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Key Benefits of Fleet Management System for Companies

Fleet Management System plays an important role in industries such as manufacturing, wholesale, or construction. Poor management of the vehicle can lead to mismanagement, low productivity, less profit, and increasing costs for maintenance.

It is challenging to manually organize every aspect of it. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle anymore by using Fleet Management System. To elaborate on this statement, we have gathered 5 key benefits of the Fleet Management System for companies.


Tracking all fleets in real-time

Several industries rely heavily on fleet management to run a proper business operation. Therefore an appropriate arrangement is compulsory to prevent delays in delivery or project accomplishment and disappointed customers. 

Fleet Management System provides the managers with real-time visibility so that they can control it remotely. The information that they can review includes the location of each vehicle and staff, their productivity, and vehicle performance based on routes, trips, and operation frequency. 

Moreover, the system enables the managers to notify customers if there’s delayed delivery. Such notifications will grow your customers’ trust and increase their satisfaction.

Improves security

Fleet Management System is designed to enhance the security of both the vehicle and the staff who involve in the delivery process. The system shows the driving pattern of the driver. If, in fact, the drivers irresponsibly and expose the vehicle and themselves in danger, managers can remind or act upon them immediately. Early potential problem detection is important before it becomes a real problem. 

Simplifies scheduling process

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The department that is responsible for delivering items is one of the departments with a lot of complicated workloads that can not be belittled.

The Fleet Management System allows the managers to organize scheduling processes in real-time, along with vehicle and employee availability. Through a centralized platform, managers can elaborate on the details of each schedule so that the staff can refer to it easily.

All changes are made transparently so that if there is an urgent task, any adjustment can be made easily and efficiently. In addition to the Fleet Management System, you can better manage employee operational activities automatically by using an HRM Application. For example, to manage leave and attendance lists, and the reimbursement process.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Promotes fuel efficiency

One of the largest spending in fleet management is the fuel. It can consume 60% of the whole budget. So, the efficiency of the fuel should be the main consideration. However, calculating it manually is stressful and prone to human error. But the Fleet Management System frees us from this pain. 

With this software, managers can track information such as fuel consumption, costs, and idle time. This date is very useful for the managers to make some adjustments to the vehicle used or the driving pattern. 

Optimal vehicle maintenance

Other than fuel, another greater expense of fleet management is the maintenance of the vehicle. Fleet Management System, however, can help the companies reduce the expenses on maintenance. 

This system is capable of tracking the vehicle performance and the time when maintenance is needed. This data will be useful to set the schedule for reparation and maintenance of the fleet. Some software such as Repair Management Software by HashMicro is even capable to alert the users when the maintenance schedule is coming soon. Hence, vehicle downtime can be reduced. 

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Encourages safety

Safe driving goes hand in hand with efficient driving, particularly in a fleet management context. As such, it makes sense to implement this as part of the Fleet Management System which you choose to oversee your organization’s vehicles.

As part of this you can make drivers safety video resources available to employees, both as a means of initial training and as a way of reinforcing best practices behind the wheel for experienced team members as well.

Likewise, by monitoring how fleet vehicles are being driven, you can determine whether or not guidelines for safety are being adhered to, and take action to reward good habits and call out bad ones.


Those are the benefits of the Fleet Management System for companies. If you have any necessity for this software, make sure that it’s customizable to meet your need. Investing in the system might cost a lot in the advance, but in the long term, it will save the company from greater expense. 

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