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A Guide to Understanding a Viral Marketing Campaign

Marketing is the act of introducing a company’s product or service to the public and generating purchasing interest. In light of the fact that marketing is the key to a company’s success, the marketing plan is crucial.

Effective marketing will make the public aware of your product or service. Consequently, you must develop a marketing strategy. Marketing strategies evolve alongside the development of a business.

No more offline marketing, such as distributing promotional flyers templates, advertisements, or banners. There are various forms of marketing, one example is viral marketing. Nowadays, the term viral marketing becomes viral, referring to a digital marketing strategy.

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Then, are you familiar with viral marketing? How does it work? And how do you begin? Read the following article for additional information about viral marketing. 


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Knowing About Viral Marketing

Viral refers to something that spreads rapidly and is well known. Therefore, viral marketing is a marketing strategy that rapidly propagates information about a company’s products or services through word-of-mouth or social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Marketers hope that by spreading this information, their content will drive individuals to promote the marketing message to their friends and relatives. This is why social media platforms are ideal for this kind of marketing. The more creative and unique the content you produce, the greater people’s interest in sharing it.

However, virality is not always beneficial; it can sometimes be detrimental. The marketing messages received by the audience may be misinterpreted or parodied. In contrast, if the public receives viral marketing, it will favor your company or brand.

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How Viral Marketing Works

Viral marketing is simple to implement. You need simply to create original, unique, and innovative content that is interesting to your target audience. Afterward, publish on social media and promote the content. You merely need to wait for the content to go viral and for the response of the intended audience, which will spread it continuously.

Uniquely, virality occurs accidentally. This happens in only a few cases. For instance, an individual uploads personal images or videos without commercial aspects, but because a huge audience enjoys the content, it gains popularity and is extensively shared on social media.

You need to know that there are two forms of marketing techniques for spreading it: visible and concealed. The visible strategy means the target audience recognizes the content containing advertising or branded material from the start.

In the meantime, the concealed technique means the intended audience is unaware that the content contains brand promotion. Brand participation is revealed at the end. If you employ the concealed marketing strategy, you must create content carefully so your audience does not feel deceived or tricked. 

Regardless of your technique, you should never create spam or excessive content. Remember to avoid delivering the same message repeatedly. The greatest method for this kind of marketing is to create innovative content, post it at the right time and on highly used social media platforms, and then let the content become viral on its own.

Viral Marketing Example

ice bucket challenge

Common marketing strategies include viral marketing campaigns. Several companies or organizations have adopted this strategy. The Ice Bucket Challenge, for instance, gained popularity in the middle of 2014.

The ALS Association initiated this campaign to raise public awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a neurological disease characterized by the progressive loss of motor neurons that control voluntary muscles. Furthermore, this challenge encourages charitable donations toward this disease’s study. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge encourages nominated individuals to film themselves getting a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads and then nominate others to do the same. The next nominee has 24 hours to comply with or decline the nomination.

If they cannot complete the challenge, they can donate to The ALS Association. Millions of people worldwide participated in this challenge, including celebrities such as Oprah, Bill Gates, and Donatella Versace. The challenge was a tremendous success, with over 115 million dollars in donations.

Viral Marketing Features

Any company, regardless of size, can conduct viral marketing campaigns. There are three types of characteristics of viral marketing, whether intentional or unintentional, namely the message, the messenger, and the environment. These characteristics must be optimized for the marketing’s success.

You need several tools to make things easier, such as images, videos, games, text messaging, free items, etc. This aims to appeal to the audience’s emotions and interests, raise awareness, and make it simpler to spread the message.

Viral marketing often requires influencers on social media who have many followers. More important than having many followers is that influencers have a positive public image and the ability to influence others.

Influencers and social media allow viral marketing to spread faster than traditional marketing. This type of marketing is also less expensive and can help cut expenses because it eliminates the need for renting advertisements, printing banners and flyers, and paying other marketing expenses.

In addition, viral marketing can generate significant interest and spread the message rapidly. However, these messages may be misconstrued or seen as spam. Therefore, measuring the success rate of viral marketing is exceedingly difficult.

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Pros and Cons

The public cannot accept every marketing strategy. Occasionally, pros and cons occur. As for the pros, this technique is cost-effective. Successful marketing relies on the creativity of your content, so you do not need to spend a lot of money.

When executed creatively, this method can generate viral responses from the audience. Additionally, if your content receives excellent attention and feedback, the advertisement is free if people share their positive experiences.

Sharing content on the internet is easy and quick. When a piece of content becomes viral, it can make a better market for a company by reaching more comprehensive customers that would not be targeted audiences. The broader reach of the target allows the company to enter a new market and expand its customer base. 

On the other side, viral marketing also has cons. This method may elicit responses contrary to what was intended, such as misinterpretation or parody. Remember that the majority of individuals tend to share more negative than positive news.

The more bad feedback you receive, the more damaging it is to your business. Also, there is no consensus. That is why you cannot measure the success rate of viral marketing.

How to Start a Viral Marketing Campaign?

how to start a viral marketing

Certainly, starting a viral marketing campaign is simple. If you’re curious, here are the instructions. First, you must determine your company’s motivation for going viral. There are generally two reasons someone might want to go viral: to improve their brand’s image or to raise awareness.

Second, define your target audience. Conduct research to determine the preferences of your audience. Don’t forget to consider which platforms your audience uses most regularly. Thus, your content can swiftly spread.

Then, ensure that the content is unique, innovative, and original. If you do not consider those things, your viral marketing campaign will likely fail at the start. The last step is to use unique trends and hashtags to promote the content, so your content will spread widely.


The primary purpose of marketing is to promote the company’s products or services to the public, stimulate their interest, and then motivate them to take action (buying the product or service).

Consequently, sales will increase. To achieve this objective, you have to utilize viral marketing. This method rapidly spreads information about a company’s products or services via word-of-mouth or social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, among others.

When you successfully use viral marketing for your business, demand for your company’s product or service will skyrocket. You cannot handle it manually. You require the assistance of an ERP System, specifically a Retail System.

The retail system can optimize your stock business. This system allows you to upkeep the inventory at its best by avoiding unnecessary costs and ensuring better stock planning with accurate sales and stock predictions based on actual data.

Because of this, you will not run out of stock when the demand increases. To learn more about this system, please contact us for a free demo and in-depth consultation regarding Food Production Software or other ERP Systems with our business expert.


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