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Marketing Campaign as the Key to A Successful Business

Do you ever hear about a marketing campaign? Have you ever heard the slogans “KFC Finger-lickin’ good” or “Taco Bell think outside the bun”? Many are not aware that these two slogans are examples of campaigns in marketing. In reality, a successful marketing campaign can bring many benefits in product promotion. Therefore, a company needs to optimize its marketing campaign in its product and business advertising strategy. To carry out marketing campaigns most companies use an event management system.


What is a Campaign?

However, before discussing the meaning of the marketing campaign, let’s first talk about the meaning of the campaign itself. A campaign means a way to promote products through various media to introduce a product to the community. The media used vary, usually through social media, print media, radio, TV advertisements, and also others.

What is Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is a strategy to introduce and promote a product or an aspect of a product to the public or potential consumers. Likewise, marketing campaigns’ purpose is to gain brand awareness or to obtain reviews and feedback from the crowd.

The Benefits of Marketing Campaign

Effective marketing campaigns will bring a myriad of benefits to businesses. Some of the benefits businesses can obtain from it, include:

Gain brand awareness

The primary purpose of doing a marketing campaign, which involves a thoughtful advertising strategy, is to introduce a brand or product to the broader community. Although it does not directly bring in sales, brand awareness will imprint people’s minds. So that when a prospective customer wants to find a particular product, they will immediately remember the brand whose advertisement they have heard.

Get leads

If people are interested in a brand, they want to find out more about the product, either through social media or the brand’s website. After that, most likely, they will use the product. These are referred to as prospects or leads. Convert more qualified leads by using a fully-integrated CRM System.

Make sales

marketing campaign

Lead to the increase of brand awareness and obtaining leads. Indeed, sales will also increase. Increased sales will also automatically make the company gain a more significant profit. As a result, the company will be closer to its goal of generating maximum profit.

Have loyal customers

Marketing campaigns can also make consumers do retention in the future. Products with good quality coupled with attractive marketing campaigns will certainly make consumers loyal to the company’s brand.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Tips for Doing Marketing Campaign

Define the campaign’s targets and goals

Before creating and running a marketing campaign, we need to determine the objectives of the advertisement. The goals made must also meet the SMART criteria, namely Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. Over a specific time, do the results from our marketing campaigns have the characteristics that meet the SMART criteria. If yes, then the marketing campaign that we are running has been successful according to the expected goals.

Create a marketing campaign match with the target market

Determining the right target market before starting a marketing campaign is a crucial thing to do. If the brand or product has its perfect target market, the advertisement will be adequately conveyed.

Do it regularly 

Doing an advertisement can’t just be once or twice. A company needs to execute marketing campaigns regularly to get maximum results. With a regular schedule, hopefully, the potential consumers will never forget the business brand. Use the ERP system to automate various aspects of your business!


In conclusion, the marketing campaign is a strategy for a business to introduce and promote its products to the public. Moreover, by making appropriate and effective marketing campaigns, brands and products will be easily recognized by the people who can bring brand awareness, leads, and sales to generate profits.

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