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Benefits of Rental Software for Car Rental Business

If you have a car rental business, you certainly know how complicated it is to arrange it. Starting from filling out the rental orders per day, trying so hard not to let a car rented twice in the same period, and providing customer the best service.

Many car rental businesses plan and communicate using “old devices” such as Excel, Word documents, telephone calls, e-mail, and others.

They are “old” because they work very slow. It requires a lot of time to operate and the storage is not effective. You might lose asset documents or create an incorrect rental planning.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help car rental business optimize their work: a rental software. With a rental software, you can take care of your entire business in the same platform. What are the benefits?

In short, you can save time, communicate much more easily, and monitor the car you put on rent.

Rental Software Features

  • Rental order management: Track the availability of a car with serial number, set the rental period using the calendar feature, and extend it automatically
  • Collaboration: Your employees can communicate in one platform to handle rental orders
  • Inventory management: Monitor the rental products availability, movement, and maintenance
  • Automatic Quotation: Create offers and invoices with only few clicks
  • CRM & External Communication: An easy way to interact with customers or other rental companies
  • Automatic Notification: Notify customers of their order status and remind them that the rental period will expire
  • Cloud based: Access every information from anywhere and not limited to just one device
  • All-in-one: Save all data in one place so you won’t need to use other storage software

Benefits of Rental Software Application

You might be wondering, “So, what does it do with my car rental business? I’m used to managing it without any software and it’s fine.”

You can state that because you have not really tried something new. These points below might change your mind.

Create Quotation Quickly

Creating a new invoice which is actually not really new. You keep repeating the same information and it can be very tedious. Not to mention the time you spend in vain if the offer is rejected.

With a rental software, you can create a database containing information about you rented products and employees. You can make invoices with just a few clicks and you can save a lot of time. When it’s finished, you can send it directly to the customer in the same platform.

Know the Car Availability Anytime

Whenever a rental order comes in, ensuring the car availability can be a struggle. In the worst case, this situation can impede your business because you fail in fulfilling customer’s order.

Rental software helps you track car availability using the serial number that has been integrated to the inventory. You can also see the timeline regarding how many cars available in a certain period of time. You will not have to guess it any longer.

Facilitate Employee Communication in One Platform

Your employees spent so much time managing rental period and communicate with customers. However, using a telephone, email, or the other can make them hassle.

Rental software can automatically schedule your employee’s assignment and if there’s a task update, they can immediately see the details in the system. They can easily find which customers to contact.

Detect Any Damage or Lost Items

After the car being used, you find that there is a lost device or damage. Rental software will give you the details of what lost item or what damage. If you want to charge the renter, the bill will automatically be issued.

As a business owner, you must have realized that after some time, your cars will need a maintenance. The rental software will notify you when a maintenance should be done. Say goodbye to missing maintenance schedule!

Access to Information from Anywhere

If your car rental business still adapts to the “old school” way, you only can oversee your business in the office. However, with cloud-based rental software, you and your employees can work through any device, monitor the business operation, improve anything from anywhere.

Choosing the Right Software

What should you take into account when considering a software for a car rental business?

There are many of them out there. They have the same goal: technology innovation. However, for your business, choose one that can really streamline your complex financial and operational management. It must be capable being integrated with the ERP.

The software must have a super flexibility so that it can adjust the operation with how you want. Finally, make sure your software has a qualified system security.

Need more information? You may consult with us regarding rental software.


Making the best renting experience for your customer is important. It will help your car rental business survive or win the competition. Satisfied customer will recommend your business to others.

To maintain it, you need to manage your business with rental software so that you can manage it with maximum efficiency.


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