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6 Key Strategies to Mastering Multi-channel Marketing

Are you familiar with Coca Cola? The Coca Cola company consistently promotes their soft drink across different platforms, including social media, billboard, and television. This way, they can ensure their product advertisement reaches a larger audience and gains more profitability. The company’s way of promoting Coca Cola is what is known as multi-channel marketing.

Multi-channel marketing is a special marketing strategy companies and businesses use by utilizing different channels to make their product or service known by potential customers. This approach works effectively because companies can meet customers where they are and because it takes advantage of the uniqueness of different channels. These different channels include email, social media, website, television, and print advertisements.

The main advantage of multi-channel marketing is companies will be able to reach a wider audience, attract customers, and generate more revenue. This strategy amplifies the frequency and reach of your product or service’s campaign, thus creating a heightened impact of the messaging. In this article, we will learn about the 6 key strategies to maximize the potential of multi-channel marketing. 


Know Your Customer

To run a complex marketing strategy like multi-channel marketing effectively, companies need to know their customer really well. They can achieve this by conducting comprehensive market research to develop detailed buyer personas. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional, research-based profile that portrays the characteristics of a target customer, derived from real data about existing customers.

The data should give companies an idea about the channels their target customers frequently use, the kind of commercials or campaigns they engage with, and the target customers’ demographic information. This will enable companies to increase engagement and customer experience, leading to a personalized and more effective marketing strategy.

Choose the Right Channels


It is important for companies to decide which channels to use for marketing their product or service. Companies should consider a few things in choosing the right channels; for example, which channels potential customers use the most. After that, companies can adjust promotion strategies to each channel.

However, it is also important to be aware of certain limitations, such as a company’s limited budget or a small and overworked marketing team. It is also wise to only choose a few channels and market the product or service consistently instead of trying too hard to branch out and become unfocused. This can make companies approach the multi-channel marketing strategy more realistically.

Make It Personal

There are too many general advertisements out there. This doesn’t help in attracting customers to the company’s product. A better way to achieve that is striving to make customers feel special by designing a personalized marketing strategy. Companies can do this by using a customer’s name in promotional emails. 

Another thing that companies can do is give personalized recommendations or messages that appeal to customer’s tastes and consumer behavior. Having a personal approach in marketing will increase the chance of customers feeling interested in learning more about the company’s product or service, which can lead to a higher rate of purchase.

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Pay Attention to Channel Characteristics

Each channel has unique characteristics, such as Instagram with its highly visual content platform and radio with its audio-only way of promotion. Whichever channel your company chooses, it is important to be aware of these characteristics and the ways to maximize their potential. 

Different channels also require different ways to make marketing successful. An example of this is maximizing both audio and visual content when a company wants to market their product through television advertisement. The strategy for the same product on Twitter, for instance, would look different, since Twitter has a character limit for their posts (called “tweet”). Therefore, a short and sweet message would be most effective.

Keep Business Goal in Mind

When trying different strategies for effective multi-channel marketing, it is crucial to keep the company’s business goal in mind. The goal, essentially, must be to increase brand awareness, sales, and overall profitability. However, it is also important to look at the big picture when it comes to determining goals. 

It helps to add a human touch to company campaigns instead of making everything about financial targets. Companies can do this by promoting certain values that align with the product or service they’re marketing. An example of this is when laundry detergent companies promote the values of cleanliness and comfort. This way, customers—who definitely need those qualities in their life—will be more likely to buy the product.

Use Marketing Automation Software 

multi-channel marketing
HashMicro Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software can be of great help when it comes to doing multi-channel marketing. The average marketing automation software usually provide important insight about website visitor counters and email click-through rate. This is crucial for companies in making informed decisions. Marketing automation software will help companies see which areas they’re handling successfully and which areas they still have to improve.

There are many marketing automation software to choose from, each of them has a variety of features and unique characteristics. However, one of the best choices for that is HashMicro’s Marketing Automation Software. The all-in-one software provides in-depth analytics report of campaign performance and has customizable templates. This makes it perfect for any business looking to reach success in their multi-channel marketing.


Multi-channel marketing is a strategy of promoting a product or service through various channels at the same time, relying on their different unique selling points to maximize communication with a wide range of audience. To run a successful multi-channel marketing campaign, companies need to employ a few strategies, including conducting market research, designing personalized messaging, and using marketing automation software.

It can be tricky for companies to oversee and manage their marketing campaigns across different channels. HashMicro provides a solution for this through its Marketing Automation Software. With helpful features such as multi-marketing campaign management, WhatsApp integration, and in-depth campaign reporting, HashMicro’s software will surely help you achieve success. Schedule a free demo now and master multi-channel marketing!


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