost wherever necessary.

How do I choose the best ERP software for my organization?

Once the management is convinced that ERP software is a must for an organization, the next step is to chose a suitable ERP system to address the business needs. The experience and reputation of ERP solution providers is as important as the software solution itself. An industry expert would assist in smoothening and polishing all the operational processes which will improve the overall performance of an organization. Getting the accurate reports and analytics is very important since it contributes in making the right decisions on right time. After all, Quality comes at a price and success is priceless!

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