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      12 Best Manufacturing Software for Singapore Company 2024

      Do you know that every day passes without using manufacturing software is a day where you might be missing out on opportunities to drastically optimize your factory?

      Not adopting manufacturing software in your factory operations can lead to significant problems, such as difficulties in production planning, inventory management, and monitoring machine performance, which could even result in the waste of valuable time and resources.

      Considering Singapore’s dynamic manufacturing landscape, identified by technological advancements and competition, the demand for innovative software solutions has arisen. With the focus on digital transformation, Singaporean companies are seeking pioneering manufacturing software to boost their business forward.

      In this article, we will recommend advanced manufacturing ERP vendors and systems to enhance efficiency and optimize production processes that cater the needs of Singaporean businesses. What are these system vendors? Keep reading to find out!


      Table of Content:

        What is Manufacturing Software?

        Manufacturing software refers to a category of software solutions designed to optimize the manufacturing process in industries. These software systems are typically used in factories, plants, and other manufacturing facilities to automate and manage a wide range of tasks, from production planning and scheduling to inventory management, quality control, and performance monitoring.

        By leveraging manufacturing software, companies can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, minimize waste, enhance product quality, and respond more quickly to changing market demands. Additionally, manufacturing software enables employees to focus on more value-added activities, thus boosting overall productivity.

        Good manufacturing software consists of both MRP and MES that help cover the end-to-end business processes. While MRP (Material Requirements Planning) focuses on managing the materials needed for production which includes plan production and inventory management, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) aims at monitoring and documenting the execution of manufacturing processes or the lifecycle.

        In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, it is vital to have the right tools to optimize operations and maximize efficiency. That’s where HashMicro comes in. As a leading provider of manufacturing software solutions, HashMicro offers comprehensive software that integrates the power of both MRP and MES functionalities.

        12 Best Manufacturing Software for Your Business

        There are lots of the best manufacturing software in Singapore. Therefore, choosing the right manufacturing execution system will affect the effectiveness of your business. Here is some recommendations of the best manufacturing software in Singapore:

        1. HashMicro

        singapore manufacturing software

        HashMicro Manufacturing Software is an advanced solution we recommend for manufacturing companies in Indonesia. Integrating Industry 4.0 principles, this system allows you to efficiently manage all aspects of manufacturing operations.

        You can easily arrange processes from creating work orders to managing raw materials with special modules for manufacturing. Flexibility in designing manufacturing programs allows you to customize them according to the machines and workforce you have.

        With the help of HashMicro Manufacturing Software, you can integrate various devices like scales, barcodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and other machines.

        This manufacturing system can also be connected to other modules from HashMicro which will help you in production planning, purchasing raw materials and other procurements, keeping assets maintained, and managing sales activities efficiently.

        Thus, you don’t need to look for other vendors if you need systems for other purposes like accounting, customer relationship management, inventory management, procurement management, and others.

        One of the main advantages of HashMicro Manufacturing Software is its comprehensive and complete features. Some of its features include:

        1. Real-time data recording with kiosk mode
        2. Tracking costs of materials, labor, subcontractors, and overhead
        3. Planning to monitor production processes
        4. Manufacturing process scheduling
        5. Predicting consumer trends and demands

        Additionally, HashMicro also provides unlimited user access, allowing you to grow without being hindered by additional license costs. The web-based system and mobile applications make it easily accessible from various devices, allowing you to stay connected with your business anywhere, anytime.

        With these various features and advantages, HashMicro Manufacturing Software is a very effective solution to enhance the operational efficiency of your company.


        • Comprehensive modules and features for various industries
        • User-friendly interface
        • Unlimited number of users
        • In-house system development by the principal company


        • Abundance of features may require a longer training and adaptation process

        Suitable for: HashMicro Manufacturing Software can be used in various industrial sectors, including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food.

        With its various features and complete modules, this software enables companies to improve their operational efficiency, enhance interactions with customers, and achieve success in their respective industrial fields.

        If you’re interested in learning more about HashMicro manufacturing software and want to know its pricing scheme, you can click the image below and enjoy up to 50% savings through government grants:

        download skema harga software erp
        download skema harga software erp

        2. Tigernix

        Tigernix ERP is a manufacturing ERP platform created to help companies manage financial accounts, sales, purchases, stocks, production, and various other aspects. This system provides visibility into shop floor activities, allowing supervisors to monitor production processes, track work-in-progress, and make real-time adjustments to schedules and resource allocations.

        With its comprehensive features designed for manufacturing environments, Tigernix empowers businesses to take control of their production processes. Some of the features that Tigernix offers include:

        1. Tracking and monitoring tasks
        2. Creating extensive reports and analytics
        3. Real-time inventory level tracking
        4. Allocating resources based on capacity and availability
        5. End-to-end visibility and control over business processes


        • Automates manufacturing and administrative processes
        • Has project and risk management modules


        • High implementation costs
        • Requires additional time and effort for system use training

        Suitable for: Tigernix is a suitable choice for the plastic, pharmaceutical, and F&B manufacturing industries that produce goods with very strict regulations and standards.

        3. Evocon

        mrp software singapore

        Evocon is an MRP system that integrates seamlessly with suppliers, customers, and partners, enabling end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain.

        This manufacturing ERP is available in both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options, giving businesses flexibility in choosing the deployment model that best suits the business.

        Evocon has some powerful features designed to optimize resource utilization and drive productivity. Let’s explore some of the key features that Evocon offers for manufacturers that are looking to take their operations to the next level.

        1. Real-time production monitoring
        2. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) tracking
        3. Benchmarking performance against industry standards
        4. Predicting maintenance to minimize downtime
        5. Customizing dashboards and reports


        • Has tools that provide real-time visibility into KPIs, trends, and insights
        • Has a comprehensive suite of modules


        • High costs
        • Complexity of implementation

        Suitable for: QAD ERP is suitable for manufacturing industries, including automotive, consumer products, industrial, life sciences, and high-tech.

        4. Synergix Technologies

        Synergix software is one of the options you can consider using. One of the advantages offered by Synergix is monitoring the entire ongoing production process. This allows companies to oversee and control the entire production process, prevent potential errors, and ensure that the products produced meet the highest standards.

        In addition, Synergix also offers features for automated and accurate financial reporting and analysis. The system also provides inventory and production management features, which will help companies manage their operational aspects more efficiently. Let’s dive into the key features that Synergix has to offer:

        1. Managing bills of materials (BOMs) accurately
        2. Real-time visibility and control over floor shop activities
        3. Forecasting demand based on historical data
        4. Providing reports and analytics to track KPIs and analyze trends
        5. Offering mobile accessibility


        • Detailed production process monitoring
        • Automated financial reporting
        • Inventory and production management


        • Training and adjustment may take longer
        • No free demo is available

        Suitable for: Synergix manufacturing software is suitable for use in industries such as F&B, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics machinery, and heavy equipment.

        5. Oracle

        mrp system singapore

        Oracle provides several cloud-based MRP systems consisting of four different products. Discrete Manufacturing focuses on improving execution capabilities on the factory floor. Process Manufacturing offers very detailed cost-tracking capabilities that can be used in conjunction with flexible analytical tools.

        Manufacturing Intelligence plays an important role in combining data and coordinating it with data from the ERP for the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 allows manufacturers to integrate software with Internet of Things (IoT) hardware. Additionally, there are some key features that Oracle has that help businesses increase the next level of efficiency:

        1. Manufacturing process scheduling
        2. Simplifying BOM management with tools for creating, updating, and versioning BOMs
        3. Providing reports and analytics to track KPIs and analyze trends
        4. Tracking non-conformances for corrective action
        5. Forecasting demand based on algorithms and historical data analysis


        • Flexible modules
        • Strong integration with other systems
        • Available analytical tools
        • Good production control
        • IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities


        • High implementation costs
        • Complex system
        • Specific feature limitations
        • Lack of technical support
        • Slow implementation process
        • Outdated

        Suitable for: Automotive, electronics, F&B, energy, and pharmaceutical manufacturing are suitable for using Oracle’s manufacturing software.

        6. Sage

        One of the interesting features of the Sage ERP manufacturing system is the existence of a central system that allows access from any device via the Internet, providing work flexibility. This software can improve all aspects of the business, including production and distribution. It helps reduce human errors and increase employee productivity.

        Some of the features provided include automatic production cost recording, real-time warehouse stock monitoring, cloud access, accurate production analysis reports, and an easy-to-use dashboard. The price of this system is also affordable. Let’s explore the features that make Sage a considerable software for businesses to employ: 

        1. Manufacturing process scheduling
        2. Real-time visibility and control over floor shop activities
        3. Managing bills of materials (BOMs) accurately
        4. Providing robust reports and analytics capabilities
        5. Real-time data production from anywhere at any time


        • Automatic recording of production and operational costs
        • Real-time monitoring of production stock capacity


        • Expensive implementation cost
        • Complicated process

        Suitable for: The manufacturing software from Sage is suitable for various types of manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, chemicals, food, electronics, and others.

        7. SAP

        mrp system software

        SAP provides various manufacturing solution packages such as SAP Manufacturing Execution, SAP MII, SAP MI, and SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Solutions with different features according to company needs.

        SAP Manufacturing Execution provides detailed visibility into production, SAP MII offers KPIs for equipment and energy effectiveness, while SAP MI focuses on reducing production cycle time. Meanwhile, SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing Solutions is focused on real-time analytics to improve decision-making.

        To acquire the information needed to choose the best software for your business, here are some key features that SAP provides:

        1. Planning to monitor production processes
        2. Manufacturing process scheduling
        3. Optimizing inventory levels
        4. Creating robust reports and analytics to track KPIs and trends
        5. Forecasting demands based on historical data analysis


        • Integrated system
        • Real-time visibility
        • Can track products automatically


        • A complex system requiring additional training
        • High license and implementation costs
        • Rigid features make customization difficult

        Suitable for: SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) is suitable for industries such as manufacturing and automotive.

        8. Microsoft Dynamics

        Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a variety of tools to manage all aspects of manufacturing business, including financial planning, project management, resource planning, warehousing, inventory, sales, fulfillment, and shipping, as well as service management to minimize lead time.

        In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows users to take advantage of technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve operational efficiency as their business grows. Let’s explore the key features in Microsoft Dynamics 265 Business Central software.

        1. Planning production and distribution
        2. Automating tasks with robotic process automation (RPA)
        3. Tracking customer relationship needs and health
        4. Simplifying processes with critical supply redundancies
        5. Fulfilling orders with intelligent order and warehouse management


        • Strong system integration
        • Automatic data analytics


        • High implementation costs
        • A long time required to implement the system
        • Difficult to customize
        • High support costs for troubleshooting

        Suitable for: This manufacturing software is suitable for use by medium-sized manufacturing companies that need an ERP solution to manage the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

        9. Deskera MRP

        singapore manufacturing erp

        Deskera’s manufacturing software helps in designing production processes for manufacturers in Indonesia, from production planning and scheduling to quality control and inventory management.

        This ERP manufacturing software allows manufacturers to forecast raw material needs, facilitate machine manufacturing quality checks, automate machine and manufacturing equipment maintenance scheduling, allocate costs, and various other functions.

        Deskera Manufacturing Software also provides the ability to manage work centers for one or more similar machines. Here are some of the key features that Deskera has to offer:

        1. Managing product structures using multi-level BOM
        2. Tracking work-in-progress and identifying bottlenecks
        3. Automatic data collection
        4. Forecasting customers demand
        5. Planning materials and inventory for production


        • Good planning features
        • Can track inventory accurately
        • Strong data analytics


        • Expensive and incomplete implementation costs
        • Additional costs for extra features or training

        Suitable for: This system can be used by industries such as automotive and manufacturing.

        10. Epicor

        Epicor is a cloud-based MRP system specifically designed for small enterprises. Offering a variety of modules, Katana enables companies to plan production, manage inventory, and handle orders and purchasing efficiently. The key features of Epicor include:

        1. Comprehensive production planning and scheduling
        2. Real-time inventory monitoring
        3. Centralized sales order management
        4. Enhance customer relationships with e-commerce and dealer portals
        5. Manufacturing process scheduling


        • Excellent system integration
        • Automated reporting features
        • Effective planning capabilities


        • Time-consuming implementation process
        • Additional costs for training and specific features tailored to business needs
        • External Company origins may present challenges

        Suitable for: This system is particularly beneficial for small manufacturing industries.

        11. Odoo

        singapore mrp software

        Odoo is one of the MRP systems that should be considered. This ERP software is an open-source software platform that integrates a wide range of modules to automate business processes across different departments and functions within an organization. To help businesses achieve better efficiency, Odoo offers some features as follows:

        1. Automate data report/analysis
        2. Real-time simulated operations
        3. Tracking manufacturers in lots or serial numbers
        4. Creating multi-level bills of materials
        5. Deploying statistical process control easily with checks.


        • Direct services without a third-party
        • Available in cloud or on-premise options
        • User-friendly interface


        • Time-consuming implementation process
        • High implementation costs

        Suitable for: Repetitive manufacturing operations can benefit from this MRP system’s capabilities for inventory optimization and production scheduling.

        12. JobBOSS

        JobBOSS ERP Manufacturing Singapore is designed to help small and medium-sized job shops and contract manufacturers manage their business processes efficiently, from quoting and job scheduling to invoicing and financial management.

        In addition, this software is scalable and can grow with the business, accommodating increasing production volumes and expanding business operations. It is designed to solve the biggest pain points of running high-performing manufacturing businesses in the modern age.

        JobBOSS has comprehensive features to offer to grow and boost businesses. The features include:

        1. Controlling day-to-day scheduling details on time
        2. Analyzing costs and delivery performances
        3. Automate packing lists and bills of lading
        4. Notifying part shortages instantly
        5. Tracking manufacturers in lots or serial numbers


        • User-friendly interface
        • Offers support and training
        • Customizable features and


        • Time-consuming implementation process
        • Expensive implementation costs

        Suitable for: This MRP system is designed for small and medium-sized job shops and contract manufacturers.

        Which Manufacturing Software is Right for Your Business?

        12 Best Manufacturing Software for Singapore Company 2024

        When searching for the appropriate ERP manufacturing software vendor for your business, consider these essential tips to avoid choosing a system that turns out to be suboptimal or even detrimental to your manufacturing company. Select MRP systems that not only meet your current business needs but also can scale with your company’s growth.

        Also, consider its flexibility for integration with other tools and systems you use. Assess whether the chosen vendor can integrate with other systems, eliminating the need to search for different systems from various vendors. Ensure that the vendor or software company offers robust technical support, as you will need it in case of any issues.

        It’s important to realize that aspects needing attention in your production process aren’t limited to manufacturing alone. Financial aspects, material procurement, inventory management, and more should also be considered.

        One such solution is HashMicro manufacturing software, known for enhancing efficiency and optimizing manufacturing processes.

        With the integration of Industry 4.0 principles, you can effortlessly manage all aspects of manufacturing operations, from creating work orders to managing raw materials. Features like unlimited user access, fixed pricing, and automation capabilities make it a powerful solution.

        However, every option has its pros and cons. Therefore, carefully consider your business needs. Remember to choose software that can grow with you and provides reliable technical support. For further inquiries, try the free demo now!

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